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Anyone here at Fort Campbell? I am looking to GM or play either 1E or 2E play test.

And now we open.

The wind blows down from the north across the Ironseat Ridge blowing into Ivyheart thicket. The season is turning into Fall across the land, three mighty untested heroes arrive at the tavern known as the Bloody Heart which located in the town Kymal. The tavern is ran by strange partnership of a halfing and dark elf. Ib Brewleaf is known for his spicy tavern potatoes and strong drink known as “Brewleaf”. Ziago the Cursed as he is known is for helping others find jobs. Some jobs are on the legal side but most of the others are not. The tale of the dark elf is tale to be told and normally draws a crowd on some nights at the Bloody Heart. The Tavern is also part Inn with an upstairs that have 10 rooms above. As the heroes arrive from the road, each of them enter the tavern and order something. The room is usual layout the entrance way is in the front, the sitting room as plenty of tables and chairs (roughly 15). The bar and entrance to the kitchen are in the back and the stair case leading up is on the right. As each you take a seat a beautiful halfing with deep earthy voice comes over to take order. [b] What may I get you dearie?[b]
The tavern is full of usual crowd tonight.
Take this time to introduce yourself and give a little history of youself

Checking the interest level for simple one shot for now set in Talodori the home Critical Role. Looking for interest for now. Level range will start level 3. The adventure will feature parts of your backstory.

Looking to run Portal Under The Stars and then various adventures. You can roll up preens at Purplesorcer.com Let me know if your interested!

Looking for 4-6 Brave Souls to do this AL Adventure. Must have legal PCs. See AL guide for current story guide lines. I am looking at keeping the same group together as we play the season 5 story line.

What you can expect from me..
A fun time...
I post every 24 to 48 hours. I understand RL stuff.
Weekends and Holidays you may not get a post nor do I expect one.

What I expect..
Show up with a legal PC
Post at the same rate I do..
Weekends See above

As soon I get 4-6 qualified players we will roll.

Each of receive this message at wherever you where at.
I will cut straight to the point. The owner of the Green Market, Zeeva Foxglove, needs our help. I’d normally require a more substantial explanation than what she’s given us, but Zeeva is a friend, and she knows a thing or two about prophecies. If she says disaster is about to strike Korvosa, I believe her. Time is of the essence. When you receive this message, head to Korvosa at once. Travel to Eodred’s Square and inform the local guards that you are looking for Zeeva, and she will come out to meet you. I’ve enclosed a letter of credit that should be sufficient to secure you passage to Korvosa. Best of luck to you, Pathfinders. I look forward to reports of your success.
Venture-Captain Sheila Heidmarch
After Reading and traveling
Take this time here to introduce your PCs and what you look like. Maybe tell where you where at when you got the message.
After Intros and story
// Part 1
An ill wind stirs whitecaps on the dark Jeggare River, carrying with it the faint odor of spoiled meat. Travelers crossing High Bridge into Korvosa grumble and pull their collars up against the cold. Past the somber city gates is a sprawling square plaza. Throughout the area, small clusters of people gather close together, stuffing their hands in their pockets as they engage in quiet conversation. Several guards hover around the edges of the plaza. A gray tabby cat rests nearby, its bright yellow eyes seeming to watch over the crowd.
what would you like to do ?

Here we go folks !

Has anyone done an Adventure League PbP here? Is there any interest in doing so here on the Board?

New GM here will be attempting to run this fine PFS Scenario. Looking for four to six brave Pathfinders. This is not apart of the Game Day event here on the Boards. This will be a slower game meaning I will post 4 to 5 days a week. I expect a post from Players in 48 hours to keep the game moving. If you are high speed multi-post a day kind of Player this PbP maybe to slow. I will keep recruitment open till the 04 OCT 16. One week from now.

I was thinking about getting a crew of 4 to 5 for this. I just got be game and wanted to see who has interest in it.

A fan of 5E looking for game. Can post everyday!

You start your adventure here.

You may report here when ready and approved.

Greeting I will be attemptping to DM the the Out of the Abyss 5E adventure path. I am looking for 4 to 5 players for this AP.
Character Stuff
roll 4d6 and drop the lowest number. All races/alignments are allowed also for HP we will be taking the max at 1st level and the average as you level. As far posting goes, I will be posting every 48 hours, weekend posting will be determined by the pace of the posting. Since the holidays are around the corner I expect a slow pacing or no post around Thanksgiving and Christmas. I will close out the recruitment on Sunday the 27th of SEPT. Also the Elemmental Players guide is open for use as well.