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Question in regards to Wave of Mutilation.

One of my players took it and was wondering if he can use it with Vital Strike? Second can you combine it in a full attack or is it only a standard action? Finally I am under the assumption it doesn't require an attack roll, but only the saving throw?

Any updates grand master Stephens?

Any other updates to the classes? Do you think taking out lightsabers and using these classes with swords or other melee weapons so that it can still be a no-tech world works? I love the idea of a jedi/monk like class without a technology weapon.

Fabius Maximus wrote:
Gods, this and Kobold Press's spellbook will make me go broke.


Kobold Press's Spellbook?

What are the official names of these and do you recommend them highly?

Any updates on future talented class pdfs? Ranger, Barbarian, Cleric?

Someone mentioned a War Priest and a Divine Scion Prestige Class.....where are either of these items from

Thanks for the help. He isn't going to be very happy. I think a previous group played a lot of rules incorrectly. He thought another player who had improved two weapon gighting.was broken because he didn't know there was a rule to get additional attacks with the secondary hand.

At 5th level a Magus can use his Arcane Pool to enhance his weapon with a select group of weapon properties; dancing, flaming, flaming burst, frost, icy burst, keen, shock, shocking burst, speed, or vorpal. One of my player's is under the impression that any weapon property can be placed on the weapon, not just this selection. Is the Magus only limited to the ones above? Would it break the game if I allow any weapon property like my player thinks? He has been adding Holy to his weapons and bane as an example at different encounters. I never read that the properties were limited and thought he was allowed up to this point.

Well I am pretty sure anything in the Spell-less ranger can be quickly converted to a talent. My player loves the bonded animal archetype.

We have one player who is playing a talented fighter/magus. Another player is playimg the spell-less ranger/cleric and one of my major npcs is playing a talented monk/talented fighter/cleric.

My players are Gestault since they requested a high level campaign wothput being epic levels and wanted more diverse characters. Another player is playimg a converted shadowcaster/warlock but since those aren't
Pathfinder classes he doesn't feel the love as much.

It isn't so much if the Cavelier or Gunslinger needs it more. As a DM and as a player I need iconic classes much more than extra less used classes by players and

As for the Spell-less Ranger it was very good and a player of mine has converted to it until the much anticipated talented ranger. Are you gonna use the Spell-less ranger in the talented ramger? I hope so since there is a lot of good in there.

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The genius guides are all great products, but the talented class guides are absolutely the best pathfinder third party products to date. All I ask is please bring out the iconic classes before classes like the gunslinger. I am highly anticipating the talented ranger, barbarian, and paladin before the gunslinger and cavelier. Weneed a ranger without spells .

Either way thanks for all your great products and will co.tinue to support your work

Oh then I am under incorrect ruling. So a trip weapon only helps with not falling prone? What if a monk or unarmed fighter with unarmed strike trips but has a belt with enhancements....does that also add to trip attempts?

They are also asking because the weapon enhancement to.hit and damage only adds to trip cmb if the weapon has the trip property from what we read

One of my players is asking to make a sword a trip weapon. Is there any enhancement or cost that could do this without house ruling it?

So would my idea of describing cleave as using his second weapon when he successfully uses his cleave feat work? He would then take cleave and improved cleave. He would also take two weapon fighting for the times he wants to do a full attack and ensure a second attack.

He doesn't like the swap outs of two weapon warrior except for the one that allows for two attacks as a standard.

One of my players is playing a two weapon fighter, but doesn't want to take the two weapon warrior archetype. However he wants to be able to use two weapons in a standard attack. There are a few feats from 3.5 that allowed for this. Would they be okay to include in pathfinder? The other alternative I suggested was to use the cleave feats, but to describe himself using his second weapon for the additional attacks. He really wants to go two weapon fighting for flavor even though the two handed fighter is so much more powerful generally.

He doesn't want to lose armor training and weapon training just to get two weapon fighting standard attacks.

Anyone can help in ideas please let me know

I'm currently running a campaign and was wondering about the archetype rules.

Rules question for you. When using an archetype do you have to use the entire archetype? Or can you choose what to take and what not to take from the archetype at certain levels? That way you can give up what you want from a class for archetype abilities, but not giving up stuff that fits your characters? Based on what I am reading you have to take the entire archetype and gain all its benefits and lose all the base stuff you normally lose.

If that is the case do you think its broken if I house rule you can take one or two options and only lose base class stuff from those options, but not necessarily get everything?