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Anybody got any good recommendations laying around for battle maps for N. Wyvern Scouts or O. Siege Crossing?

Or, for that matter, any appropriate city battle maps for part 4?

Jakkedin wrote:
SO he is level 5 transmuter with an Int of 16. Assuming he started with a 16, the minimum amount of spells he would have of each level is...

Thank you very much for this!

I don't suppose anybody has thrown together Bristle Billie's spellbook? I know my players are going to want to go through it after they defeat him...

If I already have the Irrisen book, and all six volumes of REIGN OF WINTER, will there be enough distinct/new info on Whitethrone in this book to make it worth my while?

Since I had six players, I encouraged the players (but did not require them) to each take their Black Rider bonus to a different attribute. They were happy to do it, said it seemed like a cool idea, and negotiated it quite pleasantly with one another.

@bwatford - I saw that thread and I'm thrilled. Now I just have to make sure my campaign goes more slowly than yours...

Just donated in the hopes of encouraging you to keep making these! The maps for SOS really added a lot to my campaign's first session last week.

Charles Evans 25 wrote:

And on a much less serious (punctuation) note, on page 65, 'reigns as unofficial "queen," ' should be 'reigns as unofficial "queen", ' ? ;)

Nope. This is punctuated correctly. English punctuation doesn't work like programmer punctuation (you may not be a programmer, but I am, and it threw me for a loop at first too).