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Full Name

Izorshi Sorph


Dhampir (Dayborn)


Cleric 2












Common, Abyssal, Celestial

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Strength 7
Dexterity 12
Constitution 10
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 16
Charisma 14

About Izorshi

The birth of Izorshi Sorph was an unsettling incident. Her mother Kamshi was a human priestess of Pharasma, who spent much of her life in a temple in Korvosa. Over time, Kamshi was seduced by (and fell in love with) a mysterious stranger. Whether he truly cared for Kamshi, or whether he was merely using her for his own ends is unknown. Only when her child was born did it become clear to Kamshi that her lover was a vampire. At that point, he attacked. With great difficulty, Kamshi managed to drive him away, keeping Izorshi safe. Even so, Kamshi did not want to risk her church finding out what had happened. She decided to flee Korvosa, taking Izorshi with her, and headed to Ustalav.

It was in Ustalav that Izorshi made the acquaintance of the late Professor Lorrimor. Izoarshi was walking about one night when she saw the professor being attacked by a skeleton. Without understanding what was happening, she allowed positive energy to surge out of her body, causing the skeleton to flee and saving the professor.
Nevertheless, Izorshi decided that Ustalav was far too dangerous of a place to live, and journeyed to Absalom. There, she attempted to settle into a normal life.
Until one night, everything changed. When Izorshi neared adulthood, she was visited in a dream by Pharasma. The goddess spoke to Izorshi, encouraging her:
"Be strong, for your fate yet lies in the land of the living. Overcome yourself. Go forth to Ustalav and seek your fate."
When she awoke, she found a letter informing her of the death of Lorrimor. Thus, she prepared to set out to return to Ustalav, no longer shameful.

A cautious person, Izorshi is hesitant to reveal anything about herself even to her closest allies. Yet Izorshi remains very loyal to the few friends she does make, knowing how hard they were to earn. She seeks to avoid the spotlight in most situations.