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Male NG Elemental Heart Dwarf Druid 5|HP 65/65|AC 22|Fort +12 Ref +11 Will +13|Peception +13 (Darkvision) +2 w/ Init|1st lvl 3/3|2nd lvl 3/3|3rd lvl 2/2|Focus Spell 1/1|20ft Move|George Med Ape|HP 53/53|AC 20|Fort +12 Ref +12 Will +11|25ft Move|◆◇↺

About Jorgen Yourminder

Male Dwarf (Elemental Heart) Scout Druid 5
NG Humanoid (Dwarf)
Senses Perception +13 (Darkvision) +2 for Initiative
Languages Common, Dwarven, and Druidic
Speed 20 Feet
HP: 65 AC: 22
Fort: +12 Will: +13 Reflex: +11
Melee [one-action] Verdant Weapon Striking Staff +12 2d4+4 Blugeoning (Two Hand D8)
Focus Spell [One-Action or Two-Actions] Heal Animal (Costs 1 Focus Point)
Spell DC 21
Spell Attack +11
Skills Acrobatics(T) +9 Arcana(U) +0 Athletics(E) +13 Crafting(T) +7 Deception(U) -1 Diplomacy(U) -1 Intimidation(U) -1 Forest Lore(T) +7 Scouting Lore(T) +7 Dwarven Lore (T) +7 Medicine(E) +13 Nature(T) +11 Occultism(U) +0 Performance(U) -1 Religion(T) +11 Society(U) +0 Stealth(U) +2 Survival(T) +11 Thievery(U) +2
Str18 Dex14 Con16 Int10 Wis19 Cha8
Ancestry Abilities - Energy Emanation, Dwarven Lore, Dwarven Doughtiness
Class Feats - Animal Companion (Ape), Verdant Weapon, Mature Animal Companion
Skill Feats - Forager, Battle Medicine, and Ward Medic
General Feats - Incredible Initiative
Class Features - Primal Spellcasting, Animal Druidic Order, Wild Empathy, Alertness, Great Fortitude, Lightning Reflexes
George (Ape Animal Companion) 5
Senses Perception +12 (Low-Light)
Speed 25 Feet, Climb 25 Feet
HP: 53 AC: 20
Fort: +12 Will: +12 Reflex: +11
Equipment:Light Medium Barding
Skills Acrobatics(T) +9 Athletics(T) +11 Intimidation(E) +9 Stealth(T) +9 Survival(T) +10
Str+4 Dex+2 Con+3 Int-4 Wis+3 Cha+0
Melee [one-action] Fist +11 2d8+4 Bludgeoning
Support [one-action] Your ape threatens your foes with menacing growls. Until the start of your next turn, if you hit and deal damage to a creature in your ape's reach, the creature becomes frightened 1.
Worn - Hide Armor, Ordinary Clothing, Holly and Misteltoe
Weapons - +1 Striking Verdant Weapon, Clan Dagger
Stowed - Healing Potions (Minor) x2, Elixer of Life, Healer's Tools, Adventurer's Pack, Braclet of Dashing

-Healer’s Tools: This kit of bandages, herbs, and suturing tools is necessary for Medicine checks to Administer First Aid, Treat a Disease, Treat a Poison, or Treat Wounds.
-Adventurer's Pack: backpack (containing the other goods), bedroll, two belt pouches, 10 pieces of chalk, flint and steel, 50 feet of rope, 2 weeks’ rations, soap, 5 torches, and a waterskin.
Aeon Stone (Pearly White Spindle): When you invest this aeon stone, it slowly starts healing your wounds, restoring 1 HP every minute.
-Bracelet of Dashing: This jangling, silvery bracelet makes you lighter on your feet, giving you a +1 item bonus to Acrobatics checks. Activate Single Action command; Frequency once per day; Effect You gain a +10-foot status bonus to Speed for 1 minute.

