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Illiameyl Arabep

Setting: Midnight (Pathfinder)

Levels: Wildlander 5

Race: Shadar (Shadowlands Elf)
Alignment: CN

1: Wildlander: 10HP +2(Con), 1/4 Double Slice, 1 feats, 3 traits
2: Wildlander: 10HP +2(Con), 1/2 Double Slice
3: Wildlander: 10HP +2(Con), 3/4 Double Slice, 1 feat
4: Wildlander: 10HP +2(Con), Double Slice, 1 ability
5: Wildlander: 10HP +2(Con), 1/4 Quick Draw, 1 feat

Story Points: 1
1: gained for encounter with legate (plus his squad) and tentacles

Ability Scores
STR: 14 (+2) = 14(5 points)
DEX: 20 (+5) = 17(13 points) +2(shadar) +1(CL: 4th)
CON: 14 (+2) = 16(10 points) -2(shadar)
INT: 14 (+2) = 12(2 points) +2(shadar)
WIS: 12 (+1) = 12(2 points)
CHA: 8 (-1) = 8(-2 points)

Creation: 30 points

Size: Medium
Speed: base: 30', actual: 30', +10' favoured terrain
Vision: low-light, 180' darkvision (bright light blindness)

Deity: -
Association/tribe: Shadar House of Godeani, alliance to the Great House of Golgoth
Languages: Shadar, Varyag, Dark Tongue (goblinoids)

Favoured Region (Shadow and darkness): Special (gain terrain's +2 bonus when concealment is at least 50%)
Favoured Terrains: urban (+2)
Favoured Enemies: Future

Favoured class: Wildlander
Heroic path: Shadow Walker

+Acrobatics: 10 = 5(Dex) +5(ranks) Temporay: +4(tree:race)
+Appraise: 2 = 2(Int) +0(ranks)
*+Climb: 6 = 2(Str) +1(ranks) +3(class) Temporay: +4(race)
*+Craft (bows): 6 = 2(Int) +1(ranks) +3(class)[1sp / day]
+Diplomacy: -1 = -1(Cha) +0(ranks)
Disable Device: --
+Disguise: -1 = -1(Cha) +0(ranks)
+Escape Artist: 6 = 5(Dex) +1(ranks)
+Fly: 5 = 5(Dex) +0(ranks)
*Handle Animal: --
*+Heal: 11 = 1(Wis) +5(ranks) +3(class) +2(talent)
*Knowledge (dungeoneering): 7 = 2(Int) +2(ranks) +3(class) Temporay: +3 deadly hunter
*Knowledge (geography): 7 = 2(Int) +2(ranks) +3(class) Temporay: +3 deadly hunter, +2 favoured terrain
*Knowledge (nature): 7 = 2(Int) +2(ranks) +3(class) Temporay: +3 deadly hunter
Linguistics: --
*+Perception: 11 = 1(Wis) +5(ranks) +3(class) +2(race) Temporay: +3 deadly hunter, +2 favoured terrain
+Perform: -1 = -1(Cha) +0(ranks)
*+Persuasion: -1 = -1(Cha) +0(ranks) Temporay: +3 deadly hunter
*Profession (mercenary): 5 = 1(Wis) +1(ranks) +3(class)
*+Ride: 5 = 5(Dex) +0(ranks)
+Sense Motive: 1 = 1(Wis)
Sleight of Hand: --
*Spellcraft: --
*+Stealth: 17 = 5(Dex) +5(ranks) +3(class) +4(race) Temporay: +2 favoured terrain, +2 shadow
*+Survival: 9 = 1(Wis) +5(ranks) +3(class) Temporay: +3 deadly hunter, +2 favoured terrain, +1/2 wild level when tracking
*+Swim: 10 = 2(Str) +5(ranks) +3(class)
Use Magic Device: --
* = class skill
+ = untrained

