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Shrugs and follows Rodhas.

"He'll cool down in a while."

Joneh shrugged. "Dunno. Doesn't really. But he never actually made us do anything and I'm not big on grudges."

"He didn't do it on purpose."

David.De'Foul wrote:
Rodhas wrote:

"Yeah, red and blue works great. Umm...maybe some red and some blue? We need to make two teams or there's nobody to play against, right?"

"yeah but they should be two tone, maybe one red and black, and the other blue and... Silver? Yeah silver sounds good what do you guys think?"

"Yeah! That sounds awesome!"

David.De'Foul wrote:
"hmm, ok. well for one this is a physical activity, you might want to ask, the Physicial education teacher, or the flying teacher. and flyers are useful, they help raise awareness, so that you can rely less on charisma and word of mouth. one thing that helps get faculty to back you is seeing how much work is already put into it, for instance uniforms, I can get my room mate to make some, if you go to the teachers with uniforms and rules and equipment already made then they will be much more likely to agree. next think about what would make people like your sport, for one it's new, people usually like new things. two it's familiar- but not too familiar. people usually don't want to learn new rules all over again. three, it's in the freaking sky, people like flying, this goes double for those who can't do it normally, the rush involved in flying is like nothing else, expand on that, when you next go out and spread word I'll join you, but just to be clear I do have a band audition thing tonight so I won't be able to help with that"

Joneh has pulled out a piece of paper and is taking notes.

"Yeah, thanks, if you could ask your roommate about the uniforms that would be awesome. You're the coolest!"

Joneh just stood there beside Rodhas basically hanging off of Dave's every word.

David.De'Foul wrote:
"Dave D'Foul, nice to meet you, this is Raelle" he wraps one arm around the indicated person "Ardinite" he points this time"Rodhas, Morrivan if gini is here he points to and introduces her too, and... um I forgot his name"

"I'm Joneh. Don't worry, I'm just not as memorable as Rodhas...I can live with that. I get less detention," he said with a self-effacing grin.

"I'm not so sure it's a good idea to be bragging about that," he said nervously.

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I especially love how this one looks he's just realized the probability that Rodhas's latest idea is going to get him killed. ;P