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Or cheating like some people.

Matt Thomason wrote:
Sean K Reynolds wrote:
Considering how Irori teaches that there are many paths to enlightenment and what is the true path for one person may not be the true path for another person, I doubt his faith would ever endorse an "official" paladin code as "this is the true paladin code of the Master of Masters."
I think we need Irori to make some posts on the forums about the right way to play Pathfinder ;)

Eh, whatever works for whoever.

masters quantum entanglement weaving while doing a handstand on a skateboard ramping off a ramp on a ramp

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To become a master, one must first master oneself.


Pay no mind to my holy symbol.

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pennywit wrote:

Razmir will have you know that you should not pursue earthly pleasures. Dedicate yourself instead to service to Razmir.

Seems legit.

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Sean K Reynolds wrote:

I think it's more than that. Erastil knows that not only is Desna "ancient before mankind learned to farm," she's... weird.

As in... well, I don't want to spoil it, but she's an ancient pre-human goddess of stars and dreams. Remind you of anything?

Set wrote:
The black raven wrote:
Smacks of Lovecraftian to me.

Generic Villain wrote:

It's worth noting that Desna also resides on the Material Plane, though I don't think she's a native like Nyarlathotep or Cthulhu.

Set wrote:
It's only (relatively) recently (as strange aeons go) that Desna has been a *human* goddess, with a humanoid appearance. Whatever shuddersome sky-crawling insectile thing, night black and slick with liquid starlight, singing mad songs and dreaming mad dreams beyond the range of human comprehension in the dark places between the stars, she used to be, has been wrapped up in a friendly butterfly-lady persona, over the recent millenia...

Far-Traveller from beyond the stars, mad-Dreamer of forbidden Dreams, we call upon you, Desna, Ia, Ia.

Kevin Andrew Murphy wrote:

Ah, yes. I'd been thinking too much on her current persona and the relative age thereof, rather than what really lies behind the butterfly-winged mask.

The flumphs probably float down from the stars and say things like "Desna is ancient, unknowable, strange...."

And when the flumphs say that?




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Anburaid wrote:
Hudax wrote:
cfalcon wrote:
Monks punch things in the ding-ding.
Is this optimal?
Not if you are on the receiving end :P

Enjoy your broken hand.

I approve of this module.

Wolf Munroe wrote:
Oh my gods! You has Starstone!? Hacckz!


lern2apotheosis nub

But Aroden, Norgorber, Cayden, and Iomedae are still hax-using n00bz.

Masta of Mastaz, out!

baron arem heshvaun wrote:
I can't belive I got ninja'd for the monk preview, of all previews ! Damn you RCN !!

To acknowledge one's defeats is the first step towards victory.