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First, the best thing I have ever done was moving to Pathfinder 2e, second you guys do not disappoint and third:

Bestiary 3 wish list

Flail Snail
Xenopterid (with a 2-action Rip Head off where if the creature reduces you to 0 hp with this attack you're quite dead)

I NEED this book now!

Also, let me see if I got this right: the sash-ringing, the trash-singing, mash-flinging, the flash-springing, ringing, the crash-dinging Witch?

So I finally finished watching the lastest Band of Bravos session and it seems (let's wait for confirmation on friday) that Cave Fisher is also a possibility in this new bestiary.

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YAY it's May! Bring the table of con... I mean, the previews on!

UnArcaneElection wrote:

Although the situation probably doesn't come up very often, it seems that both by temperament and by way of life, Ailurans should be pesky foils to Devils as well.

This would make a nice "comedic" encounter: the party is going through a forest and hear an altercation, high pitched skeaky common versus gutural-ish common, investigating the PCs see a Barbazu surrounded by Alurians who demand a nice sum of silver from the devil. The devil was tasked with a stealth investigation of a nearby location and killing all the alurians would denounce its presence.

What do you mean? Page 5 of the Bestiary has the official template for how monster stats should be formatted, I don't think you can get any more official than that.

Holy sweet beejesus! This book is amazing, I didn't care for 1e so most of the things mentioned in this article (updated stuff from past edition) are new for me. Bladed scarf? FighTING FAN? CUP OF DUST?

These are SOOO COOL! Can't wait to show them to my players!

And here I go to postpone the start of the new campaign to March :/

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Oh my god, this is an early Christmas for us DMs. Thanks a bunch <3

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They just want to put a lot of options that were avaiable befroe so DMs and players have a lot of options within a short amout of time, without having to wait 5 years to get what they had in 1e. They said they want to start doing new stuff, so I'm guessing they just want to get the "old" things out of the way first.

I'm fine with their schedule.

The ones I can think about right now are:

Xenoreptid, Vegepygmy, Agash (Div), Couatl

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HOLY SWEET SARENRAE! I'm not even halfway into the Core and Paizo already announed APG and a Bestiary 2!!! WOW I don't know how to feel about that - except extreme joy.

I have to wait two and half hours more - 12:00 pm is the time set for the brazilian release.

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Dawn of the Final Day ~ 24 hours remain ~

Not actually dawn but you get you I'm saying!

Blaydsong wrote:
I also had this issue, but when it finally allowed me to download, it shows that the file is only 147 bytes in size.

Yep, for me too.

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Just five more days, hang in there, people!

Voss wrote:

I'm assuming (hoping) that 'online RPG-E' is different from eRPG? (the e here is for erotic)

No clue what it is, though.
Boo to jargon.

I believe it stands for Role Playing Game as Entertainment, but I could be wrong (by a long shot).

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Yay, Liane is gonna be back! I just hope, this time, we get something not as weird, gross or bone chilling as last time (though I loved it!).

About the Bestiary, are there:

1) Hags (types)?
2) Nagas (types)?
3) Rakshasa?
4) Flumph?
5) Wolf-in-sheep's-clothing?

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BlackZack wrote:
I don't like "antipaladin" either. I like the ideas of Reziburno25: Tyrant for LE and Corruptor for NE. For CE, I would propose Destroyer, for example.

Me likes it! Feels in theme with what they're doing with the good aligned Champions.

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Now THIS is the main reason I'm coming to PF2e after years of dismissing 1e and playing mostly D&D: the monsters! While many people have come - primarily - for the tools that this new edition has for players I fell in love with the way creatures are presented, by only reading a creture's stat blocks you already know its history and place in the world (and also how cool they are to throw at your players). Of course I'm excited to let my players customize, with an obscene amount of possibilities, their characters to their heart's content and the 3 action system is AMAZING, but "monsters" and magic items are what gets me going while being a DM.

Can't wait to get the books next week!

Why is this month taking so long to end!? God, I hate my anxiety! :'(

captain yesterday wrote:

Demons that made the cut: quasit, succubus, vrock, glabrezu, shemhazian, marilith, and balor.

Daemons: cacodaemon, ceustodaemon, leukodaemon, and astradaemon.

Devils: lemure, imp, barbazu, erinys, contract devils, ice devils, and pit fiends.

Yay for contract Devils!

I probably know the answer but there's still hope: is Xenopterid in the Bestiary?

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Wow, that was...just...uh.... *shudders*

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David knott 242 wrote:

Rather than add to the endless questions about whether monster X is in the Bestiary: Can you name one thing that is in the Bestiary that is so unexpected that none of us would think to ask about it?

For the Core Rulebook: How much information does it give about regions outside of the Inner Sea area?

OR, that person could be so generous as troubling themselves to type all the creatures avaiable (since, I believe, a pic of ToC from the Bestiary is a no no) but that is just my anxiety and wishfull thinking!

I'm really anxious for more leaks on the DM's side of things.

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At this point, after seeing the Table of Contents for the CR, my DM heart would be preeeety happy if Paizo liberated the ToC for the Bestiary. Pretty please Paizo, don't be mean! :3

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Oh my Sarenrae, I'm gonna cry! This is the kind of stuff I've been praying for! Thank you guy so much!

Also, a warm welcome to you Payton!

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ChibiNyan wrote:

Here's a SHAMELESS PLUG for my youtube channel: Venture Captains

The history of Golarion and other lore in video format!

I'm binge watching this, don't try to stop me! Thanks!

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sadie wrote:
Sebastian Hirsch wrote:
Franz Lunzer wrote:

Erik Mona already confirmed a printer-friendly character sheet.

[edit] Link added

Thank you, particularly for taking the time to include a link ^^

Part of me hopes that we get it early enough for some of the really talented folks in our community to create their own sheets, and give players options.

I'm working on it :)

W O W, I have no words to describe how amazing these sheets look! So clean and artsy!

Lanathar wrote:
Lord Fyre wrote:
swoosh wrote:
I'm surprised with how close we are to release how little we actually know about the game through official channels.
That is a concern. :(
Out of interest why would that be a concern? Is this a fear that they are hiding things they expect backlash on ? I can’t immediately think of anything rumoured that is controversial enough

I think it's more the fact that aside from us here in the forums, "outside" people have no idea how the game is going to work. Paizo needs to start working better on spreading the new edition and its selling points to "all the internet" quickly!

Pathfinder has a really small reach regarding online material, it's hard to find actual PF sessions on YT, when you search for it the Kingmaker game pops up more frequently than RPG sessions. What PF team needs to learn is the power of internet, they already got the equivalent of "Acq. Inc" with the Glass Cannon Podcast, now the next step should be an equivalent to Critical Role (but less boring and long). YT and Twitch are the things Paizo should focus more from now on, cause I sure wanna see these guys getting the recognition they deserve for years of hard work!