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Full Name

Jasmine Rose




Wizard, Air Elemental, Lv 3, Init. 9,, P 5, AC 13 (21), 13T, 10 (18)FF, HP 13/13, F2,R 4 , W3, CMB 1, CMD14




5'5, Weight 97 - 100



Special Abilities

+2 SR Elf, Scribe Scroll Class Feat, Wind Elemental Feather Fall at will, Leviate at will/5th Lv, Fly at will/10th lv, +2 enhancement Fly, Lighting Flash 7/D (1d6+1, 5ft radius, dazzled 1d4 rds DC 14)






The Shackles


Common, Elven, Aquan, Infernal, Draconic, Polygot


Scribe, Sailor

Strength 10
Dexterity 16
Constitution 10
Intelligence 18
Wisdom 10
Charisma 13

About Jasmine Rose

Assumption: 20 pt buy, Racial: +2 Dex, +2 Int, -2 Con.

Physical Description and Mannerism:

Jasmine Rose is an attractive female elf, age 95 just shy of adulthood. Jasmine is lean, weighing 97 to 100 pounds and stands 5’5 tall. She has short brown, or golden, hair which looks as if it has been teased by the wind. Her blue eyes sparkle green with the proper light. Her facial features are long with high cheekbones, and full pouty lips. Jasmine is not the normal fair skinned elf, but rather her skin is radiantly tan as if kissed by the sun. She has a distinguishing tattoo that begins on her right foot and wraps around her ankle, toned calf, continuing around her firm thigh and ends on her right pelvic bone. The tattoo has various shades of grey, black with hints of sea foam and crimson; this resembles a cyclone or tornado. At times, it appears as if the tattoo moves with the light. The tattoo does not contain any magical qualities, yet

She wears provocative tight bluish white robes and soft leather laced boots knee high (adventuring outfit). The robe has many pockets and she carriers a dagger on her left side. She, also, wears light linen tan slacks/shorts, white blouse, and sandals (pirate outfit), with a tobacco colored bi-furcated tricorn. The front peak cleft produces a unique two-point front, like a hoof or a set of goat horns, a yellow and red peacock feather embellishes this stately hat. This hat makes a dashing statement, and catches the eye. Her spell component pouch wraps around her slender waist.

Jasmine’s intelligence and her graceful lithe body has been the cornerstone of her upbringing. She appears barely to touch the ground as she walks. She can be manipulative and seductive, using her intelligence, charm and exotic appearance to get to her end goal. She enjoys influencing others to do her will. She is quick to seal a deal by saying her family motto: “Blood is Binding.”


Jasmine is the daughter of a retired Free Captain, Berlon “Rose” Lanliss. An elf pirate, who developed a knack for moving stolen goods and slaves. He, long ago, left his homeland in Sargava, near Eleder, and struck out on his own. It is rumored he fought with his father and older brother and was disinherited from the family. Berlon pillaged and stole his fortune and acquired his first sailing ship – “The Rose”. The ship served him well until a Cheliax warship sank it off the coast of the Sodden Lands. Sometime thereafter, the Captain dropped his family name, Lanliss, and took up the surname name Rose. “The Black Rose” was the Captain’s second ship and this sleek schooner has served him ever since.

The Free Captain took two wives, Elwynn, an elf, and Johan, a half-elf, and settled down in his middle age (170 yrs old, currently 259 yrs old and in his late middle age) and had several children by each wife. Elwynn had two sons: Giffin, Lyinke and one daughter Jasmine. While Johan provided him four sons: Geyyi, Flintel, IIlyn, Kimpu and two daughters: Belle and Liala. Jasmine’s brother Lyinke and half brother, IIlyn both passed away in their childhood due to sickness.

At an early age, the family fostered loyalty, hierarchy, order and discipline. While growing up near the water and the shady side of commerce encouraged fierce competitions amongst the two families. Often the losers of any competition, game or study faced strict discipline at the hands of their father and mothers. Jasmine learned early she could outwit and out plan her siblings, this helped since her brothers were stronger.

After her father retired from the sea, he maintained his slave trade business near the city of Quent. Slaves were commonplace in Jasmine’s upbringing. Slaves were property, often the spoils of victory, and were sold and traded frequently. If a slave disrespected her father, they were punished, a simple fact of her life. At an early age, Jasmine displayed a talent for mathematics and assisted her father in keeping his accounts. This childhood undoubtedly influenced her attitude regarding structure and her views on individual freedoms. This is not an obsessively lawful or evil character, rather she has a clear understanding of hierarchy, loyalty, business as it applies to life aboard a ship and places very little regard in individual liberties. These principles were second nature throughout her upbringing.