Skill ranks per level
Wildlander: 6 + Int

Special qualities and feats:
Racial abilities
  • Ability Scores: +2 Dex, +2 Int, -2 Con
  • Bond of shadows and magic: Animal companions, familiars gain Shadow Creature Template
  • Dark vision: 120'
  • Elf speed: land speed is 30'
  • Elven Agility: +4 Acrobatics (trees); +4 Climb (trees)
  • Elven Immunities: Immune to magical sleep effects, gain +2 vs enchantment spells and effects
  • Favoured Class Options: Bladedancer: gain +1/4 Combat Dance; Channeler: gain +1/4 Blood Point; Wildlander: gain +1/4 Combat Style Feat
  • Favoured Region: Shadows and darkness - Special: whenever shadar gets 50% concealment, they gain that terrain's bonuses (See Wildlander: Favoured Terrain)
  • Gear: Start with traveling clothes, erethor tea, and hearthstones (1/4 price)
  • Keen Senses: +2 Perception checks
  • Languages: start: Shadar; additional (high Int): Varyag, Fell, Dark Tongue (goblinoids), Tengu, Tieflings, Ratlings, Kitsune, Wayang, Catfolk, Minotaurs, Gargoyles
  • Light sensitivity: In bright sunlight or with in daylight spell effects must make Fortitude save (DC 15 for sunlight, or DC of spell) or suffer -2 penalty on attack rolls and saving throws as long as shadar remains in the lighted area.
  • Low-light vision: Can see twice as far in starlight, moonlight, torchlight, and other similar poor illumination. Retain ability to distinguish colour and details under these conditions
  • Natural Channelers: Gain Innate Magic feat. Plus 2 bonus spell energy points for Magecraft feet. Plus additional known spell for Innate Magic feat.
  • Natural Killers: Blind-Fighting feat at 1st level.
  • Blind-Fighting: Reroll on every miss as a result of concealment. Invisible attackers gets no advantages in hitting during melee (don't loose Dex bonus to AC, nor +2 for being invisible). Invisible attackers still have advantages for ranged attacks. No need for Acrobatics checks while moving at full speed while blinded.
  • Shadowborn: Shadar gains +4 Stealth
  • Size: Medium: no special bonuses or penalties
  • Weapon Profeciency: Treated as martial weapons: (composite) longbow, (composite) short, hand crossbow, spiked chain, tri-bladed katar and sawtooth sabres. If class also has these weapons, then make them Weapon Focus for these weapons.
  • Weapon Focus ((composite) shortbows): +1 on all attack rolls for selected weapons.
  • Weapon Focus ((composite) longbows): +1 on all attack rolls for selected weapons.

Class abilities

  • 1: Armour Profeciency: Light armours and shields (except tower) proficiency
  • 2: Combat style list (two weapon): 2nd: Double Slice, Improve Shield Bash, Quick Draw, Two-Weapon Fighting; 6th add: Improved Two-Weapon Fighting, Two-Weapon Defense; 10th add Greater Two-Weapon Fighting, Two-Weapon Rend
  • 2: Combat style (Two-Weapon Fighting): Penalties on attack rolls reduced. If off-hand is light: Pri -2, Sec -2. Else Pri -4, Sec -4. If have Ambidextrous, redeuce by further 4.
  • 4: Deadly Hunter (Ex): Standard action to denote one target within line of sight as prey. Gains +3 on Persuation, Knowledge, Perception and Survival checks against prey. Gains +2 on attack and damage rolls against prey, plus critical threats are automatically confirmed. Bonuses increase by +1 for every 5 levels beyond 4th (max +5 at 19th)
  • 4: Dodge (Ex): Applies when no loss to Dex bonus to AC. +1 dodge bonus to AC. If wearing no armour or armour with 0 armour check penalty, carrying no shield and carrying light load, the bonus increases by +1 for every 4 points of BAB (max of +6 at BAB +20).
  • 3: Favoured Terrain (Ex): When in favoured terrain, wildlander gains +2 initiative, and +2 on Knowledge (geography), Perception, Stealth, and Survival checks. Leaves no trail, except if desired. Same terrain may be selected again, with bonuses stacking. Note: Favoured terrain only comes into play when racial favoured terrain can't be used.
  • 3: Favoured Terrain list: Cold, Desert, Forest, Jungle, Mountain, Plains, Swamp, Underground, Urban and Water
  • 3: Sixth Sense (Ex): +1 dodge bonus to AC and Reflex during surprise round and traps, +1 to initiative. Bonus increases by +1 per 4 ranks Perception (max +6 at 20th). Also retain bonus at all times to AC for purpose of critical confirmation against wildlander
  • 2: Stealth Attack (Ex): Only wearing light or no armour. Whenever AC Dex bonus is denied, or Wildlander flanks target. Extra damage applied only to normal damage, not multipled for critical hit. Ranged attack is allowed if less or equal to 30'. @nd level is 1d6, plus 1d6 for every 4 level thereafter.
  • 5: Strider (Ex): Only wearing light or no armour. When in favoured terrain. Base speed +10', at normal speed through normal undergrowth without takeing damage or suffering impairment. Magical undegrowth still affects. At 8th can track at normal speed without normal -5 penalty on Survival, -10 penalty at twice normal speed instead of -20. At 12th base speed +20'
  • 1: Track (Ex): Add 1/2 Wildlander level (min 1) to Survival when following and identifying tracks
  • 1: Weapon Proficiency: all simple and martial weapons
  • 1: Wild empathy/Intimidation (Ex): Roll 1d20 + Wildlander level + Cha mod. Domestic animals start as indifferent. Wild animals start as unfriendly. Distance is 30' or less under normal visibility. Magical summoned/controlled animals will not attack if Wild empathy results beats caster power check (1d20 + caster level + Cha mod) done immediately. Magical beasts (Int <=3) has -4 penalty. Vermin has -8 penalty. Plants has -12 penalty. If having Leadership Feat, may have animal followers.
  • 1: Wildlander talent (Distracting Attack): Free action before making attack, if attack hits, the targets takes -2 on all attack rolls for 1 round.
  • 3: Wildlander talent (Nature's Healing): When in favoured terrain, gains +2 bonus to Heal checks. If beats the Heal DC, the wildlander gains additional 1d6 HP + 1/3 wildlander levels. No kit required.
  • 5: Wildlander talent (Improved Nature's Healing): As with Nature's Healing, but using full wilderlander level for bonus, instead of a 1/3 wilderlander levels.