□□ Healing Potions (Minor): The potion restores 1d8 Hit Points.
□ Elixer of Life (Minor): The potion restores 1d6+1 Hit Points.
Feats and Abilities
-Animal Companion: You gain the service of a young animal companion that travels with you on your adventures and obeys any simple commands you give it to the best of its abilities. See Animal Companions on page 214 for more information. (Bear)
-Battle Medicine: You can patch up yourself or an adjacent ally, even in combat. Attempt a Medicine check with the same DC as for Treat Wounds, and restore a corresponding amount of Hit Points; this does not remove the wounded condition. As with Treat Wounds, you can attempt checks against higher DCs if you have the minimum proficiency rank. The target is then temporarily immune to your Battle Medicine for 1 day.
-Forager: While using Survival to Subsist, if you roll any result worse than a success, you get a success. On a success, you can provide subsistence living for yourself and four additional creatures, and on a critical success, you can take care of twice as many creatures as on a success. Each time your proficiency rank in Survival increases, double the number of additional creatures you can take care of on a success (to eight if you’re an expert, 16 if you’re a master, or 32 if you’re legendary). You can choose to care for half the number of additional creatures and provide a comfortable living instead of subsistence living. Multiple smaller creatures or creatures with significantly smaller appetites than a human are counted as a single creature for this feat, and larger creatures or those with significantly greater appetites each count as multiple creatures. The GM determines how much a non-human creature needs to eat.
-Verdant Weapon: You cultivate a seed that can sprout into a wooden staff, vine whip, or another weapon. You spend 10 minutes focusing primal energy into a seed, imprinting it with the potential of a single level 0 weapon you are trained with and that has no mechanical parts or metal components. When holding the imprinted seed, you can spend a single Interact action to cause it to immediately grow into that weapon; a second Interact action returns it to seed form. Your verdant weapon functions as the imprinted weapon and can be etched with runes or affixed with talismans as normal, which are suppressed when the weapon is in seed form. It also becomes a primal focus. You can have only one verdant seed at a time. If you prepare a second, your first verdant seed immediately becomes a mundane specimen; any runes on the previous seed that are valid for the new seed transfer between them at no cost, but you lose any inapplicable runes unless you transfer them to a runestone or another weapon.
-Mature Animal Companion: Your animal companion grows up, becoming a mature animal companion, which grants it additional capabilities. See the animal companion rules for more information. Your animal companion is better trained than most. During an encounter, even if you don't use the Command an Animal action, your animal companion can still use 1 action on your turn that round to Stride or Strike.
-Energy Emanation: Energy bursts forth from your body. You deal 1d6 damage of your chosen type to all adjacent creatures (basic Reflex save using your class DC or spell DC, whichever is higher). At 3rd level, and every 2 levels thereafter, this damage increases by 1d6.
-Dwarven Lore: You eagerly absorbed the old stories and traditions of your ancestors, your gods, and your people, studying in subjects and techniques passed down for generation upon generation. You gain the trained proficiency rank in Crafting and Religion. If you would automatically become trained in one of those skills (from your background or class, for example), you instead become trained in a skill of your choice. You also become trained in Dwarven Lore.
-Dwarven Doughtiness: You are either naturally calm and collected in the face of imminent danger, or you are very good at faking it. At the end of your turn, reduce your frightened condition by 2 instead of 1.
-Ward Medic: You’ve studied in large medical wards, treating several patients at once and tending to all their needs. When you use Treat Disease or Treat Wounds, you can treat up to two targets. If you’re a master in Medicine, you can treat up to four targets, and if you’re legendary, you can treat up to eight targets.
-Incredible Initiative: You react more quickly than others can. You gain a +2 circumstance bonus to initiative rolls.
Spells Primal Spellcaster with 5 Cantrips prepared and 3 1st Level Spells, 3 2nd Level Spells, and 2 3rd Level Spells prepared each per day
Cantrips Acid Splash, Electric Arc, Ray of Frost, Stabalize, Guidance
1st Level - 3 Spells per Day Gust of Wind, Hydraulic Push, Heal
2nd Level - 3 Spells per Day Acid Arrow, Animal Form, Heal (Heightened)
3rd Level - 2 Spells per Day Crashing Wave, Lightning Bolt