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So I was recently gifted the Fists of the Ruby Phoenix AP by a friend who found it in a second-hand store. The adventure looks quite fun, but it's not really my style to start a party off at level 10/11.

I'm looking for a nice adventure/set of adventures to take the group from 1-10, and wanted to know what others had run in this scenario.

I'm also okay with adapting a 1E adventure as long as it feels appropriate.

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Sooo, this didn't happen.

Any info on that?

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Hello there.

I have tried, with no success thus far, to remove the text overlaying the maps included in the PDF of Reign of Winter that I am using. Near as I can tell, the maps are flattened images and there's no way to isolate the text from them so I can easily use them in Roll20.

Does anyone have map files with the text already isolated off of them? Or know of an easy way for me to do so?

Is there something wrong with my pdf?

I would really like to use the original art from the module, and not a map created by another player, but I would in the worst case scenario.

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I say, "Why not?" But I encourage creative spell usage in my campaigns.