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I really like this. The writing is not stellar but it is passable and the main character is engaging. I might purchase this as my first pathfinder tales.
I dislike the fact that the main character draws his 4'feet longsword from his back. Unless he is 13 feet tall or have 9 feet long arms that is pretty much impossible, and too say the least the attempt itself would look ridiculous.

I agree with LordofMuck, I would gladly pay 25-30$ for a experienced master GM with all the facilities and merchandise available. But then again it is hard to find solid GM's in Denmark, as the hobby in itself is not widely popular. I mean the Pathfinder Society Denmark group on facebook has only 125 members, and not all of these are active players. San Antonio alone would have more i believe!

Looking so insanely forward to this miniature! Im gonna blend, layer, drybrush and highlight the s**t out of this baby!

Thanks for the tip bro', much appreciated

Ben Woottens work is always solid. I really like the postures of the dragons.

It's just a shame that the pathfinder dragons are not as cool as the old WotC ones. Paizo just took away the coolest characteristics of the old ones (the black dragons forward crooked horns, the silver dragons mohawk and the gold dragons awesome wings).

I already ordered two of these on Will there be boxes for the other bestiaries as well?