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Full Name

Jakun Stormhoof


Minotaur - Wizard 7 (Red Robe) - HP 82/82(96/96) | AC= 16 | CMD = 17 | Init +4 |F - +9|R - +4|W - +8|Per + 7/+10 | Immune to detect thoughts, discern lies, and any attempt to magically discern his alignment.


Wizard 7 (Transmuter) | Shadow's Status |








Chaotic Neutral


The Gods of Magic


Common, Kothian, Ogre, Draconic, Goblin.

Strength 16
Dexterity 11
Constitution 20
Intelligence 17
Wisdom 12
Charisma 8

About Jakun Stormhoof

HP=82 (Max HP +1 HP Per Favored Class Level)

Initiative - +4
Speed 30’

AC= 16 (Natural Armor + Robe +2 Attunement +2 Deflection)

CMB +6
CMD 17

Base Attack +3

Melee Weapon –+8 - Quarterstaff (+2 Attunement) 1d6+4
+4 – Gore 1d6+4
Ranged Attack +4

Quarterstaff functions as: Lesser Arcane Staff:

1. X2 Magic Missile (4d4+4).

Fort +9
Ref +4
Will +8

[+2 Resistance
6th Level +2 Con]

Transmutation School (+2 to Con),
Opposition Schools - Conjuration, Necromancy

Feats - Heroic Surge (2x day), Combat Casting, Improved Initiative, Spellmastery (Shield, Bear's Endurance, Fly), Spell Penetration

Traits – Desparate Focus +2 Concentration checks [Source: Pathfinder Chronicles - Cheliax: Empire of Devils]
Focused Mind +2 Concentration checks [Source: Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Ultimate Campaign.]

Special Abilities:
Telekinetic Fist 6x day 1d4+3 (per 2 levels) Bludgeon,
Scribe Scroll

Concentration +18

Appraise - +6
Climb - +5
Intimidate - +9
Knowledge Arcana - +10
Knowledge Geography +7
Knowledge History - +8
Knowledge Local - +7
Knowledge Nature - +8
Knowledge Nobility - +7
Knowledge Planes - +7
Knowledge Religion - +7
Linguistics - +7
Perception - 7 (+3 when familiar nearby)
Profession – (Sailor) +2
Sense Motive -2 (0 when familiar nearby)
Spellcraft - +12
Stealth - +8 (Cloak)
Swim - +5

Gore: A minotaur may use his horns as natural weapons to make a gore attack, dealing 1d6 points of damage plus the minotaur’s Strength modifier. If the minotaur charges, his gore attack deals 2d6 points of damage, plus 1 ½ times his Strength modifier. A minotaur can attack with a weapon at his normal attack bonus and make a gore attack as a secondary attack (–5 penalty on the attack roll and half Strength bonus on the damage roll).

[Minotaurs may take the scent special quality as a feat. Not chosen yet].

Gear: Non-Magical - Backpack, Waterskins (2), Torches (8), Flint & Steel, Rope 50' (silk), Tent, Winter Blanket, Second and Third set of clothes.

Gear: Magical - Hat of Disguise. Rod - Metamagic Extend Lesser 3x Day. Ring of Feather Falling. Cloak of Elvenkind, Ring of Mind Shielding.

Scrolls- Bear's Endurance x1, Fly x1, Alarm x3, Detect Scrying.

Spell Book:

1st Level - Enlarge Person, Expeditious Retreat, Shield, Magic Missile, Color Spray, True Strike, Alarm

2nd Level - Bear's Endurance, Scorching Ray, Alter Self, Darkvision, Resist Energy

3rd Level - Displacement, Haste ,Fly, Lightning Bolt, Draconic Reservoir, Vampiric Touch (Requires 2 slots) (Fist), Arcane Staff - Lesser, Invisibility Sphere, Gaseous Form, (Dispel Magic).

4th Level - Stoneskin, Greater Invisibility, Scry, Mass Enlarge Person (T), Malfunction (Fist)

5th Level - Teleport(Requires 2 slots), Seeming

Draconic Reservoir:

School evocation [acid, cold, electricity, or fire]; Level alchemist 3, sorcerer/wizard 3

Casting Time 1 standard action

Components V, S, M (a scale from dragon that produces the energy you seek to absorb)

Range touch

Target creature touched

Duration 10 minutes/level or until discharged; see text

Saving Throw Fortitude negates (harmless); Spell Resistance yes (harmless)

Draconic reservoir functions as protection from energy, absorbing 6 points of one type of energy damage per caster level (acid, cold, electricity, or fire, maximum 60 points). Each round, as a swift action, the subject can release 1d6 points of the absorbed energy and apply it to any melee attack, as if using an acidic, flaming, frost, or shock weapon. The first creature the subject strikes with this attack takes the energy damage in addition to any other consequences of the attack. Releasing energy in this way does not "free up" space to absorb still more energy; the maximum amount of energy the spell can absorb remains fixed. The subject cannot release more energy than he currently has absorbed. Once the subject has absorbed all the energy allowed by the spell, he takes damage as normal from that energy type. Once the energy has been released, the spell is discharged.