  • 1: Weapon Focus (sawtooth sabre): +1 on all attack rolls for selected weapons.
  • 3: Advance Ancestral Legacy: Extra +1 enhancement bonus for ancestral item.
  • 5: Mobility: Must not be immobilized. Gain +4 dodge bonus to AC vs AOP when moving in or out of threaten areas. Dodge bonuses stack with each other.

Favoured Class Choice: Combat Style

  • 1-4: Double Slice: Add Str modifier (Dex with Weapon Finesse) to damage for off-hand weapon.
  • 5-8: Quick Draw: Draw weapon as free action. Draw hidden weapons as move action (Sleight of Hand)


  • Ambidextrous Trait: Equally skilled with either hand. Reduce penalties by 4 on attack rolls for two weapon fighting.
  • Ancestral Legacy Trait: Obtain inherited item from ancestors. Masterwork weapon or armour, or noble equivalent clothing or jewelry. At 3rd level item achieves magical potential and becomes magic item, receiving +1 magical enhancement. Receivies additional +1 enhancement per odd level beyond 3rd level. Prerequisite for Ancestral Legacy feat chain.
  • Weapon Bond Trait: For a selected weapon, always treated as proficient, can use another ability score modifier instead of Str modifier for attack and damage rolls. For two-handed weapon, still gain the 1.5 times selected ability modifier instead of Str modifier. Can change between Str and another ability as a free action.

Heroic Path: Shadow Walker

  • 1: Darkvision: +60'
  • 2: Shadow Veil: +2 on Stealth (shadows)
  • 3: Expedititious retreat: 1/day; personal; duration: 1 min/level; Enhancement bonus that increases land speed by 30'. Also affects jumping.
  • 4: Shadow Jump: Jump between shadow areas, even across barriers. standard action, no PAO. Start at +10'
  • 5: Blur: 1/day; touch; duration: 1 min/level; Subject's outline appears blurred, shifting and waveriing. Distortion grants the subject concealment (20% miss chance). True seeing spell negates blur effect.

HP: 60 / 60
AC: 19 = 10 +2(armour) +0(shield) +5(Dex) +2(dodge)
FF: 12
Touch: 17
Initiative: +7 = +5(Dex) +2(six sense)
CMD: 21 = 10 +5(BAB) +1(Str) +5(Dex) +0(size)

AC: +2 (six sense:surprise)
AC: +4 (AOP dodge)

Fort: +6 = 4(base) + 2(Con)
Ref: +6 = 1(base) + 5(Dex)
Will: +2 = 1(base) + 1(Wis) [+2 vs enchantment spells]

