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Swordmage/Wandering Swordmage 11



Special Abilities

Aegis of Sheilding, Swordmage Warding, Swordbond, Aegis Insight, Teleporting Action






Common, Elven


Wanderer, Occasional Mercenary

Strength 13
Dexterity 12
Constitution 16
Intelligence 22
Wisdom 16
Charisma 9

About Isari of the Frost

HP: 91(Bloodied at 45)
Healing Surges: 11(4), 22hp
AC: 29
Fort: 21
Reflex: 25
Will: 23
Speed: 7(Including Boots)

Skills: Arcana +15
Athletics +11
History +18
Insight +12
Nature +12
Religion +15
Background: Arcane Tracker(Nature as a class skill)

Feats: Retributive Shield (+2 to attack after enemy triggers Aegis, against that enemy)
Weapon Proficiency(Bastard Sword)
Intelligent Blademaster
Versatile Expertise(Heavy Blade)
Learned Spellcaster
Action Surge
White Lotus Riposte(Enemy I hit with at-will that attacks me until my next turn takes 5 damage of the at-will's type.)
Double Aegis(Mark two enemies with Aegis per use)

Aegis of Sheilding:

Burst 5, Swift Action, Mark 1 target in area, if mark attacks ally within 10 squares, Immidiate Interrupt reduce damage by 13

Teleporting Action
When spending an AP, teleport 5 squares before taking extra action

At Will: Booming Blade

+18 vs AC, 1d10+9 Thunder, if target adjacent at start of its turn then moves away, 1d6+3 Thunder

Lightning Lure
+15 vs Fort, Range 3, 1d6+9 Lightning, pulled to nearest unoccupied space

Frigid Blow(Dragon #367)
+18 vs AC, 1d10+10 Cold, if it starts next turn next to me, -2 to speed

Encounter: Chilling Blow

+18 vs AC, 1d10+10 Cold, takes 2 Cold damage each time it attacks before start of my next turn

Mythal Recovery
Minor Action, make a saving throw

Transposing Lunge
+18 vs AC, 2d10+9 and teleport target adjacent to me. When using Aegic of Shielding, can use this as part of immediate interrupt.

Armathor's Step
Minor action, teleport 5 squares, if I end next to an enemy get +2 to next attack against it.

Sleet Strike
+18 vs AC, 2d10+10 Cold and the target and each enemy next to it fall prone after shifting until the end of my next turn.

Four Corners Attack
+18, 1d20+12 damage and make a secondary attack against one NAD: +18 vs Fort, 1d10 and knocked prone, vs Will, 1d10 and dazed until EOMNT, vs Reflex. 1d10 and slowed until EOMNT

Daily: Frost Backslash

Immediate Interrupt, +18 vs Reflex, 3d10+10 Cold, Miss: Half damage

Enervating Slash
+18 vs Fort, 2d10+9, Effect: Target deals half damage to my allies(save ends)

Be Gone
+18 vs AC, 2d10+9, teleport target 5 squares.

Impenetrable Warding
Minor action, stance, warding applies to all defenses(+3 to all NADs)

Rituals: Find The Path
Create Campsite
Purify Water
Endure Elements
Eye of Alarm
Traveler's Feast

10: +3 Runic Bastard Sword (3 Temp HP when I hit with an arcane attack power)
9: +2 Cloak of Survival (+2 to Endurance, Resist 5 Fire and Cold)
8: +2 Delver's Leather Armor(Daily, free action, add +2 to saving throw you have just rolled)
Siberys Shard of Merciless Cold, -520gp
Find The Path, -360gp
Create Campsite, -50gp
Endure Elements, -100gp
Eye of Alarm, -100gp
Traveler's Feast, -175gp
Standard Adventurer's Gear, -15gp(8 days of rations left)
Ritual Book, -50gp
Everburning Torch, -50gp
Journeybread(10 days), -50gp
2000gp Rare Herbs(Nature)
700gp Arcane Reagents(Arcana)
+3 Drowmesh Armor of Aegis Expansion



Have you ever heard the Tale of Armathor? He was an Eladrin Swordmage. Some say he was the one who developed the style in the first place. In any case, he was one of the best. His swordwork could bring a tear to your eye, and his magic was awe-inspiring. His adventures are the stuff of legend. Then, one day, he simply disappeared. Of course, that was centuries ago, but their are still rumors if you listen close enough. Some say he ventured out into the depths of the Elemental Chaos, never to return. Others say he simply retired as an inn keeper in some far away land. However, most agree that he secreted himself away in some far-off niche of the multiverse with his belongings to live the rest of his days in seclusion. While most simply write this off as a tall tale, there are still some who attempt to find this lost cache of treasure. Isari is one of them.

Isari was born in the far north and eventually started training under a swordmage who set up an academy in the frozen north. Later on, Isari heard his teacher talk about the supposed end of Armathor. Isari had a great fascination with the story, and decided to leave the academy to search for it. Of course, it wouldn't of taken much to kindle Isari's wanderlust in the first place, but with this he had a goal, one that would lead him across this plane, and most likely others, and he shall most likely never find it. He wouldn't have it any other way.

12: +3 Leather Armor of Aegis Expansion