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Hyir looks up from his book. He gives the chosen explorers a smile and a quick "congratulations," then goes back to reading.

Thanks for the chance! Have a good game everyone!

While reviewing Hyir's profile, I noticed a couple of "broken links," where I put the url tag, but forgot to actually link anything to them. I'm fixing them now, sorry about that.

Tali the Nomad wrote:
To Hyir she says, "I did not know that it was possible for magicians to remove curses - I thought they could only bestow them. It sounds very risky!"

"Oh, n-no dear. There are magicians who c-can, indeed, remove curses. I c-cannot number myself among them, though, as I have no p-particular skill with the arcane. I-instead, I prevent curses. I simply ensure that any traps- magical or otherwise, n-never t-trigger. U-unfortunately, I'm no good at spotting them," he taps the side of his gold-rimmed glasses, "M-my elf heritage didn't give me sharper vi-vision, like most of my kind. B-besides, I'm usually too busy trying not t-to trip over my own feet to n-notice the f-faint runic patterns that de-designate where an arcanist of the past laid a sigil of warding, or a g-glyph of wasting. B-but if someone else notices it, well," he says with a shy little grin, even as his eyes dart in every direction, "Th-then we all go h-home happy."

Basically, yes. While he doesn't have a (major) speech impediment, Hyir is incredibly nervous around other people, has trouble exerting himself, and has a mild case of Asperger's Syndrome. If you've seen Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, imagine Newt Scamander, only slightly more reclusive and obsessed with books instead of beasts. He's still quite likeable, mind you, just not very assertive (hence the rock-bottom Cha). I'll absolutely go into it, and will likely try to up that score a bit as time goes on. He's also a wizard, but claims to have no magical talent because he's so embarrassed about his novice-level ability. Once again, that will change. I have quite the character development idea in store for him.


Okay, that's a relief. I was worried I was making some beginner mistake that was incredibly obvious and would potentially mess something up.

So, just to be clear, the 'default' language currently being spoken is Common/Taldane, right? Also, Nidhi, Hyir noticed Tali's comment because she spoke directly to him, not the mention of treasure.

“N-no, friends. I’m no priest. Thoth isn’t one to give his power lightly, and we disagree too often for him to ever support me. I’m just a humble scholar, with a lot of practice and a knack with the supernatural. Also, I can’t remove all c-curses, bu-but I can usually prevent one from triggering. I just need t-to catch it in time. I-I’m no spellcaster, myself, mind, b-but I do love the spellwork of the ancient mages. I-I even think that Nethys himself raised the city of Sothis from the dust of the desert, if m-my readings are true a-and the legends are a-accurate. Which, as we all know, every legend is entirely true.” He says the last bit with a grin.


Oh dear, I hope it wasn’t too obvious. I try to not bother people from my lack of hands-on experience. Still, thanks for giving us a hand on getting started with the hobby!

"Ah, but that's why they bring me along," he replies, now grinning slightly and speaking much more confidently, though still with a slightly hesitant voice,"I tell them what's safe to touch, what should be left alone, and I even take some of the nastier curses off the nicer treasure. But yes, their slumbering owners c-can be... unpleasant."

Just so everyone knows, Hyir is quite talkative. In fact, he might never shut up if you get him going on the right subject. He will just never initiate the conversation.

Hyir finally looks up when Abdur makes his announcement. In fact, he nearly jumps out of his chair. However, once he recovers, he dashes over to the line and is the first there. He introduces himself to Abdur.
”H-hello, I’m Hyir, I d-don’t believe we’ve fo-formally met yet,” he stutters, “I-I’m a local sch-scholar with a specialty in Ancient Osiriani history and linguistics. I’ve gone on several expeditions before this, and I-I h-have quite the knack with di-disarming a-and manipulating even ma-magical traps. You see, most ancient Osiriani magical traps use a pattern of specialized runes and glyphs. While they’re very hard to notice, and usually all but impossible to disable, with the proper disturbance, whether throwing a pebble, adding an extra glyph or erasing an old one, I’ve found that nearly any magical trap or curse can be circumvented… He trails off, ”Oh, so-sorry, A-Abdur, si-sir. I don’t mean to bore you. R-rest assured, I’m one of the best in the business of disabling curse wards and trapped corridors. O-oh, sorry. I sometimes apologize too much. Oh, sorry, I did it again. Oh dear. H-have a good day, Abdur sir. S-sorry.”

Later, when Abdur says his poetry, Hyir actually looks up from his book and raises a quizzical eyebrow. He wonders if Abdur actually understands what he’s saying in the context of the larger poem, or if he simply had a very unfortunate choice of passage.
Knowledge (history): 1d20 + 11 ⇒ (15) + 11 = 26

Tali, I can be sitting next to you
The man sitting next to you looks up from his books and replies in a very timid voice that grows more confident as he goes, “Y-you’d be amazed. M-many people here are quite insane. Of course, I re-regularly v-venture into the ruins myself, so I’m hardly the best judge. I'm also local, mind you, and all foreigners are insane independent of their suicidal tendencies. But the rewards? Beyond measure. Lore, lost for untold ages, being brought back to the light. Piles of golden treasure, masterful works of art, studded with gems, and inlayed with gold, silver, and lapis lazuli. Magical treasures, ancient creations for whom the secrets of making have been lost for millennia. Yes, my dear, the rewards are beyond measure.”


