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LG Urban Ranger 6/Zen Archer 4 | HP:84/84 AC:25 T:24 FF:18 | CMB:11 CMD:30 | F:+13 R:+17 W:+10 (+2 vs enchantments) | Init:+8 | Per: +25








Lawful Good






Elven Common

Strength 16
Dexterity 23
Constitution 14
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 14
Charisma 7

About Ingrge

Male Half-Elf Urban Ranger 6/ Zen Archer 4
Lawful Good

Strength 16 (+3)
Dexterity 23 (+6)
Constitution 14 (+2)
Intelligence 12 (+1)
Wisdom 14 (+2)
Charisma 7 (-2)

Size: Medium
Height: 6' 4"
Weight: 175
Eyes: Amber
Hair: Blonde
Skin: Tan
Total Hit Points: 84
Speed: 44'

Armor Class: 25 = 10 + 3 [Bracers of Armor] + 1 [Ring of Protection] + 6 [dexterity] + 1 [Dodge] + 2 [Wisdom] + 1 [Monk] +1 [Amulet of Natural Armor]
Touch AC: 24
Flat-footed: 18

Initiative modifier: + 8 = + 6 [dexterity] + 2 [trait]
Fortitude save: + 13 = 9 [base] + 2 [constitution] + 2 [ring]
Reflex save: + 17 = 9 [base] + 6 [dexterity] + 2 [ring]
Will save: + 10 = 5 [base] + 2 [wisdom] + 2 [ring] + 1 [trait]

Attack (handheld): + 11 = 9 [base] + 2 [strength]
Attack (missile): + 15 = 9 [base] + 6 [dexterity]
Combat Maneuver Bonus: + 11 = 9 [base] + 2 [strength]
Combat Maneuver Defense: + 30 = 10 + 9 [base] + 2[strength] + 6[dexterity] +1 [Dodge] + 2 [Wisdom]

Light load: 86 lb. or less
Medium load: 87-173 lb.
Heavy load: 174-260 lb.
Lift over head: 230 lb.
Lift off ground: 460 lb.
Push or drag: 1150 lb.

Languages: Elven, Common

Unarmed +11 [1d6+3, crit 19-20/x2]
Dagger +11 [1d4 + 3, crit 19-20/x2, range inc 10 ft., 1 lb., light, piercing] (2 daggers, 1 Cold Iron, 1 Silver)
+ 1 Darkwood MW Composite (Adaptive) Longbow +16 [1d8 + 5, crit x3, range inc. 110 ft, 1.5 lb, piercing]

Point Blank Shot: +1 on attack/damage on ranged targets within 30'
Precise Shot: No penalty for firing into melee
Rapid Shot: two ranged attacks at -2 in a full round action
Deadly Aim: take -1 to hit and gain +2 damage (can take another for every +4 base attack)
Dodge: +1 Dodge bonus to AC
Perfect Strike: Can declare before an attack roll; roll twice, if first misses, take second roll
Weapon Focus: +1 on attacks with Composite Longbow
Skill Focus: Perception
Combat Reflexes: you may make a number of additional attacks of opportunity per round equal to your Dexterity bonus. With this feat, you may also make attacks of opportunity while flat-footed.
Point Blank Master: Can range attack when threatened with no AoO
Manyshot: fire two arrows
Clustered Shot: Combine damage from full attack before removing DR
Improved Precise Shot: Ranged attacks ignore the AC bonus granted to targets by anything less than total cover, as well as the miss chance granted to targets by anything less than total concealment. Total cover and total concealment provide their normal benefits against your ranged attacks.

