Elvish Fighter

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Full Name

Vaedán "Jaegyr" Ravengeist




2nd lvl Ranger / 5th lvl Druid / 7th lvl Mage




M (5' 10")



Special Abilities

Quick Hands, a Quick Witt, a Roguish Smile, and the Gift of the Gab!


Neutral (with Good Tendencies!)


Ehlonna / Ullr


the Beautiful Rolling Hills surrounding Garrison Molesworth


Common (English), Eastern Realm (Korean), Dwarven (Deutch)


Shadow-Walker / Information Broker / Diplomatic Liaison

Strength 17
Dexterity 19
Constitution 16
Intelligence 15
Wisdom 15
Charisma 16

About Jaegyr

Jaegyr appears as a quiet male humanoid, possibly a half-elf, always calmly and confidently aware of his surroundings. He is lean and muscular like a mountain lion, every move being measured and concise, with a fluid confidence. His golden-brown hair is cut short and cleanly, resembling a human legionnaire (reminiscent of his mercenary days). His penetrating steel-gray eyes appear to piece directly into a person’s soul.

He normally dresses in a very dark, almost black, green traveling poncho-cloak (hiding a dark viridian shirt over a suit of elven silk armour, a wand quiver complete with a single black rod-baton amongst several other wands on his left thigh, another single black rod-baton in a holster on his right thigh, a short scimitar-like kukri-sword over his left shoulder, and an empty worn leather quiver over his right shoulder), a pair of black & beryl breeches of soft cloth, and a pair of black-teal calf-high soft traveling boots. A set of black-runed silver bracers are around his wrists and a silvery glint of a chain might be seen around his throat as he moves. The pommel of a dagger strapped to his left calf can easily be seen, but no other obvious items or weapons can be seen upon his person. However, in the event of an emergency, he seems to produce a quarterstaff, longbow, exotic bastard sword/katana, or numerous small weapons out of nowhere.

When expected to make a public appearance at a special/formal function, Jaegyr usually appears dressed in garments of the deepest, darkest shades of blue, since he has been repeatedly assured by female friends and employers of just how good he looks in blue!