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I have a question.

The map has alot of white X's over a few doors, but I don't really see any reference to them in the scenario itself.

Am I blind? or...?

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Hilary Moon Murphy wrote:
Are you going to PaizoCon, Jacob? I'm looking for a witchwyrd and have other race boons.

I am not due to money and the lack of it.

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Madcutta wrote:
BigNorseWolf wrote:
wait, that holo set up looks familiar.. are we beating another computer virus with a metal stick?
Best way ta fix a komputa. Smash it!

Percussive Maintenance ftw!

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Crosspost from SFS Trading thread:

SFS Boons:
Kalo/Verthani (x2)
Relics of Lost Golarian
PFS Boons:
Aquatic Elf/Gillman with Merfolk boon
Freedom's Champion (Liberty's Edge)/Argent Knight(Silver Crusade)
Against the Grain
Share the Wealth
Seasoned Archivist (Dark Archive)/Taldan Courtier (Sov. Court)

Want: Offers, SFS Race Boons are preferred.

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Wolffauer wrote:


Manifold Host (I GM'd at Origins, but got a race boon...)
Draelik/Witchwyrd Heritage
Haan/Sarcesian Heritage

Xenowarden Affliation
Free Captains Affiliation
Legacy Heritage

PM Sent

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Ladies and Gentlemen,

We had a successful test run at a potential new game store for us.

I'd like to post an open invitation for people to join us April 10th at 3D games inside Deerbrook Mall.


Summary of my After-Action report

Kelly and I brought the Adventure Card Game to 3d Games inside Deerbrook Mall, and had an absolute blast getting our name out there a bit.

Alot of people seemed to appreciate the fact that we're doing this as a weekday thing as opposed to a weekend thing, some even said they'll stop by next time we play, so that's pretty cool.

So, that being said... I got our next play day on our warhorn:

Hope to see some of yall there for some Goblin-y shenanigans.

(If I recall correctly, Kelly mentioned he had some decks he can let people use/learn with if they don't have their own)

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Just added the second half of Skull and Shackles ACG 0-1 for 3d Games.
So we got all of it on the warhorn.

First Half (March 13th):

Second Half (March 27th):

Please come out and show your support for a new locale for the Houston Pathfinder Society.

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Pathfinder RPG, Pathfinder Society, character levels 5-7
Written by Chris Pramas

An ancient shrine of the serpentfolk, this temple has now fallen into the hands of a heretical serpentfolk cultist who has reconsecrated it to a terrible demon lord.


We need 2-4 more players for this in order to make, and we have a convention coming up very soon... any and all players appreciated.