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4 posts. Alias of captain yesterday.


Why those people settled at Tinpenny Alley is beyond me.

Why the d@#!#ole raiders at the Corvega plant decided to terrorize the dumb ass settlers is even more beyond me.

At any rate, the resource poor s!!%hole on the hill is safe, and I have a whole bunch of pipe pistols I get to take apart or drag with me to Diamond City and flip for actual weapons.

Found my first legendary creature, a legendary alpha mongrel. I beat it with my tire iron, it had a -you guessed it- a pipe pistol- that at least has plasma as an added bonus, plus I started souping it up immediately.

And considering how many melons I've planted around Sanctuary, I assume it's only a matter of time before the Great Melon Revolt.

Cause I don't how Trashcan Carla is getting her Cow around all those turrets i planted on the bridge, so good luck trading all those f%&!ing melons.

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I helped Paladin D Bag get his transmitter up and running.

Spoiler alert buddy, if you need some lady with a tire iron to bail you out, you probably shouldn't be in command in the first place.

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I started over as Jojo Applesauce, the ever cheerful amnesiac and head wound survivor that I let my six year old son name my courier in Fallout New Vegas, that is based on Toot Toot McBumbersnazzle, a travelling minstrel with a song in his heart and funny tattoos on his head, which is an amnesiac from Gravity Falls.

This time, she's an overly sarcastic deep freeze survivor with cryogenic head freeze that gave Vault-Tec an obviously fake name (that they took seriously) when they came calling.

Heavy on the strength, crafting, and luck perks.