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Mairkurion, OLD NATHAN is a novel by David Drake that was inspired by, and dedicated to his friend Manly Wade Wellman.

It was published by Baen, though I think it's out of print now. It's easy to find cheap in used bookstores though.

Oh, and thanks very much everyone for the response to my question. Guess I just have to wait...

Does anyone have this book yet? I preordered mine through Amazon months ago. The book is supposed to be out and at least Mairkurion's is en route to him. I've yet to receive mine.

Is the book actually out yet? Has there been another delay?

Mr. Sleazoid wrote:
Hi. (Happy 2010 - sorry for the holdup). The publisher of the last collection (vs. the distributor) was Nightshade Books. It was part of the Selected Stories of Manley Wade Wellman series. I forget which volume - since I last checked, the title's apparently become unavaliable on Amazon! (Creeping Paranoi!) There's several volumes of his other Southern supernatural tales still avaliable from that publisher. However, yours looks awesome, with kind of cover you break out on the subway to impress people. ( Incidentally,more wierdness - how come there's four reviews of this book on Amazon, dating back to 1998?)

The reviews on Amazon refer to previous editions of the book. In the 1960's there was a collection of some of Wellman's Silver John stories also titled WHO FEARS THE DEVIL? Then in 1988 Baen published the collection JOHN THE BALLADEER which contained all the stories of the previous collection, plus all the uncollected Silver John stories as well. The Night Shade edition OWLS HOOT IN THE DAYTIME was basically a reprint of the Baen paperback, albeit leather bound and very special.

Now the Paizo edition is due out soon, and it looks to be not only the first popular edition since Baen's but possibly the best yet. I already own the Baen and Night Shade editions, but I'll definitely be snapping this one up.

Love, love, LOVE the new cover by the way. Like your reprints of Brackett's Eric John Stark stories, this cover offers one of the best renditions of Wellman's hero I've seen.

I'd love to see Paizo reprint all five of Manly Wade Wellman's Silver John novels. Any chance in that happening? Please?