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Space 1992: Rise of the Chaos Wizards by Gloryhammer. (I can't believe I'm the first to mention the keyboard playing space necromancer)
Devin Townsend
Guardians inferno ;)
Galaktikon 1 and 2 by Brendon Small

Who the hell do you think I am? wrote:

Fabricate Arms says "The quality of the item is average for its type."

Maybe that's meant to say it can't have any upgrades or customization? Not sure.

I thought this was for the crafting rule. When you craft items yourself they are considered to be of higher level than the standart object.

jcheung wrote:
armor and armor upgrades are separate things. it takes 10 minutes to install an upgrade into your armor. good luck using it :D

Well it's a magical process, I dont see how summoning a light armor with a jetpack might take longer to summon than a heavy armor.

This also does not explain the bulk 10 limit. The heaviest armor (excluding power armor) being bulk 3.

Javax, the entropic squid wrote:
(unless you take something stupidly big like starship weapons or vehicules)

Also after checking vehicules and starship weapon have no bulk, so the bulk limit probably isn't for that.

... Wait I just wrote excluding power armor! How much do those wheight?
Battle harness 20 bulk, Cargo lifter 34 bulk Jarlslayer 43 bulk...
I think I got my answer ^^"

So, my questions comes from the fact that there is no such thing as a 10 bulk armor or weapon (unless you take something stupidly big like starship weapons or vehicules). This brought the question "can the created armor have an upgrade?" This would raise it's bulk value, by extension this brings the question, can you summon an upgraded weapon.

Thank you for the Quick replies. :)
Hmm, 4 players... in other words 2/3 of the available classes. I wonder how balanced the players skill-pool will be.

So I just stared skimming through the first book and I could not find any number written in bold telling GMs how many players are expected.
Google was not much help either.

This would be my first official Paizo campaign, any advice on this topic?