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Abra Lopati
Cmd-Keen Commissar

Lind Ansley BS37 WS32 S30 A30 T31(T29 2 hours) In28 Wp41 Fel42 Per21 Fate 0/1 Ins18 Wound3/17,Crispy 13/40 +2Clips (353 posts)
Red Mantis Assassin
Cmd-Keen Medic

Leni Tivnan Medic BS32 WS25 S29 A28 T25 I63 Will32 Fel30 Per26 Hp15/15 Fate2/2+1 Ins0 Cor7 30/30 4spare (545 posts)
Joran Vhane
Cmd-Keen Ministorum Priest

Kenneth Medland - Ministorum Priest: Rector Erudite BS22 WS24 S24 A24 T30 Int35 Will33 Fel52 Per23 Wounds6/15 Fate0/0 (110 posts)
High Shieldmarshal Armand Meneley
Cmd-Keen Sergeant

m Sergeant (0 posts)
Cmd-Keen Sniper

Lynn Edward Female Weapon Specialist BS54 WS26 S31 A40 T35 Int26 Will31 Fel29 Per31 Wounds5/11 Fate1/1 Ammo: 25/40 Hunting Rifle is currently Unreliable (54 posts)
Wyrm Sniper
Cmd-Keen Storm Trooper

m Griz Findley Storm Trooper BS51 WS30 S34 A44 T49 Int26 Will32 Fel26 Per42 Wounds14/14 Fate1/1 (8 posts)
The Forever Man
Cmd-Keen Tech-Priest

Valens Psi WS28 BS35 S37 T38 AG34 I50 Per31 WP34 FEL32 Wounds 13/13 FP0/1 Salvus Main Gunner (82 posts)
Commissar Yeta

Commissar BS28 WS44 S41 A31 T43 I26 Will44 Fel27 Per32 Hp-2/15 Fate0/0 Ins6 Cor0 Bolt Pistol + Power Fist - no backup (98 posts)
Life Stealer
Iota Signus

Tech Priest Magos Explorator WS41 BS36 S43 T41 A32 I51 Per37 Wil35 Fel37 Wounds: 12/12 Fate: 3/3 (109 posts)
Shalelu Andosana
Krista "Luna" Cleary
(138 posts)
Lyrnon Ferraxus

Chapter Master, Lightning Claws (27 posts)
Pontia Runario
Sister Hospitaler Viola

Sister Superior Hospitaler B35 P38 S31 T34 I37 C28 W37 (3 posts)
Krun Thuul
Urak Blutschädel

Male Orc Brawler 2 (76 posts)