Reactionary: +2 to Initiative
Indomitable Faith: +1 to Will Save

Skill Key Skill Abil Ranks Misc
Acrobatics Dex* 24 = +6 + 10 + 3 [class skill] +5 [Boots of Elvenkind]
Appraise Int 1 = +1
Bluff Cha -2 = -2
Climb Str* 10 = +3 + 4 + 3 [class skill]
Diplomacy Cha +2 = -2 + 1 + 3 [class skill]
Disable Device Dex 22 = +6 + 10 + 3 [class skill] + 2 [MW tools] + 1 [Trapfinding]
Disguise Cha -2 = -2
Escape Artist Dex* 19 = +6 + 10 + 3 [class skill]
Fly Dex* 6 = +6
Heal Wis 6 = +2 + 1 + 3 [class skill]
Intimidate Cha -2 = -2
Knowledge (Local) Int 5 = +1 + 1 + 3 [class skill]
Knowledge (Religion) Int 5 = +1 + 1 + 3 [class skill]
Perception Wis 25 = +2 + 10 + 3 [class skill] + 2 [half-elf] + 3 [skill focus] + 5 [Eyes of the Eagle]
Perform (Dance] Cha 2 = -2 + 1 + 3 [class skill]
Ride Dex* 10 = +6 + 1 + 3 [class skill]
Sense Motive Wis 7 = +2 + 2 + 3 [class skill]
Stealth Dex* 24 = +6 + 10 + 3 [class skill] + 5 [Cloak of Elvenkind]
Survival Wis 12 = +2 + 7 + 3 [class skill]
Swim Str** 10 = +3 + 4 + 3 [class skill]
* = check penalty for armor/shield
** = some groups double armor/shield penalties for swimmers
Favored class points: Hit points +0; Skill points +1
Adjust weapon attack rolls and armor penalties as required for masterwork / magic equipment.

-- This half-elf chose +2 to dexterity (already included)
-- Immune to magical sleep
-- Allowed two favored classes. Here I am assuming it is the first two favored classes
-- Take a skill focus as a bonus feat at level 1
-- + 2 racial bonus on saves vs. enchantments
-- Low-light vision
-- + 2 racial bonus on perception checks

Ranger (Urban)
-- Favored enemies. Bonus applies to attack (unlike 3.5), damage, bluff, knowledge (can always make checks), perception, sense motive, survival.
-- Favored communities. Bonus applies to initiative, geography, perception, stealth, survival; need not leave tracks. Replaces favored terrain.
-- Bonus to tracking-- Combat Style
-- Wild empathy (roll level + charisma bonus)
-- Trapfinding (Ex): At 3rd level, an urban ranger can find and disable traps, as the rogue class feature of the same name. This ability replaces endurance.
-- Hunter's bond -- either an animal companion or bond with companions and grant some favored enemy bonuses to them(level 4)
-- Push Through (Ex): At 7th level, an urban ranger is never slowed by difficult terrain in his favored communities. In addition, he can move through the space occupied by local citizens as if they were allies. This does not apply to creatures intent on harming the ranger. Areas that are enchanted or magically manipulated to impede motion, however, still affect him. This replaces woodland stride.-- Swift Tracker (level 8)-- Evasion (level 9)-- Quarry (level 11)-- High wisdom gains bonus spells daily-- Concentration check: d20 + ranger level + wisdom modifier vs. DC
Favored Enemies: Undead +4 / Outsider (Evil) +2
Spells: Gravity Bow x1, Blend x1