In recent times, Captain Berlon Rose’s, and his four remaining sons have had several questionable business dealings which has cost the family a significant portion of their wealth. The Black Rose may have to be sold to pay debts unless she puts out to sea again.

When Jasmine was old enough to go to the Magaambya Academy for her magical studies, the family sent her there. I do not desire any of the school benefits the name was simply for flavor of the character.It, also, puts her relatively close to Port Peril. (page 21, Inner Sea Magic) She studied hard and excelled; however, her studies were recently, cut short due to the family’s current economic woes. Jasmine was on her way home, looking to catch a ship from Port Peril to Quent, when she was gang pressed after a few drinks while at the Formidably Maid.

Family Motto: “Blood is Binding”

Family Crest

Init. 9(3Dex +4Dodo+2 reactionary), Perception 5 (2 racial and 2 alertness from Dodo) low light vision, Speed 30
BAB 1, SR +2

+1 Animal Bane Dagger. [dice=dagger]1d20+2[/dice];[dice=damage]1d4+1[/dice]

Against animals: [dice=dagger]1d20+4[/dice];[dice=damage]1d4+3[/dice];dice=bane]2d6[/dice]

Dagger,(19/20x2) [dice=dagger]1d20+1[/dice];[dice=damage]1d4[/dice]
Brass Knife, (19/20x2)[dice=knife]1d20+1[/dice];[dice=damage]1d4[/dice]
Quarterstaff (20x2)[dice=quarterstaff]1d20+1[/dice];[dice=damage]1d6[/dice]

Lighting Flash 7/D (1d6+1,5ft radius, dazzled 1d4 rds DC 15)
[dice=damage, 5ft radius]1d6+2[/dice]

Init. 3(9) (3Dex +4Dodo +2 reactionary), Perception 5 (1 R, 2 racial and 2 alertness from Dodo), Low light vision, Speed 30

AC 13/21, TT 13, FF 10
(spells: +4 Mage Armor, +4 Shield)

HP 13
Current HP Damage:

CMD 14
F 2*, R 4, W 3

*Forlorn Race Trait(Elf) +1 Fort Saves

Lighting Flash 7/D (1d6+2,5ft radius, dazzled 1d4 rds DC 15)
Elemental Feather Fall at will

Feat and Traits:

1. Social Charmer +1 Diplo & Bluff/verbal Spells (Benefit: You gain a +1 trait bonus when you use Bluff or Diplomacy on a character that is (or could be) sexually attracted to you, and a +1 trait bonus to the save DC of any language-dependent spell you cast on such characters or creatures.)

2. Touched by the Sea +1 Swim/class skill, underwater penalty is lessened by 1 (PC Guide)

3. Forlorn (Elf) Having lived outside of traditional elf society for much or all of your life, you know the world can be cruel, dangerous, and unforgiving of the weak.

4. Reactionary +2 initiative (DM bonus)

Benefit: You gain a +1 trait bonus on Fortitude saving throws.

Scribe Scroll (Class) DC 5+CL
Spell Focus (Conjuration)+1 DC
Alertness (Familiar) +2 Perception/Sense Motive
+4 Initiative Dodo Familiar

Augment Summoning +4 Str/con

2+INT+1Fav Class

Acrobatics 3 (3Dex)
Appraise 4 (4 int)
Bluff 5 (3 R, 1cha +1 trait)
Craft:Calligraphy 8 (4 +1 rank +3)
Diplomacy 6 (1 +1 rank +1 trait +3)
Disguise 1 (1 Cha)
Intimidate 3 (2 R, 1 Cha)
Know: Arcana 8 (4+1 rank +3)
know: Geo 9 (4 + 2 RANK +3)
Know: History 8 (4+1 rank +3)
Know: Local 9 (4+2 rank +3)*
Know: Nature 9 (4+2 rank +3)
Perception +5 (+1 rank +2Alertness)(+2racial)
Prof: Sailor 6 (3 rank +3)
Sense motive +2 (2 Alertness)
Spell craft 10 (4+3 rank +3)
Swim: 6 (2 rank, 1 Trait, class skill 3)

Special Abilities:

Charming +1 Bluff/Diplomacy/save DC for a language-dependent spell vs. targets who could be sexually attracted to you.

Earth Classical opposition school for: Air
Five-Element opposition school for: Water
You must spend 2 slots to cast spells from the Earth school.

