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How long after August 1st will the 2nd Edition materials be available on Fantasy Grounds? It's the greatest VTT software on the market and makes playing Pathfinder even more enjoyable!

Ship my book already....

When will this order ship? Why does it take over a week to ship a product?

I remember playing RPGs with no maps at all... I guess that's why I appreciate quality maps. I only play in Fantasy Grounds too so I don't have to redraw anything. If I want to create extra maps for random encounters or such I make my own with Photoshop.

Bellona wrote:
Did Reign of Winter cause problems for Paizo? It certain had children in peril - albeit in a grimdark fairy tale way.

I'm including a lot more nipples in all my future games!

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Thanks for the quick replies. I always read over everything before the game but I end up forgetting while playing. I'll make up some note card like suggested. Making notes about the tactics is a good idea too.

I just found a site where you can print out "spell cards" to have on hand during play. I'm going to print them out for the players as well as the monsters to avoid cracking the book so much. Thanks again!!

I'm a Fantasy Grounds user myself, I consider it far superior to other VTTs available. I'm excited about this news... I love Pathfinder but running live games is a nightmare with everything spread across a million books. Good deal.

How do you prepare to GM a Pathfinder module?? I'm taking someone through Dragons Demand and as we have gotten further into the adventure the monsters all have numerous feats and abilities and spells.... What do you do to avoid having to look everything up in all the different books during combat? There is no way I can memorize all the information and looking it up on the spot slows things down so much it becomes a boring mess..

Any advice from Paizo??