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How long after general release does Amazon get the books? I pre-ordered there and they still don't have them in stock to ship.

All my paizo RSS feeds just stopped updating. I'm using Feedly. Is there a problem on paizo's side? Note that all my other feeds are updating properly.

Additionally, when I click on the RSS button on the top right, I see raw html code. Is that correct too?

Are the huge felines, canines, etc for the lion, wolf, and other druid shamans from the APG to turn into?

Crafting feats should be allowed. I just hate having to waste precious skill points on maxing out spellcraft but maybe i dont have a choice. :(

I'm about to play a half-orc Druid. I've read Treantmonk's guide and will be focusing on melee. However i'm a bit worried my AC isnt going to scale well with the build. I'm not even going to ask my DM about the shield AC loophole. He'd laugh me out of the group.

At first level my AC is 18 (10 + hide + large shield + 14 DEX). When I begin to wildshape at 4th level my AC drops to 14 (10 +2 Natural Armor +2 DEX). When I get to 6th level and turn into a large animal my AC doesn't change much because the extra natural armor is canceld by the -2 dex penalty and the size penalty.

Of course none of the above takes magic items into account, but i wont have too much control over that and my GM wont have a magic store. So maybe I can get a +1 or a +2 from a ring or bracer. Barkskin can help but i cannot always depend on having it on.

So, how have other druids dealt with such a low AC?

Rogue Eidolon, hope your flight was uneventful. Im really digging your druid insights. Keep them coming!

And Jason, thanks for paying attention to this thread and answering the outstanding questions.

Has anyone considered what might change with the APG out? I was thinking of playing a bear shaman. Do you think that's better then the pure core druid?