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Mr. Finkelvest

I win, win, win. Cha, cha, cha!

Gggggggrrrrrroooooowwwwwllll! That's right, I peeped inside her bed chamber and she invited me to stay the night.

-Signed yours truely, Jezbodiah Wisp, rogue, knave, cad, romantic, and lover of adventure and half-elf brides-to-be.

The next poster had better have an escape plan before her angry father/paladin shows himself.

Primary Adjunct of paizomatix 0 wrote:

Make a paizomatrix avatar and report here, your assimilation shall be complete

You will then be more then your flawed persona ever cold be

Your species designation shall be 8769

Wow! My very own number. Odd. It looks like the password to the computer in the back office.

Primary Adjunct of paizomatix 0 wrote:

YES! UH, special considerations i need to know?

Primary Adjunct of paizomatix 0 wrote:

Assimilation is to be one part of a whole

As part of the collective one is never alone
As part of the collective one can never die or knowledge be lost
Even if a drone is defective , it matters not to the collective
The collective is endless
Everything you knew in your flawed persona we shall know
Everything the collective knows you shall know
To be Borg is to be a reflection of the perfection that has yet to be
Each species bring the collective closer to perfection
We are form driven toward perfection
We are perfection driven toward form
We will bring make you greater then you ever could be
We will strip you of your flawed, lonely persona
We will give you an endless collection of thought
We will give you a drive and a reason to be

Resistance is Futile

Uh, Wow! Like, can I join?!