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So, as written at 8th level you can have one attack that misses you each round turn back on the attacker? I don't think that was the intend, but considering how poorly this book is written, Who knows?

So, as written at 8th level you can have one attack that misses you each round turn back on the attacker? I don't think that was the intend, but considering how poorly this book is written, Who knows?

The spell reads:

Casting Somatic Casting; Trigger You cast a
heal spell to heal a living creature.
The amount healed by the triggering spell increases by 2 points per
die. If you’re both healing living creatures and damaging undead,
the healing increases by that amount but the damage does not.

Ok, my copy didn't keep the formatting: This Power is has the free action symbol followed by Somatic Casting, so does it take an action or not?

The ability as written:

Powerful Fist
When striking with your fist, you deal 1d6 damage instead of 1d4. You use your
normal proficiency when making a lethal attack with a nonlethal unarmed attack.

So far every player I've had writing up a monk has asked if this ability also apply's to the different stances as they don't necessarily use fists for damage (dragon stance is a kick). The fact that the second line of the ability has nothing to due with fists but unarmed attacks in general has repeatedly confused them, because it's part of the Powerful "FIST" ability.


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I'm trying to understand why the two classes whom by general description would have the most book learning get the fewest skill points. I would understand if they got say 2 general skills plus 3 slots only usable for knowledge skills or something along that line as having them with a bunch of physical skills doesn't really fit, but the flat 2 is just bothering me.

And before anyone says they get less because their stat will make up for it, if that's the case shouldn't fighters take a penalty to combat and bards to social skills for the same reason?

What box set does this go with?

Aldizog wrote:

No, it doesn't make sense. This has been a flaw in the AOO rules since the beginning of 3E.

You provoke an AOO by letting down your guard. But if you have no guard whatsoever - if you are paralyzed, for example - you don't provoke AOOs. (And yet if you use a purely mental action to cast, not changing your lack of guard one whit, then you provoke?)
People can CdG you, but they don't get a free attack just for standing next to you while you are helpless.
It cannot be rationalized from an in-game point of view. It only makes sense from a game balance point of view. It's a bad rule and I don't know how it could be better.

Aldizog hit the nail on the head, I read the rules in Occult, and immediately realized this made no sense.

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Not that I'm disagreeing with you're take on the subject, but where in the rules does is say you have to be able to move in order to cast defensively (my bad using the wrong term earlier)?

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Based on reading through the rules for psychic spells in Occult Adventures it seems like psychic casting would follow the same rules as spell like abilities and therefor the caster would need to combat cast in order to not draw attacks of opportunity for being distracted. However if this is the case then how does their ability to cast while pinned or paralyzed work? They would still need to combat cast or draw an attack of opportunity even though they were completely helpless to start with so not certain how this would make sense.

Alexander Augunas wrote:
Jon Shelky wrote:

Any word yet on a print edition?

They're available on DriveThru as a POD product, but Owen and I are still discussing the economics of offering them at Paizo. Apparently Owen has this industry-changing product that's coming out and is taking almost all of his waking hours. ;-P

So yes, it is on the list but realistically we both need to be in a more stable place before we discuss it more. If you are antsy, I recommend DriveThru RPG.

Actually I only see it on DriveThru as a PDF.

Any word yet on a print edition?

I look forward to purchasing this as soon as it's available in print.

Absolutely loved this book, It makes life so much easier than trying to
endlessly flip through splats looking for feats you know exist.

That being said, I'd still really love to see a continuation of this idea/series: Primarily a Magic Item doc (was highly disapointed that Ultimate equipment was mostly reprinted from core rulebooks) And a Spell doc.

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Just posting that I would still love to see ACG & Occult recieve the
Mythic treatment, plus maybe some mythic info for the bloodlines and revelations that appeared in later books.

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Just posting a continuing wish to see the class abilities from ACG, and
Occult get their Mythic versions.

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So, the obvious question is, when are we going to get a nice big hardcover PLANES book for pathfinder? Just wondering/thinking out loud.

So, how long till we see the card set for these adventures up on Drivethru?

Loving the looks of these sets
However somewhat upset that by set three we'll have 3 characters that are not yet usable in the card game, and still missing 6 characters from the first 2 sets so at least 2 more Iconics sets just to have all the characters from the first 2 campaigns.

Been trying to purchase this item for 2 weeks now, but I keep getting an error about no shipping rate available, and when I contact support, no reply

Curious about the cost on the Bracers of Archery, Superior. They're listed at $16,000 but provide twice the bonus of Greater Bracers which cost $25,000?

Any word if the current back order status will be resolved in time for Christmas?

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Just curious if there's any rulings on weather or not Regenerate or Fast Heal stop the bleed condition. Also, for that matter does the cleric's Channel energy ability stop bleed? Under the RAW none of the above effects stop bleeding as they aren't spells or a heal check.