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Iso Soturi


Barbarian-6; DR 3/-;AC 17; Fort +10(+12); Ref+5; Will +6; Perc +9; Init +2; resist cold/1


HP 42+12/84; Rage available 14/21; Reroll at +4 0/1; Infernal healing 49/50













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Strength 21
Dexterity 14
Constitution 18
Intelligence 9
Wisdom 10
Charisma 7

About Iso Soturi

[SIZE=+1]Iso Soturi[/SIZE]
Male CG Human (Kellid) Barbarian (invulnerable rager), Level 6, Init +2, HP 84/84, DR 3/-, Speed 45'
AC 16, Touch 12, Flat-footed 14, CMD 23, Fort 10, Ref 5, Will 6, CMB +11/+6, Base Attack Bonus 6/1
magic +1, cold iron Great Axe +12/+7 (d12+8, 20/x3)
magic, +1 cold iron Power Attack Axe +10/+5 (D12+8+6, 20/x2)
MW, Alchemical silver Heavy Flail +12/+7 (d10+7, 19-20/x2)
enhancement +1 chain shirt (+4 Armor, +2 Dex)
Abilities Str 21, Dex 14, Con 18, Int 9, Wis 10, Cha 7
Condition Max HP increased by one from retraining.

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Power attack by default (drops it if he misses too much)
If injured or companions are injured then rages with PA
Greataxe (PA) +10/+5 d12+14 20/x3
Greataxe +12/+7 d12+8 20/x3
Raging PA +12/+7 d12+17 20/x3


#1: You be goblin +2 vs goblins for bluff, diplomacy, intimidate and sense motive.
#4: Confirmed Field Agent Cheap wayfinder
#4: Explore, Report, Cooperate: consider whether an action will harm the mission
#4: Friend of Janira: +1 to knowledge checks in Absalom
#5: Kelishite Patron Business vanities are 1PP cheaper
#8: Many tasks of Torch: You owe Torch a favor
#10: Borderland keep: Dayjob recovers 1pp
#11 Ragdya's blessing: gain climb speed of 20' for 1d4 rounds, if you fall it is a feather fall
#17: Elemental Saturation: Become an Ored if you want, permanent change
#17: Expert negotiator: +4 bonus on bluff, diplomacy or intimidate check (may roll twice if against a genie)
#18: Local connection: 10% reduction in cost to items worth 100gp or less in Swangi and some other hot areas that Iso doesn't like.
#18: Reading the Threads: guide to crash sites near staff in numeria. bonus to accuracy checks.