Monk (Zen Archer)
-- AC and CMD Bonus for Wisdom
-- AC and CMD Bonus for level (begins level 4 now)
-- Flurry of Blows -- Starting at 1st level, a zen archer can make a flurry of blows as a full-attack action, but only when using a bow (even though it is a ranged weapon). He may not make a flurry of blows with his unarmed attacks or any other weapons. A zen archer does not apply his Strength bonus on damage rolls made with flurry of blows unless he is using a composite bow with a Strength rating. A zen archer's flurry of blows otherwise functions as normal for a monk of his level.
-- Unarmed Strike -- free Improved Unarmed Strike feat, can make unarmed strikes with hands full, lethal or non-lethal, extra damage
-- Bonus Feats (levels 1 2 6 10 14 & 18)
-- Way of the Bow: At 2nd level, a zen archer gains Weapon Focus as a bonus feat with one type of bow. At 6th level, the monk gains Weapon Specialization with the same weapon as a bonus feat, even if he does not meet the prerequisites. This ability replaces evasion.
-- Fast Movement (level 3) -- Point Blank Master: At 3rd level, a zen archer gains Point Blank Master* as a bonus feat, even if he does not meet the prerequisites. This ability replaces still mind.
-- Zen Archery: At 3rd level, a zen archer may use his Wisdom modifier instead of his Dexterity modifier on ranged attack rolls when using a bow. This ability replaces maneuver training.
-- Ki Strike (level 4) -- half your monk level plus your wisdom modifier plus any feat bonuses; use these points for extra attacks, extra speed, or extra armor class
-- Ki Pool: At 4th level, in addition to the normal abilities of his ki pool, a zen archer may spend 1 point from his ki pool to increase the range increment for his bow by 50 feet for 1 round. -- Slow Fall (level 4) -- if a wall is near, fall is as if twenty feet less at level 4, improves as levels are gained -- Ki Arrows: At 5th level, a zen archer may spend 1 point from his ki pool as a swift action to change the damage dice of arrows he shoots to that of his unarmed strikes. This lasts until the start of his next turn. For example, a Medium zen archer's short bow normally deals 1d6 damage; using this ability, his arrows deal 1d8 damage until the start of his next turn. This ability replaces purity of body.
-- Wholeness of Body (level 7) -- use 2 ki points to heal your monk level of hp -- Reflexive Shot: At 9th level, a zen archer can make attacks of opportunity with arrows from his bow. The monk still threatens squares he could reach with unarmed strikes, and can still only make one attack of opportunity per round (unless he has Combat Reflexes). This ability replaces improved evasion.
-- Trick Shot: At 11th level, a zen archer may hit targets that he might otherwise miss. By spending 1 point from his ki pool as a swift action, the zen archer can ignore concealment. By spending 2 points, he can ignore total concealment or cover. By spending 3 points, he can ignore total cover, even firing arrows around corners. The arrow must still be able to reach the target; a target inside a closed building with no open doors or windows cannot be attacked. These effects last for 1 round. This ability replaces diamond body.
-- Abundant Step (level 12) -- dimension door
-- Diamond Soul (level 13) -- spell resistance 10 + monk level
-- Quivering Palm (level 15) -- Timeless Body (level 17) -- no aging penalties
-- Ki Focus Bow: At 17th level, as long as he has at least 1 point of ki in his ki pool, a zen archer may treat arrows fired from his bow as if they were ki focus weapons, allowing him to use his special ki attacks as if his arrows were unarmed attacks. This ability replaces tongue of the sun and moon
-- Empty Body (level 19) -- use 3 ki points to turn ethereal -- Perfect Self (level 20) -- now an outsider, DR 10/chaotic

Class HP rolled Level 1: Ranger 10

Ingrge's Equipment:
4.5 lb Weapons / Armor (from above)
2 lb Efficient Quiver:
Durable Cold Iron Arrows (47)
Durable Silver Arrows (20)
Durable Blunt Arrows (20)
Durable Adamantine Arrows (12)
Ghost Salt Blanched Cold Iron Arrows (10)
4 lb Masterwork Backpack
1 lb Pouch
1 lb Rations
4 lb Waterskin
1 lb Soap
3 lb Fishing kit
1 lb Alchemist fire flasks x1
1 lb Alkali flask
1 lb Whetstone
2 lb Masterwork Thieves' tool
7 lb Elven trail rations x7
1 lb Belt of Physical Perfection +2
1 lb Headband of Mental Prowess +2
2 lb Hot Weather Outfit (+2 Endurance checks); worn only in desert climes
5 lb Explorer's Outfit
5 lb Silk Rope 50'
3 lb Cloak of Elvenkind
2 lb Boots of Elvenkind
Ring of Resistance +2
Wand of Cure Light Wounds (35)
Bracers of Defense +3
Ring of Protection +1
Amulet of Natural Armor +1
Buffering Cap
Ioun Torch
Ink pen
Ink vial
Paper x2
Flint & Steel
Sewing Needle
46.5 lb Total
5,006 gp, 3 sp, 7 cp

More about Ingrge:

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PFS ID#: 239913-5
XP: 27
PP: 40
Fame: 44

Hunting Lodge: Roll Survival for day job

Bot Me:

- Ingrge primarily provides scouting abilities (searching and tracking) and ranged support in combat; he also has skill with some rogue abilities...
- When exploring/scouting ahead, he'll try to conceal himself (Stealth), check for traps/foes (Perception), and also look for any tracks (Survival)...
- When encountering traps, he'll attempt to disable it (Disable Device)...
- In combat, he prefers hanging back and attacking with his Magic Composite Longbow; however, he can also fight in close quarters with his bow when threatened and not draw an AoO (Point Blank Master).
- He'll generally use Deadly Aim and Flurry of Bows when possible; he keeps a variety of arrow types in his Efficient Quiver to use when DR creatures are faced/known.
- He'll use Acrobatics in combat if needed to avoid an AoO...