Elven Immunities +2 save bonus vs Enchantments.

Elven Immunities - Sleep You are immune to magic sleep effects.

Elven Magic +2 to spellcraft checks to determine the properties of a magic item.

Empathic Link with Familiar (Su) You have an empathic link with your Arcane Familiar.

Familiar Bonus: +4 to Initiative,
You gain the Alertness feat while your familiar is within arm's reach.
+2 Perception/Sense Motive

Keen Senses: Elves receive a +2 racial bonus on Perception checks.

Lightning Flash (1d6) (7/day) (DC 15) (Su) 5' burst deals 1d6+1 Electricity damage and dazzles for 1d4 RD. Ref halves/negates.

Low-Light Vision See twice as far as a human in low light, distinguishing color and detail.

Reactionary +2 Initiative

[b]Share Spells with Familiar Can cast spells with a target of "You" on the familiar with a range of touch.

Spell Focus (Conjuration) Spells from one school of magic have +1 to their save DC.

Touched by the Sea Underwater attack penalties are lessened by 1.


+1 Animal bane dagger
Dagger (left hip)
Knife, brass (right outer thigh)
Lt. Crossbow, 20 bolts
Tricorn Hat w/feather
Explorers Outfit
Pirate outfit
Spellbook (waterproof bag)
Spell component pouch (waterproof bag)
Waterproof Bag (Spell book,spell components, tanglefoot bag, scroll case, ink, parchment, pens)
Tanglefoot Bag (Inside WP Bag)
Wizard's Kit
Ink, black (5) (Waterproof bag)
Inkpen (4) (waterproof bag)
Marbles (3)
Parchment (40)(waterproof bag)
Flask of holy water
Flask of alchemist fire

Candle of Truth

Scrolls in scroll case:
Scroll creation: DC 5 + CL
-Infernal healing (2)
-Ray of Enfeeblement (1)
-grease (1)
-shield (3)
-burning disarm (2)
-Magic Missile (3)
-Ear Piercing Scream (1)
-Vanish (1)
-Enlarge person (1)
-Mage Armor (3)
-Sleep (1)

PP 0 GP, 2 SP, CP

Opposed School Earth
CL +1, Concentration Level +5
+1 DC Conjuration
+1 Lang Spells (Trait)
+1 Bonus Air Spell

0 Level
Message (bonus)
ghost sounds

1st Level
Alter Winds -bonus
Sleep (DC15)
Ear piercing Scream (DC15)
magic missile

2nd level
flaming sphere DC 16
Scorching Ray
Gust of wind DC 16


0 Level - All

1st Level: 5+4+1subspec
Alter Winds (bonus)
Gust of Wind (bonus)(DC16)


Conjure. +1DC
Mage Armor
Grease (purchased)
infernal Healing (purchased a scroll)
Obscuring Mist

Sleep (DC 15)

Ear Piercing Scream (DC15)
Magic Missie
Flaming Sphere (DC16)
scorching Ray

Color Spray, +1DC (trait)

Ray of Enfeeblement (purchased a scroll)

Burning Disarm (DC 15)
Enlarge Person

Dodo (Grants +4 Initiative)
Name: Flotsam

Init. 0, Speed: 20ft, Senses: low light, Size: small
HP: 3
AC:12(+1Nar Arm, +1 size) TT:10 FF:12

Saves: F:4 R:2 W:2

Att.: bite +1(1d3-2)
CMB: -2
CMD: 8

Feats/Special Ability:
Weapon Finesse (Dex bonus)
Improved Evasion
Share Spell - Wizard and familiar can share spell.
Empathic link - 1 mile empathic link, general emotions can be shared.

Skills: Flotsam
Diplomacy +6
Know Arcana 8
Know Nature 8
Perception +3
Stealth +3
Swim +2


Answers for the GM:

1. How famous was your father? It's been 89 years, from what I understand, since he's sailed the Black Rose as a Free Captain so do you think his legend would still hold or would it be just a footnote in history? If he is very famous, have you considered the Buccaneer's Blood campaign trait?

I wrestled with this choice in the character creation. In fact, this was the part that gave me the most trouble. Ultimately, I chose the Touched by the Sea trait for two reasons: (A) Swim becomes a class skill and let's face it, ships tend to sink! (B)Jasmine grew up in, and on, the water.

I really considered Buccaneer's Bond but the swim as a class skill was too much to pass by especially, since I put buy points in Cha rather than Con, or Str.

My original intent was to place her father's active pirating in the background, that is why he is retired. Basically, he retired after he took up his dual wives (Why settle for one when two is twice the fun).