Draconic reservoir does not stack with protection from energy. Draconic reservoir overlaps (and does not stack with) resist energy. If a character is warded by draconic reservoir and resist energy, draconic reservoir absorbs damage until it reaches its maximum limit.


Casting Time 1 standard action
Components V, S


Range close (25 ft. + 5 ft./2 levels)
Area one construct
Duration 1 round/level (D)
Saving Throw Fortitude negates; Spell Resistance yes


This functions as confusion, except it only affects constructs, and instead of babbling incoherently, the construct takes no actions on its turn (but may still make attacks of opportunity).

Spells Per Day:

0th - 4 – Detect Magic, Mage Hand, Message, Light

1st - 4+T - Expeditious Retreat, Magic Missile (4d4+4) x2, Shield - T - True Strike

2nd - 4+T - Darkvision, Resist Energy x2, Scorching Ray - T - Bear's Endurance

3rd - 3+T - Lightning Bolt, Fly, Gaseous Form - T - Haste

4th - 1+T - Stoneskin - T (Mass)Enlarge Person (cast)

Kossel (Raven speaks Kothian)
HP = 27 HP (5 HD)
AC = +3
Attack +2
Fort +2
Reflex +2
Will +5
Alertness, Improved Evasion, Share Spells, Empathic Link
Deliver Touch Spells, Speak with master
Intelligence 8

Jakun Stormhoof was the calf of a seafaring Minotaur named Karsh Stormhoof. His mother was a sickly sow who it was rumored was a Wizard in her younger years. A renegade she fought on the side of the Dragonarmies and lost. She returned to Kothas a broken figure never discussing what happened to her.

Despite her condition Jakun married her, he always coveted her, and soon gave her a calf Jakun. Karsh trained Jakun in the ways of the seamen but the young calf did not take well to the lessons. As he got older Jakun was known as a troublemaker. Not the largest or strongest of his kind his intelligence allowed him to outthink his opponents thiugh he received his share of barroom bruises.

Jakun disgusted with his son, left to his mother, a way to put him straight and learn honor and responsibility. She sought out a Minotaur wizard, to school Jakun.

Despite Jakun's protests he was forced to apprentice for the older steer. Young Jakun soon lerned of the power of magic and was hooked. Six years later he returned home to how his parents what he had learned. Now it was time for a new challenge. Jakun would journey to Ansalon and take and defeat the test of High Sorcery!

Jakun arrived in Flotsam ready to journey to Wayreth when he met a curious human child. The child followed him incessantly asking him questions, even when he stopped at am Inn for a drink!

The bartender handled the child roughly throwing him out, "We don't allow your kind in here". Jakun did not like the treatment the child received and proceeded to level the barkeep, though that started a riot that the Minotaur fled from. Once outside, he found out that the creature was not a child human but a Kender, a race Jakuj had heard of but thought was not real.

He was invited to a city full of Kender and interested, headed there to see more for himself...

That Night-Blue Book:

There's no rules anywhere for Fisty's spellbook, which is totally what this is. You know it; I know it; the kender has no idea. This is very much a first draft open for comment.

Design goals:

Emulate the ability to learn magic outside of the box your order puts you in, but with the consequences seen in the books.

Do so without making Order affiliation trivial.

Create a temptation toward the Dark Arts.

Do all the previous in a way that can involve the rest of the party as well.

Not break the game.

Right then, rules:

1) It is a spellbook. It's got spells in it, but no abjurations or divinations.

2) You can learn spells from it. The first one is free. Just add it to the automatic two you get every level-up. This can be from any school except the two prohibited above and additionally cannot be from a school prohibited to you by your own specialization choices.

3) You can learn another two, but these spells must be from enchantment or necromancy. You can learn, prepare, and cast them despite any prohibitions from class or prestige class. Learning is safe. Preparing is safe. Casting is not. When you cast these spells, you perform an act of worship to Nuitari and act in contravention both of your alignment and the magical forces with which you're otherwise most attuned. This is not something one's mind or body are really prepared for. As part of the act of casting, you make a Fort save, DC 10+2*spell level. (So 14 for a first level spell.)

