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Western City is a game from three to five players and could enjoyed without the need for a gamemaster. By limiting the players’ resources, it is ensured that everybody receives a fair share of the game time.

In a gamemasterless game, it’s easy to run into problems with the various motivations of the individual characters. This is the reason why the game includes a “goal of the day” which gives both the characters and extras a direction for existing adventure. The players choose their motivations before the game to set up the events occurring during the adventure. The players align these goals together to provide a the so-called Line of Events, which provides the basic structure for the adventure to play.

Each player gets a handful of poker chips which can be used to introduce ideas or influence the direction the game takes. While preparing a scene, the players may disagree on how to frame it. The poker chips come into play here; players bid for the right to see their ideas happen in the scene. After each scene, the chips spent on ideas or narration rights are redistributed among the players. The player with the biggest influence on the scene just played does not get any chips back so that his influence on the next scene is limited. It doesn’t matter who starts the bidding. Players may decide at anytime during the bidding stage how many poker chips they are willing to spend to impose their will on the scene.

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