As a side note, the two parts of the family live in the same house/compound and believe in the blood first concept. They may be competitive with one another but blood loyalty is paramount.

Her family's current fame really falls into being the merchant of slaves. Although the brothers are considering putting the Black Rose back to sea or selling her, given the series of bad investments they suffered. Since they are a merchant family, several of their recent shipments/orders have been lost at sea or intercepted by the Chelish navy. Those goods were paid for, or at least, the family had to cover the debt to various money mongers. This is part of the lawful aspect, the respecting a contract, that Jasmine had to learn growing up.

Now, Jasmine would not be surprised to run in to "former' slaves that still carry the family brand, who may not be thrilled to see her. Alternatively, they may be really happy to see her for payback.

2. Does your family hold a grudge against the Chelish for the sinking of "the Rose"? Did they just destroy the ship from afar or plunder and then scuttle it? Did your family lose anything of value in the event (beyond the ship and whatever plunder they had) such as an heirloom?

Absolutely! The ship was attacked and cornered by three warships off the coast of the Sodden Lands. She was scuttled by Jasmine's father, and a valuable cargo was lost during the unfortunate attack. When "The Rose" was being attacked and cornered by the Chelish navy, she fought back valiantly sinking the flag ship and seriously crippling one of the other warships. Due to the heavy losses suffered by the Chelish, they were unable to pursue Captain Berlon “Rose” Lanliss; hence, they escaped. He lost many crew members that evening, but under the cover of night fall managed to get himself and other survivors ashore without capture.

An occasional rum enhanced song, or lively storytelling, will retell that fateful battle and escape.

It is rumored that two important items were lost on the Rose a treasure map that was recently acquired from a reluctant Captain, coincidentally as that Captain's ship was sinking in shark infested waters. However, the veracity of the map was not verified. He use to discuss how the chest that the map was in was a magically secured waterproof chest the size of a footlocker. The chest was trimmed in gold, rubies and sapphires. He use to brag that "Any silly fool who opened the chest, without the proper words, would be cursed a horrible death." This could be an "X'er" random side adventure.

The second item was a stash of Coin and few "special" trinkets were buried on land. Unfortunately, the exact location has been lost, or her father has not disclosed it.

3. How active are Jasmine's siblings in the Sweet Trade (piracy) at the moment?

Her full brother, Giffin, and her oldest half brother, Geyyi, are very active and they crew with several semi-known pirates. Her remaining half brothers, Flintel and Kimpu, are actually doing more of the family slave and merchandise business. Her half sisters, Belle and Liala, are training in theology and herbology. Studying Besmara's ways.

4. How likely is Jasmine's family going to start a search for their wayward daughter?

They will eventually begin to put out "feelers' for her after a few months.

5. Are there any significant debts that you believe may affect Jasmine's future career as a pirate?

Yes, if her family does not, or can not, pay off their contracts, Jasmine may be held accountable. Think organized crime/mafia. "Blood is Binding" means her family's word is gold. To breach that motto is to break the contract and suffer the repercussions. I, originally, thought of an Erinyes devil concept when developing this character. The devil's in the details

As a side note, Jasmine has no problem working within a structure but she is manipulative and seeks upward advancement using all the gifts Gozreh has blessed her with. She is fiercely loyal to her family but believes she should be the leader of the family - when the time comes.


Jasmine understands the old sea superstitions and she does not tempt fate. Although in her mind there are "other" more logical explanations such as, the arcane arts. However, other than keeping her hair short, she is not real modest in hiding her femininity. Nobody really messed with her since her family are slave merchants.

NPC's and Attitude's:



Mesdoram Found in Kitchen
short sword
lock, good

Rat fight in bilge
a suit of leather armor
three heavy maces (1 Mesdoram)
a buckler, (Holgur)
a masterwork handaxe, (Holgur)
a vial of holy water,
a tanglefoot bag (Mesdoram)
two tindertwigs (1 Jasmine)
Undivided Coin: 1 GP, 2 Silver

Ship borne Thieving
16 gp given to Hogur, four skulls, mes and Balthe (4 gp each)
flask of holy water (jasmine)
alchemist fire (Jasmine)

Reef Claws
potions, CLW (2) - jasmine has 1.
50 GP - split

First Ship Loot
475 Gold each
3 potions of Cure Moderate Wounds - jasmine (1)
1 potion of invisibility - Mes
amulet of natural armor +1
boarding Pike - Four Skulls
15 GP - 3 GP each Jasmine looted