If you fail, you lose the spell and take 1d6+spell level wisdom damage plus 1d4 constitution drain. The wis damage can be healed by any of the usual methods. Healing the Constitution drain requires an atonement spell cast by a priest of a good god followed by a break enchantment spell. (For purposes of break enchantment, this curse has a caster level of 20.) Alternatively, you can accept an alignment shift toward evil and become a member of the black robes if you've gone all the way. This avoids all damage and drain, as well as successfully casts the spell. That's not necessarily a make-a-new-PC consequence, but it would need to be RPed out.

This spellbook can supply spells of up to 4th level. Other spellbooks in the set may hold greater secrets and perils.

second book was an astrological treatise of some sort. It contained only a few spells, most of which looked beyond his present mastery.

Arcane Eye, Clairaudience/clairvoyance, Contact Other Plane, Scrying|

DM - "Those are good choices. I really like the Arcane Staff line of spells. I know they're from Towers of High Sorcery right now because I was just in the book, but I'm very likely to forget in the future. Do me a favor and put a note on it to that effect in your profile? Might save me confusion down the road".

Vampiric Touch (Necromancy I know an Opposition school but has the flavor for what Fist is trying to do to me!) and

Arcane Staff - Lesser:

Level: Sorcerer/wizard 3
Components: V, S, F
Casting Time: 10 minutes
Range: Touch
Target: Nonmagic quarterstaff touched
Duration: Permanent until discharged (D)
Saving Throw: Will negates (object)
Spell Resistance: Yes (object)
Spells you can normally cast may be placed into a prepared quarterstaff. You can store a number of spell levels equal to your caster level, but no spell can be higher than 2nd level.

0-level spells cannot be stored within an arcane staff. A spell stored within the quarterstaff can be cast just as any other spell. It does not count against your normal allotment of spells for a given day. You use up any applicable material components and expend any experience cost to cast the spell when you store it in the staff. You cannot have more than one prepared arcane staff at any given time.
Focus: The masterwork quarterstaff that stores the spells.

Mage Talks:
Jakun & Justarius:

Jakun Stormhoof wrote:

Why do you resist aiding us against the return of Dragons?

"It is not the way of our Order to act in haste on worldly matters. The White and Black Robes always move with haste to battle that ends in Wizards slain and learning forever lost. If the Red do not stand for deliberation and care, they will rush forth and destroy one another."
Jakun Stormhoof wrote:

Ladonna gave the Kender a gift, is it to follow him around the Tower or is the purpose more sinister? Is there an amulet I can receive to allow him to wear to resist any spells of divination she may cast?

"Ladonna's purposes are her own; I do not know the meaning of her gift. Such a thing would make a fine focus for a scrying, but Ladonna is also a woman of whims. It may have simply amused her to know that you would think she had plans she does not. In either case, the craft of such items as you seek is painstaking. It would be a fit task for a young Wizard to attempt. To that end, I give you this."

He supplies a scroll of detect scrying.
Jakun Stormhoof wrote:

Are there any arcane secrets that we as the Red share with initiates or is it simply whatever I find in the Tower on my own research?

"Ours is a path of seeming and transformation, which we all walk alone. In time, our goddess will present her secrets to you."
Jakun Stormhoof wrote:

During my test, s apirit named Fistandantilus called to me, was this part of the Test? Show him the spell book Does it have anything to do with this book I found in Xak Tsaroth while we defeated the Dragon?

Justarius' calm facade cracked for a moment, revealing astonishment.

"That was no part of your Testing. Fistandantilus is an ancient black robe, old long before the Cataclysm. He was a master of our Art as few before and none since, not even Par-Salian. If it often said that his necromancies conquered death, and many times he was reported dead and then returned. But Nuitari consumed him at last. He involved himself in the Dwarfgate Wars and died in an arcane conflagration that melted his fortress of Zhaman into the shape of a great skull. Nothing has been heard from him since. Your book may contain some faint impression of his past self, a memory, but he is surely dead in the main now."
Jakun Stormhoof wrote:

Out of curiosity, may I see the Staff of Magius? He is the man who inspired me to journey here and take the Test after all.

"I do not think that would do any harm, but I must advise you not to covet it. The love of magic is good, but lust for things of the craft has turned the color of more than one wizard's robes."

Jakun can have a look. He's even free to touch it, but under strict instructions not to try to call forth powers from it or work magic directed at the staff.
Jakun Stormhoof wrote:

Have you any further knowledge of the activities of the Dragons?

