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I wasn't sure when I first read the article what exactly to think, but after reading the last one I have a few conclusions...

Wil has a definite entertaining value to his writing. If I had to criticize him on something, it would be the use of “so and so” said, which he uses quite often. It’s correct in its use, but when you get a bunch of them in quick succession it sounds a little bland. I would try adding things like “so and so” responded, replied, answered, asked, or added, to name a few.

There’s another value to his column that a few have touched on in their responses, Wil is another person like the rest of us, even though he has celebrity value attached to his name, he enjoys playing and teaching the game as well. I think it helps show that anyone could be playing the game as well as showing the creative and fun levels people have in doing so.

Why Dungeon Magazine became the holder of the article is a little strange in my opinion, but I don’t really look at it as a waste of a page either.

**Edit** I thought of another reason why I enjoy the article... I have a tendency to write after adventure logs and add more character story to an adventure based on the character's player. Reading Wil's article gives me another group to look at and reminds me that the behind the scenes stuff that goes on while we play becomes part of the game as a whole. As a DM I tend to not get involved with the out of character discussions and jokes that come up, I'm too busy using that time to adjust my pre-game preparations to player character actions. As a player, you're enjoying a game that the DM has prepared, but look around, I think you'll be surprised that the things Wil describes are happening in your own game too.

Maybe one day I'll get around to compiling one of the adventure's that I've used for my group, we're currently between levels 22 and 26. Been experimenting with advancing creatures and testing CR's lately more than anything. My favorite so far is taking a half-fiend T-Rex (idea came from the Wizards site) I placed the Paragon template on it (from Epic Level Handbook), the group might see that one in tonight's game :)

(I'm inspired by Bruce R. Cordell, I can generally use parts of adventures he writes and the creatures in them. He keeps me thinking about the endless possibilities the game gives.)

I've been reading Dungeon Magazine since the Flame adventure sequel called "Out of the Ashes", it was the first game I DM'd as well.

The magazine has come a LONG way since then and so has the game. I will have to say that I miss the page artwork that matched with the Core Rulebooks (the tab on the side listing the adventure name and the colored gem in the bottom corner with the page number). There was something about the pages looking like the books that gave you a sense of congruency I guess.

I also understand that the same thing over and over is boring and it doesn't lend much to growth and letting the magazine develop into something that could be better. I will miss the look though, but I am also looking forward to seeing what the magazine trasforms into next.

Can anyone tell me where I've seen this picture? Gives ideas for an interesting character, but knowing where it's from and an artist name may be helpful.