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Full Name

Jack Forrester


Mechanic - Grease Monkey Hit Points: 20/20; Dodge: 55/27/11; Listen: 20/10/4; Spot Hidden:25/12/5; Luck: 85/85; Sanity: 80/80; Default Reaction: Dodge.

About Jack Forrester

Character Name: Jack Forrester
Photograph of Jack
Player: PJP
Occupation: Mechanic
Age: 61
Sex: Male
Archetype: Grease Monkey

Grease monkey:
Core Characteristic:INT.
Suggested traits:practical, hands-on, hard working, oilstained, capable.

Strength: 50/25/10
Dexterity: 70/35/14
Intelligence: 90/45/18
Constitution: 60/30/12
Appearance: 50/25/10
Power: 80/40/16
Size: 40/20/8
Education: 60/30/12
Movement Rate: 9

Hit Points: 20/20
Sanity: 80/80
Magic: 16/16
Luck: 85

Weird Science: may build and repair weird science devices (see Weird Science, page 86).
Handy: reduces difficulty by one level or gains bonus die (at the Keeper’s discretion) when making
Electrical Repair, Mechanical Repair, and Operate Heavy Machinery rolls.

Damage Bonus: None
Build: -
Dodge: 55/27/11

Toolbox with tools (screwdrivers, wrenches, etc)

$80 cash
$2,000 Assets (His garage, sleeps in the loft)
Spending level - $10

Pistol: Regular:??? Hard:??? Extreme:??? Damage:???
………………… Range:??? Attacks:??? Ammo:??? Malfunction:???
Wrench: Regular:??? Hard:??? Extreme:??? Damage:???
………………… Range:??? Attacks:??? Ammo:??? Malfunction:???

[ ]Accounting (05%):
[ ]Appraise (05%):
[ ]Archaeology (01%):
[ ]Art/Craft (05%): (Welding) 90/45/18 (30)
[ ]Charm (15%): 35/17/7
[ ]Climb (20%): 50/25/10
[ ]Computer Use (00%):
[na]Credit Rating (00%): 40
[na]Cthulhu Mythos (00%):
[ ]Demolitions (01%): 50/25/10
[ ]Disguise (05%):
[ ]Diving (01%):
[ ]Dodge (Half Dex:35): 55/27/11
[ ]Drive Auto (20%): 70/35/14
[ ]Elec. Repair (10%): 70/35/14
[ ]Fast Talk (05%):
[ ]Fighting (Brawl) (25%): 50/25/10 (25)
[ ]Firearms (Handguns) (20%): 40/20/8
[ ]Firearms (Rifle/Shotgun) (25%):
[ ]Firearms (Submachine Gun) (15%):
[ ]Firearms (Other) (00%):
[ ]First Aid (30%):
[ ]History (05%):
[ ]Intimidate (15%):
[ ]Jump (20%):
[ ]Language (???) (01%):
[ ]Language (???) (01%):
[ ]Language (Own) (95%): 95/47/19
[ ]Law (05%):
[ ]Library Use (20%):
[ ]Listen (20%):
[ ]Locksmith (01%): 60/30/12
[ ]Mech. Repair (10%): 90/45/18 (10)
[ ]Medicine (01%):
[ ]Natural World (10%):
[ ]Navigate (10%):
[ ]Occult (05%):
[ ]Operate Heavy Machinery (01%): 50/25/10
[ ]Persuade (10%):
[ ]Pilot (01%):
[ ]Psychoanalysis (01%):
[ ]Psychology (10%):
[ ]Read Lips (01%):
[ ]Ride (05%):
[ ]Science (Chemistry) (01%): 21/10/5
[ ]Science (???) (01%):
[ ]Science (???) (01%):
[ ]Sleight of Hand (10%):
[ ]Spot Hidden (25%):
[ ]Stealth (20%):
[ ]Survival (10%): 30/15/6
[ ]Swim (20%):
[ ]Throw (20%): 55/27/11 (35)
[ ]Track (10%):

Jack Forrester was born and raised on a farm in northern Illinois, the 6th son of a large family. As a young boy, he found he had a great interest in how things work. He often got into trouble dismantling what little technology they had, but on the plus side, he would often find a way to make the other’s work easier by devising tools and devices made out of whatever was on hand.

Being far down the line of inheriting the family farm, Jack got a job with the town mechanic, working on automobiles that were becoming popular at the time. He even got involved in the local racing circuit, both as a driver and a mechanic. He made many friends, but no close ties, and moved around a lot depending on where the racing was best.

Even though he was a little older when the Great War started, he felt a call of duty to sign up. It was certainly reinforced when he heard recruiters were looking for pilots and airplane mechanics, especially to send over at the request of the French. He was sent not too far from home to an airbase at Rantoul, Illinois for flight training, and some engineering courses at the nearby University of Illinois. He excelled at both mechanical and electrical courses, and even developed a curiosity in chemistry.

Upon finishing his training, while he desired to be a pilot, his commander (and friend) James Cammerson, could see what an asset Jack would be in the mechanics pool, and assigned him there. Soon after, he was running the motor pool on an airfield base outside of London. Early in the war, Jack was also sent to other bases in Europe to train the younger mechanics on airplane mechanics. On one trip to Paris, he met Marie, a young nurse who was also in Paris at the time for training on new emergency techniques. She was fascinated with his fascination of mechanics. She too was interested Iin coming up with new devices for medical purposes, and the two would talk at length about each of their ideas. After he returned to London, they kept in touch by writing letters until the village she was working in was overrun and captured by the enemy.

Using the pilots on missions over the area, Jack continued to send notes and some light supplies in hopes that his Marie was still alive and somehow might receive them. The war lasted for years, but Jack never lost hope. Eventually, Marie was able to get a message out to him confirming she was alive, and had even been given a few of the messages he had dropped. After the war, they were able to reconnect in Paris, and were married.

Both having decided that Europe held too many reminders of the war, they moved back to the United States, finding a small airfield in a nice town in California. They were happy for years, until a strange sickness stuck Marie. She didn’t last long, and Jack was heartbroken when she passed away, only 2 months later.

Since then, Jack has kept largely to himself, continuing to tinker with planes, radios, even tried helping a young hotshot pilot to build a small rocket ship. It never actually got very far, but Jack started to open up to another person during that period. Robbie Putnam, the young man, recently has disappeared, however. But there is no other evidence or clues to suspect foul play.

Personal Description:
Jack Forrester is a small, elderly gent (5’6”, 130 lbs) who dresses most often in denim overalls covered in grease. His greying hair is kept short, probably so he doesn’t need to spend any time combing it. While not a slob, he tends to worry less about being clean and tidy because his focus is usually on the task at hand.

Jack saw a lot of the world during WW1 as a soldier, and now prefers a very quiet life tinkering with anything mechanical. Before the war, Jack was a devout Catholic, but since he has lost his faith.

Significant People:
Marie Gareau Forrester - wife, deceased
James Cammerson - war buddy, commander
Robbie Putnam - young hot shot pilot, friend, recently disappeared

Meaningful Locations:
Paris, France was where he met his wife, during leave.
Chicago, Illinois - Birthplace and most of his life.
Rantoul Airbase - War training as a pilot and mechanic.

Treasured Possessions: (Optional)

Hard-working, hands-on

Injuries & Scars: (Leave Blank)

Phobias and Manias: (Leave Blank)

Arcane Tomes, Spells & Artifacts: (Leave Blank)

Encounters With Strange Entities: (Leave Blank)

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