"We have none. Par-Salian will divine on the matter. Wizards have also been dispatched to see if they may find what you have and return with fresh tidings."

Jakun & Ladonna:

Jakun Stormhoof wrote:

Tell me, should I find a Renegade working for these dark forces, how should I deal with them?

"In other times, I would ask you to spare them and bring them to us. But if things have become so dire as you and your friends say, then the Order cannot afford to take that risk. You should slay any renegade you find at once, unless they surrender themselves to you freely and without delay. We do not wish to make you a murderer, but wild magic is a force that may rend the world in twain. We dare not treat it lightly."
Jakun Stormhoof wrote:

Know you of any reason why Justarius seems so neutral in these dealings? He must see that the fate of the world hangs in the balance if Dragons have returned, and they have.

"Justarius is a traditionalist. He believes that worldly concerns always distract from the cultivation of magic. We should all retire to our Tower and busy ourselves with spells, to his mind. There is much merit to his view, but he asks a detachment that he himself falls short of. His manor in Palanthas is charming, but hardly in keeping with the pure life of the mind that he claims as his own. Should he ever have you to guest, do not forget to sample his wine."

Jakun & Par-Salian:
Jakun Stormhoof wrote:

Master, can you offer me any advice on dealing with Dragons outside of what I have learned in my research these past few days?

"None now living has faced a dragon in the flesh," Par-Salian said. "I am sorry that I can do no more than to advise you to ward yourself properly and proceed with greatest caution. Look after your small friend, especially. It is always very sad when his folk in their innocence come to early ends."
Jakun Stormhoof wrote:

Is there any who I can seek to aid me in my travels?

"It is the way of such things that many perils will face you, but also many will come to your aid. Who will they be? My sight does not reach that far. In the stories, there are mysterious women, knights, and sometimes absent-minded wizards. I feel the weight of my years, but I do not think my wits have wandered so far yet. The best help to you may be the people you have already found. Keep them close, for however the winds of the world may buffet you, you have already seen much together."
Jakun Stormhoof wrote:

Know you of any allies in Qualinesti or are our relations with the elves as bad as I fear they are? There must be some white robed elven wizards no?

"The elves are friends to my order, but I fear your robes will make using my name a difficult prospect. The tales say every elf is a wizard, but few even among them have our calling. When you reach Qualinost, seek Arduin. He may be of some help if you need an audience with the Speaker of the Suns."
Jakun Stormhoof wrote:

Is there any aid that you can give to me? You must see that the return of the Gods of Light has some meaning more than mere coincidence, especially with the reappearance of the Dragons.

"I do see great powers at work. The best advice I can give in these troubled times is much the same as I would in better days: Passion may move you, but it is best tempered by reason and patience. Act always with compassion and mercy, and your kindnesses will be remembered and repaid. Be steadfast and persevere through the many disappointments of life and you will go far."

Moons & Magic:

The long and short of it is that Jakun is a red-robe wizard, whether he takes the PrC or not, and so enjoys the effects of the moons.

My interest here is in using the moons, because it's cool, flavorful, and largely balances itself out, without making a bookkeeping nightmare. In theory you can plan things to coincide with the best moons, but that would often not make RP sense and when it does I feel like smart play should be rewarded. I also have a chart that came with the adventures so I don't have to generate lunar positions on my own.

Effects mostly depend on the wizard's particular moon, so Lunitari for Jakun.

High Sanction: +1 caster level, +1 to save DCs
Low Sanction: -1 caster level, -1 save DCs
All other times you function as normal.

When two moons are in conjunction, the relevant wizards get an extra +1. This stacks with whatever you're getting at the time, so if your moon is high you get a +2. If it's low, it cancels the penalty out.

All three lining up means a +2 on top of whatever's already going on. So even if they're all on the bottom of the cycle, everyone would get a +1. If they're at the top, you get +3 all around. If they triple up at high sanction, everyone gets +1 spell per level.

It sounds a little complicated laid out like that, but it's really just bonus stacking and I'm looking it up on a chart. I can just throw the effects in at the top of a new day's post.

This is Day 13, so the present moons, with their conventional phases for flavor:
Solinari: Low Sanction, New Moon
Lunitari: Waning, Waning Crescent
Nuitari: no one knows

Since only black robes can see Nuitari unless it eclipses another moon, which would be a conjunction, I'm leaving it unspecified. If it and lunitari eclipses are both new when they come into conjunction, Jakun will be able to tell from feeling the magic. Once that happens, he can keep a count if he wants.