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Overall I'd say I am content with this product but due to the fact that a majority of the named NPC's were just set to default commoners and that two of the named NPC were simply not included, I am left disappointed.
I also would have liked if the module included the token ring used by the NPCs, I thought that looked cool.


My question is with regards to dedications that gives a character "basic alchemical benefits" but also list some sort of restriction.

As an example; the Herbalist Dedication says the following: "You can create remedies and other herbal products. You gain the basic alchemy benefits, though they apply only for herbal items: alchemical items with the healing trait, plus antidote and antiplague."

Since this gives you 'basic alchemy benefits', you gain the 'alchemical crafting' feat. However, the dedication has the caveat that you can only use it on specific items.

So using my example, if I take the "herbalist dedication", can I take 'alchemical crafting' again so that I may learn to craft other alchemical items or am I locked out of that since 'alchemical crafting' does not have "SPECIAL: You may take this feat multiple times"?