BAB: +5 = +5(class)
CMB: +6 = +5(BAB) +1(Str) +0(size)
Two-weapon penalty: -0 (ambidextrous + feat)
Attacks (sabre): +11 = +5(BAB) +5(Dex){trait} +1(focus)
Attacks (ancestral sabre): +14 = +5(BAB) +5(Dex){trait} +1(focus) +2(legacy) +1(advance legacy)
Attacks (melee): +7 = +5(BAB) +2(Str)
Attacks (range): +10 = +5(BAB) +5(Dex)
Attacks (shortbow): +11 = +5(BAB) +5(Dex) +1(focus)

Dagger: 1d4+2 (Str); 19-20/x2; type: S/P
Sabre, sawtooth (ancestral): 1d8+8 (Dex+legacy+adv.legacy); 19-20/x2; type: S
Sabre, sawtooth: 1d8+5 (Dex); 19-20/x2; type: S

Dagger: 1d4+2 (Str); 19-20/x2; type: S/P; range: 10'
Shortbow, composite: 1d6+2 (Str); x3; type: P; range: 70'

Attack & damage: +2 (chosen foe: 1/day){criticals auto confirmed}
Damage: +1d6 (sneak)
Damage: both hands get full Dex modifier bonus (double slice)

Light: 58 (66)
Medium: 116 (133)
Heavy/Overhead: 175 (200)
Max lift: 350 (400)
Push/Pull: 875 (1000)

Weight calculations done in spreadsheet

Armour: Leather
Outfit: Traveler's Outfit
Back: Backpack, Masterwork; cap: 1 c.ft, 60 lbs
Back: Shortbow, composite (+2)

1 Pouch (Belt)
1 Dagger (belt)
2 Sabre, sawtooth

1 Bedroll
1 Waterskin (Filled)
2 Rations (Trail/Per Day)
1 Mirror (Small/Steel)
1 Whetstone
1 Quiver of arrows: 20
1 Hearthstone
1 Erethor tea
1 Blanket, winter

Pouch 1
1 Flint and Steel
2 Fishhook
5 Chalk

Pouch 2
0 Coin (Copper Piece)
0 Coin (Silver Piece)
0 Coin (Gold Piece)
0 Coin (Platinum Piece)

Total weight carried: 44 lbs
Current load: Light

Storage (camp, room, wagon, etc)

Special items

  • One sawtooth sabre is ancestral item.


  • Leather Armour: Max Dex Bonus: +6; Armour Check Penalty: 0; Max speed: 30'

Group equipment

Height: 4' 0"
Weight: 66 lbs
Gender: Female
Eyes: White
Hair: Silver white
Skin: Dark grey
Dominant Hand: Left
Age: 130

Rather short yet with slender build, with long white hair tied in a tail. She has a number of scars on her body, one on her right cheek towards the nipped right ear, another on her left arm and finally on her right leg. As she travels, she wears with her black cape over her black armour, with hood pulled forward to hide her white hair. On her back she wears her backpack with quiver of arrows sticking above the backpack to one side. When shortbow is not in hand, it is attached to side of her backpack opposite the quiver. Hidden beneath her cape is a dagger attached to her belt in front, while her two sawtooth sabres attached to the belt on her side.

Determined, loyal to her family and friends, do now and worry about the consequences afterwards, abrasive, aggressive, seemingly fearless, take no nonsense, care little about her personal appearance

Near the Despot's Hold district of Gloomnight the Shadar House of Godeani exists. The House itself is a small walled compound of eight buildings and three courtyards, nested amongst the other Shadar houses of higher social standing. Long ago the ruler of the House decided for survival of the House was to stay completely out of the cut throat political game of the larger House jostling for higher social status and position of influence in Gloomnight and the Shadowlands itself. Instead focussing on being a military service provider to the ruling Shadar house, currently the Great House of Golgoth, and other paying houses for services rendered. The main service provided is the training of city guards, house guards, and military infantry in the art of martial combat and ranged attacks. The other service provided is the hiring out of squads as a protection service to those who need additional protection. Also when the House has squads to spare and the ruling House requests aid in the name of the Shadar race during times of war the House will send squads to help with the war effort.