I just want to let you know that I’m actually quite the new player. I have one campaign currently going (a mythic Kingmaker campaign, Fey Winds Blowing), that I only just started (and it’s moving reeeaaallyy slowly). Other than that, I’ve never actually been a part of any campaigns. I realize my profile may look all that new, but I’ve never actually been a part of any games. Just so you know. I didn’t know if you had noticed that or not. And I’m apologizing too much again. Sorry. I do that sometimes. Aargh!
…Sometimes, I get a little too in character… Sorry.
I did it again.
Oh dear.

Hyir seems to be working entirely on autopilot now, eating without even looking at his food, only staring at his book, turning the page every minute or so. It’s entirely possible you could switch his meal for a pile of dirt and he wouldn’t even notice.


Great! I’m mostly done at this point, and I’ve cleaned up my walls of text formerly dominating my profile, so it should be easier to read now.

That being said, I saw Thoth was an Ancient Osiriani deity on the Archives. I'm going with him as Hyir's deity. (I only saw his domains, alignment, and areas of concern, so I think I'm safe from spoilers.) Admittedly, LN and NG don't always mesh the best, but hey. Hyir isn't about to look to divinity for power any time soon.

Also, would it be possible to apply the secondary benefit from Eldritch Delver (+1 CL to teleportation spells) to my Dimensional Slide Arcanist Exploit? It normally wouldn’t work, as the ability scales with class level, not caster level, and isn’t a spell in any case, but it would be nice to have an extra 10 feet that I could teleport with my three uses of the ability each day. It’s no big ddeal if not, but I figured there was no harm in asking.

Along those same lines, I had an idea that would help with the RP aspect of a wizard teaching himself from Ancient Osiriani magic primers- flavoring his arcane exploits as long-lost secrets of magic. Once again, it’s fine if that wouldn’t work, it was just an idea I had that I thought I may as well throw out there.


Hyir, intent on his books, completely misses the entire interaction, despite being less than five feet away.

Okay, thanks.
I wanted to get my submission in on the fast side, so that I wouldn't have to worry as the deadline approached. Anything in particular you would like to see expanded upon in my backstory?

I actually, after some looking, found a site that listed Egyptian surnames (unsure on the reputability, but this is Golarion, not Earth in any case), and I'm going with Akil, meaning intelligent. It's the sort of thing that Hyir would love- a genuine Ancient Osirani name! And now it's all his.

As for the NPCs, I won't do so usually. I got my wires slightly crossed on this, as I'm applying to a few PBPs at the moment, and one wanted us to write an intro post that included slight interaction with NPCs (which I mistakenly thought was this one). So, sorry about that. I just was trying to introduce Hyir (pronounced Hi-ear, if you were wondering) as a locally known figure, generally liked, and having frequented Milki in the past. I do apologize.

Oh, and a question I forgot to ask earlier:
Would you be willing to let the trait Eldritch Delver (which grants a +1 to caster level) apply to the Dimensional Slide Arcane Exploit? It's technically not a spell, and it scales off of class level, so it shouldn't be allowed, but it would be nice to get an extra 10 feet out of my teleport (which I can only do 3 times/day, having no way to recharge, or other ways to use, my Arcane Pool)

Once again, the tavern door swings open, and hot wind and sand blows in for a second as a half-elf with black hair hurries in, clutching some books tightly against his chest. As he closes the door, one of the servers looks up and smiles when she sees the man, who’s looking wildly around at the bustling room, as though he expects to be ambushed.
”Good afternoon, Hyir! Today we’ve got a goat roasting. You hungry?” the serving girl asks with a wide grin on her face.

”Oh, good afternoon Amita.” the newcomer replies timidly, barely audible amongst the din of the room, and gives the server a small, barely visible smile, ”Goat sounds wonderful today. Please, do grab me a serving.”

”Of course! Anything to drink for you?”

”What? Oh, yes, of course. I’ll just have water today. I need to keep my head clear.”

Amita moves off through the crowded room, and Hyir takes a seat at the bar. He places his books on the counter, pulls out a pair of golden-rimmed glasses from his bag, and begins intently reading, only looking up long enough when his food is delivered to give a quick nod of thanks and flip the serving girl a gold coin.

Okay, so Hyir is very nearly done. I just need to finish gearing him up and pick his last feat (which will hopefully be done today, along with polishing up his profile).
He’s a shy, brilliant half-elf scholar who isn’t confident enough in his wizardry skills to tell anyone. He’s self-taught, but his study of Ancient Osiriani magic has led to startling revelations in non-spell magic.
His knowledge of ancient languages in unparalleled, and frequently joins exploration groups as a translator and trap disabler, for no payment beyond any information found within.
I just have a couple of questions left:

1- Hyir is a kind, generous scholar who works at a library, occasionally joins an expedition, and teaches classes weekly to street kids. Who might he know, what library might he work at, and do you have any suggestions for a last name?

2- Hyir is a bookworm through and through. Unfortunately, there’s not that many books listed in Ultimate Equipment, which makes exploring that side of him difficult mechanically. Using the books that are listed, and the Masterwork tools as a guide, would these books be priced well, and selectable for starting gear?
50 gp- Book of the Ancient Sands: grants a +2 circumstance bonus on Knowledge (history) checks involving ancient Osiriani
50 gp- Book of Ancient Lore: grants a +2 circumstance bonus on Knowledge (arcana) checks involving ancient Osiriani magic