NOTE: Ingrge's favored enemy is the Undead (+2 attack, +2 damage, can perform Knowledge checks on Undead untrained)…

He also has modest skill in the Knowledge Arena (Local, Religion, Geography)...

Notable Items
Magic Composite Longbow
Efficient Quiver
Ghost Salt Arrows (10)
Adamantine Blanched Arrows (10)
Wand of CLW (35)

Typical Scouting Rolls

Knowledge Rolls
[dice=Knowledge (Local)]1d20+5[/dice]
[dice=Knowledge (Religion)]1d20+5[/dice]

Save Rolls
[dice=Fortitude]1d20+13[/dice] (Endurance and Desert Runner could increase the bonus)
[dice=Will]1d20+9[/dice] (+2 for enchantments)

Most Used Combat Rolls
Base Ranged Attack (Outside of 30'):
To Hit: Dex+Base, Magic, Weapon Focus, Precise Shot, Deadeye Bowman, Point Blank Master, Deadly Aim
Damage: Strength, Magic, Deadly
[dice=Magic/Cold Iron Damage]1d8+2+3+4[/dice]

Base Ranged Attack (30' or less):
To Hit: Dex+Base, Magic, Weapon Focus, PBS, Precise Shot, Deadeye Bowman, Point Blank Master, Deadly Aim
Damage: Strength, Magic, PBS, Deadly Aim
[dice=Magic/Cold Iron Damage]1d8+2+3+1+4[/dice]

Typical Attack (Full Ranged Attack Action, 30' or less):
To Hit: Dex+Base, Magic, Weapon Focus, PBS, Precise Shot, Rapid Shot, Deadly Aim, Deadeye Bowman, Point Blank Master, Manyshot
Damage: Strength, Magic, PBS, Deadly Aim, Rapid Shot
[dice=Longbow (Manyshot)]1d20+15+2+1+1-2-2[/dice]
[dice=Magic/Cold Iron Damage]1d8+2+3+1+4[/dice]
[dice=Magic/Cold Iron Damage]1d8+2+3+1+4[/dice]

[dice=Longbow (Iterative)]1d20+10+2+1+1-2-2[/dice]
[dice=Magic/Cold Iron Damage]1d8+2+3+1+4[/dice]

[dice=Longbow (Rapid Shot)]1d20+15+2+1+1-2-2[/dice]
[dice=Magic/Cold Iron Damage]1d8+2+3+1+4[/dice]

Typical Attack (Full Ranged Attack Action, outside of 30'):
To Hit: Dex+Base, Magic, Weapon Focus, Precise Shot, Rapid Shot, Deadly Aim, Deadeye Bowman, Point Blank Master, Manyshot
Damage: Strength, Magic, Deadly Aim
[dice=Longbow (Manyshot)]1d20+15+2+1-2-2[/dice]
[dice=Magic/Cold Iron Damage]1d8+2+3+4[/dice]
[dice=Magic/Cold Iron Damage]1d8+2+3+4[/dice]

[dice=Longbow (Iterative)]1d20+10+2+1-2-2[/dice]
[dice=Magic/Cold Iron Damage]1d8+2+3+4[/dice]

[dice=Longbow (Rapid Shot)]1d20+15+2+1-2-2[/dice]
[dice=Magic/Cold Iron Damage]1d8+2+3+4[/dice]

To avoid AoOs:

To break free from a grapple:
[dice=Escape Artist]1d20+19[/dice]

Other Skills:
[dice=Sense Motive]1d20+7[/dice]
[Dice=Wand of CLW]1d8+1[/dice]