Illiameyl is the second child of five by her mother Quavdra and her father Duagtana, who is the current leader of the House. Since she could walk Illiameyl was exposed to the constant training that was taking place in the different courtyards dedicated to various forms of combat. Thus there is no surprise in her taking a keen interest in wanting to become a famed warrior, unlike her eldest brother Rauvafein who was more interested in the administrative tasks of the House than picking up a weapon. She spent most of her time watching the recruits being trained, often imitating the actions of the trainer and recruits. She also spent her time sneaking about the compound to take opportunities to have a swing with the actual weapons and use the bows when no one was looking. Years later when Duagtana became aware of his first daughter wielding the weapons out of sight, he confronted Illiameyl about her playing with the weapons. After a lengthy discussion he promised her that she would be trained if she still desired to become a warrior when she became of age to begin training. In the mean time to keep her away from the weapons and prepare her physically for the future training, he directed her to one of the trainers that specialized in acrobatics and covert skills.

Many years went by with Illiameyl becoming stronger and incredibly agile from all the acrobatics training she received. She learnt to use both her arms equally well, move about silently without notice. One day when she went for her usually daily training routine, she saw her father waiting for her with some of the other martial art trainers beside him.

Placing one hand on her shoulder, Duagtana spoke softly, "My daughter Illiameyl, today I have only a simple question to ask of you as I promised when you were very young.", pausing to make sure she was paying attention before continuing, "Do you still wish to become a warrior for the House?"

Her eyes started to water for she had been awaiting for this day to come, "Oh, yes I do. I want to become a great warrior for you to be very proud of.", with a huge smile forming.

Duagtana smiled in return, and pointed to the trainers, "They the ones who will train you. Spend a few days with them using the weapons to see which style of combat you prefer. Once you decided, come to me to tell me of your choice so we can focus your training needs."

She spent most of her day training to use the sabres, her preferred weapons to use. She also spent time using the shortbow for an auxiliary range attack, eventually moving onto composite shortbows with increasing strength. She continued with her acrobatic and covert training when she was not doing her martial training. During her training she received her first scar, on her left arm.

After a few more years of training, after having her evening meal, her father requested her to go to study where he waited for her. When she entered the room she saw him sitting at the table discussing business with Rauvafein. On the table was a number of sheets of paper and books, some open, others closed, and decorative sabre lying on some of the items. Rauvafein notices her standing at the entrance and indicates to her father someone has arrived.

Seeing her waiting, Duagtana stands up and speaks with a hint of excitement, "Come here Illiameyl. I have something for you.". Her brother puts down the papers he is holding, with a slight smile forming.

As she stands near her father, he speaks, "I received wonderful news from your trainers. They tell me you have passed all their tests and very pleased with your skill at being covert and at martial combat."

He glances at the table to pick up the sabre to hold before him, "For your achievement, I present you with the family sabre that has been in the family since the House was established. I believe you will do the House proud with this sabre in your skilful hands.", holding out the sabre for her to take.

She quickly takes the sabre and strokes her hand down the length of the blade as she speaks, "Thank you father for this wonderful gift. I will carry this sabre into battle, in the name of the House Godeani."

Before she can continue, Duagtana interrupts her, "Tomorrow you report for duty at the captain's office.

In the years that followed, she was assigned to various squads doing various assignments. She stayed in the barracks with her fellow squad members most of the time, even though she had her own private quarters in the main building. Preferring the social life of her squad, having common interests and sharing battle tales they all loved to hear and share with each other. She decided also not to take the position of squad leader, preferring others to take the role, even though she was rightfully entitled to the position as she was the House leader daughter.

During one of her assignments of helping out with the city guard during a period of some civil unrest, she had to battled a serious drunk minotaur that refused to obey their instructions to go home. During the encounter, he managed to get in a good swing at her head. She noticed in time to dodge his battle axe to avoid decapitation, though not quick enough to avoid getting a slice to her right cheek and ear. She managed to find a opening on his side to sink her sabre blade into his flesh, causing him to drop in pain to the ground, allowing her squad to bound the minotaur and take to the dungeons. She decided not to have the scar removed once healed, preferring to use it as a warning to her foes that she is not afraid to fight.

She was once again on city guard duty, when the squad was called to investigate a disturbance at the nearby inn. Only to be attacked from behind by a group of orcs, killing her some of her friends in the city guard.

Adventure history:
Experience: 15000 / 23000
  • 15000 xp: Adventure starts in an inn in Gloomnight, when her squad was sent investigate a fight, only to be attacked by large group of orcs, dark knight and ligate. Sole survivor of her squad of the initial attack. She was knocked unconscious by the dark knight when he entered the room with fall onslaught against her. Gilian revived her, but too injured to continue with dedicated attack on the orcs, thus remained to the back of the summerlanders.

  • None