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My group has just reached the second day of negotiations at the Inn, and they have thrown me a dilemma. They have summoned two Stag Archons and asked them to stealthily patrol the premises. Here is the kicker, they have a constant detect evil. While the assassin is thoroughly disguised, (55 or something disguise roll) she retains her powerful evil aura, and she only noticed one of the archons. I am wondering just how I should play this, do you think that the Archons would notice the strangely powerful evil aura that the random gardener has, or would she run away and hide to bide her time to strike? Furthermore, the Ravens passed along the Queen of Delights warning to the Thrune negotiators, how would you people think that this would affect the assassination?

I just ran the first half of the Ruby Masquerade, they threw me ONE very large butterfly, they invited the Queen of Delights. The Queen's favorite spent most of the first half of the night trying and failing to find her, and it wasn't until after the Dance of the Damned that he managed to find her. My problem is how the hell would she react to the Massacre when it arrives?

Originally I had not planned to include any characters from that game, but as I thought about it I got the idea that it might be fun to include my previous mercenary character as one of the prisoners held in Kintargo keep. She was one greedy little bugger, so much that she got marked for sacrifice by the Runelord's servants in RotR, so if she got imprisoned by Barzillai because of her own greed it would serve as some good poetic justice.

I had the idea of making Guttrugger (Shensen's awakened dinosaur friend) a Kobold instead of a dinosaur and let an awakened version of my previous characters animal companion Felix take the spot of this adventure's intelligent animal. I am considering that either Barzillai gave Felix to Lucian Thrune in Menador Keep as a White Elephant gift or to Tiarise as a research subject.

Both characters would merely act as helpers along the way to victory in Kintargo, and give some clarity to how Barzilai got his hands on the cauldron. The old character and Felix would then swiftly depart the city and the country, having grown quite tired of both. (And to prevent them from overstaying their welcome.)

And for the record, thanks a lot for the having Tiarise have the cauldron idea, it is brilliant, the whole witch stirring the pot image is so fitting. I think I am going to turn the hall of records into a slightly large compound, with the bit shown in the book being only the top floor, with a series of archives on basement floors that Tiarise has turned into laboratories for researching and altering the cauldron.

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I am currently running my group through Hell's Rebels (they just left the Livery.) and so far things are going well. In our previous game (Rise of the Runelords) where I was a player and one of my players were Gm'ing, we reached the stone giant fortress of Jorgenfist and found the Runeslave Cauldron in there. I was playing a particularly mercenary kind of character so with no prospects for profit in sight for the group plotted with our sorcerer to sell the cauldron. We had previously established that my character had done mercenary work for generals in Cheliax, therefore the GM accepted that my character knew of several prospective clients within the hierarchy of Cheliax, all of whom who would pay a pretty penny for the artifact. The game disintegrated as we finished chapter 4 so we never decided what actually happened to my character or the cauldron.

That brings me to the point of this thread, I am thinking that either the Church of Asmodeus or Barzillai himself has gotten a hold of the cauldron. So what I am wondering is where I could place this artifact in the adventure? Currently, I am thinking that Barzillai is holding it in reserve and is using his arsenal of advisors, slaves, servants and hired help to modify the cauldron to work on other creatures than giants.

I would then add, as a clue for the players, a series of academics and experts in arcane magic being invited to the city. If the players were to investigate this influx of academics and wizards they would find that even they don't really know what they are supposed to work with, however, the price that Barzillai has offered them was enough to overcome any apprehension they might have.

Then as the adventure reaches the middle, i am thinking sometime during Turn of the Torrent, Runeslaved soldiers start turning up bolstering the ranks of the Dottari and the Chelix citizens group. This new development should get them to look deeper and would, in the end, lead to one of Barzillai's experts attempting to defect as the he finds using the Runeslave Cauldron on Chelix citizens to be sick and wrong.

This little storyline would then conclude with the players learning of the existence of a Chelix fort a few miles north of the city, where Barzillai is using captured dissidents, dead Dottari and loyalists and other undesirable elements to bolster his forces with an army of runeslaves.

Any comments on this little idea?