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About Je'grik

Male Kobold, Fighter(Brawler Archetype) 1
Hit Dice: 1d10+1
Hit Points: 11

Height: 3ft 0in Weight: 30lbs

Fortitude: +3 =2(Fighter)+1(Con)
Reflex: +2 =0(Fighter)+2(Dex)
Will: +2 =0(Fighter)+2(Wis)

Base Attack Bonus: +1
Combat Maneuver Bonus: +3 (1 BaB, -1 Size, 3 Str)
Combat Maneuver Defense: 15 (10 Base, 1 BaB, -1 Size, 3 Str, 2 Dex)

Armor Class: 17 =10(Base)+2(Armor)+1(Shield)+2(Dex)+1(Size)+1(Natural)
Touch: 13 Flat-Footed: 15
Speed: 20ft
Initiative: +2

Str 16
Dex 14
Con 13
Int 11
Wis 14
Cha 10

Unarmed Strike (1d2+3, x2, B) +5
Brass Knuckles (1d2+4, x2, 0.5lbs, B) +5
Sling (1d3+3, x2, 50ft, 0lbs, B) +4
Javelin (1d4+3, x2, 30ft, 1lb, P) +4 ranged or +1 melee

Leather Armor(Armor Bonus +2, Max Dex Bonus +6, Armor Check Penalty 0, Speed 30 ft/20 ft, Weight 7.5lbs)
Light Wooden Quickdraw Shield(Armor Bonus +1, Armor Check Penalty -2, Weight 3lbs)

Perception: +9 =2(Wis)+1(rank)+3(class)+1(trait)+2(Race)
Swim: +7 =3(Str)+1(rank)+3(class)
Linguistics: +1 =0(Int)+1(rank)

Climb: +3 =3(Str)
Stealth: +6 =2(Dex)+4(Size)
Sense Motive: +3 =2(Wis)+1(trait)
Survival: +5 =2(Wis)+2(race)

Lv1: Unarmed Strike, Power Attack(Fighter Bonus), Team Work feat(Campaign Bonus)

Dockside Brawler(Campaign)
Seeker (Perception is a class skill)

Equipment: 2 brass knuckles(2gp), leather armor(10gp), sling(0gp), 10 sling bullets(1sp), Javelin(1gp), explorer’s outfit(free), 2 acid flasks(20gp), potion of cure light wounds(50gp), backpack(2gp), belt pouch(1gp), canteen(2gp), compass(10gp), crowbar(2gp), 50ft of twine(1cp), light wooden quickdraw shield(53gp) = 153 gp, 1sp, 1cp spent

21gp, 8sp, 9cp

Kobold Racial Traits:

+2 Dexterity, –4 Strength, –2 Constitution: Kobolds are fast but weak.

Reptilian: Kobolds are humanoids with the reptilian subtype.

Small: Kobolds are Small creatures and gain a +1 size bonus to their AC, a +1 size bonus on attack rolls, a –1 penalty on their combat maneuver checks and to their Combat Maneuver Defense, and a +4 size bonus on Stealth checks.

Normal Speed: Kobolds have a base speed of 30 feet.

Armor: Kobolds have a +1 natural armor bonus.

Wild Forest Kobold: You’re one of the barbaric kobolds dwelling in the forests of the surface world. Your culture shuns artifice, but teaches how to endure and hunt. You gain a +2 racial bonus on Perception and Survival checks. This racial trait replaces crafty. Stealth and Survival are always class skills for you.

Day Raider: You’re one of the few kobolds born with a greater tolerance for sunlight. You don’t have light sensitivity, and you have low-light vision instead of darkvision.

Languages: Kobolds begin play speaking only Draconic. Kobolds with high Intelligence scores can choose from the following: Common, Dwarven, Gnome, and Undercommon.

Fighter Favored Class Bonus: +1 Skill Point(put into Linguistics),

Fighter Class Features:
Lv1 Bonus Feat(Power Attack -1 Atk +2/+3 Damage)

Barbarian Variant Multiclassing:
A character who chooses barbarian as her secondary class gains the following secondary class features.

Rage: At 3rd level, she gains the rage class feature for a number of rounds per day equal to her Constitution modifier + her character level.

Uncanny Dodge: At 7th level, she gains uncanny dodge.

Rage Power: At 11th level, she gains a rage power. For the purpose of which rage powers she can select, her effective barbarian level is equal to 1/2 her character level, but for the purpose of the rage power's effect, her effective barbarian level is equal to her full character level.

Damage Reduction: At 15th level, she gains DR 3/—.

Greater Rage: At 19th level, she gains greater rage.

Backstory: Je'grik is a strange breed kobold if there ever was one. Born in a forest clan, he was quickly under suspicions as his light green scales started to change color as he grew, first to orange and then to a full, dark red reminiscent of the red dragons that had razed the clan in the past for fun while their green dragon protector was away. Further more, his strength, temper, and endurance lead the elders to believe he'd been born with far more dragon inside of his bloodline than normal. It was just unfortunate that it was the wrong kind. Eventually the friction between Je'grik and his clansmen, even his own clutchkin, became enough for him to leave his tribe and seek life elsewhere.

As he traveled, sticking to seedier parts of town and learning to stay out of trouble with the law, he got jobs as an unexpected tavern bouncer or won money in competitions of strength. Eventually he made his way to the coast and into the Shackles, were he quickly felt more at home than ever before. No one seemed to care he was a kobold either, except for a few racial slurs he didn't mind. He'd never heard of them before anyway.

After a night of drinking and getting more than a few other patrons mad at his unresponsiveness to their jeers and taunts, one idiot decided to spill his drink. Big mistake. A few lost human teeth later and Je'grik found himself outnumbered and knocked out by larger people than himself. As the inky blackness of unconsciousness welled up around him, he got in one last insult of his own.

“I was as strong as five of you sof'skins..”