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Full Name

Hotrek Shieldson


HP: 20/20| AC: 20/10/20 | Fort: +5| Ref: +4| Will: +2| Init: +3| Perc: +6| CMB: +5| CMD: 18|W.Hammer: +6;1d8+3| D.Longhammer: +5;2d6+4| L.Bow: +5;1d8|


Acro: -3| App: +3| Bluff:+0| Climb:-2| Dip: +0| Heal: +3| Inti: +0| K.(Dungeon): +| K.(Eng):+8| Prof (Soldier):+7| Ride:-6| SM: +3| Stealth: -6| Survival: +6|


Male Dwarf Fighter (Foehammer) 2






Lawful Neutral


Dwarven Pantheon


Common, Dwarven, Giant, Goblin, Undercommon



Strength 16
Dexterity 16
Constitution 15
Intelligence 16
Wisdom 14
Charisma 10

About Hotrek Shieldson

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Hotrek Shieldson


Character Crunch:

Male Dwarf Fghter (Foehammer) 2
Lawful Neutral Medium Humanoid
Init +3; Senses Dark Vision 60ft Perception +6

AC 20, touch 10, flat-footed 20 (+8 armor, +2 Shield, +0 Dex, +0 natural, +0 Dodge)
hp 20 (2d10+4)
Fort +5, Ref +4, Will +2
Resist None

Speed 20 ft.
Ranged Weapons Longbow +5 (1d8 20/x3) 100ft
Melee Weapons Mwk Sliver Warhammer +6 (1d8+3 20/x3)
Melee Weapons Dwarven Long Hammer (2d6+4 20/x3)
Special Attacks Power Attack -1 to hit, +2 dmg/+3 dmg
Spell-Like Abilities

Str 16, Dex 16, Con 15, Int 16, Wis 14, Cha 10
Base Atk +2; CMB +5; CMD 18
Languages Common, Dwarven, Giant, Goblin, Undercommon
SQ None (dc XX)

Weapon Focus (Warhammer) (1)
You gain a +1 bonus on all attack rolls you make using the selected weapon.

Power Attack (Fighter Bonus Feat 1)
You can choose to take a –1 penalty on all melee attack rolls and combat maneuver checks to gain a +2 bonus on all melee damage rolls. This bonus to damage is increased by half (+50%) if you are making an attack with a two-handed weapon, a one handed weapon using two hands, or a primary natural weapon that adds 1-1/2 times your Strength modifier on damage rolls.

This bonus to damage is halved (–50%) if you are making an attack with an off-hand weapon or secondary natural weapon.

When your base attack bonus reaches +4, and every 4 points thereafter, the penalty increases by –1 and the bonus to damage increases by +2. You must choose to use this feat before making an attack roll, and its effects last until your next turn.

The bonus damage does not apply to touch attacks or effects that do not deal hit point damage.

Improved Shield Bash (Fighter Bonus Feat 2)
When you perform a shield bash, you may still apply the shield's shield bonus to your AC.

Grounded (Racial)
You are well balanced, both physically and mentally. You gain a +2 trait bonus on balance-related Acrobatics checks, and a

+1 trait bonus on Reflex saves.

Seeker (Social)
You are always on the lookout for reward and danger. You gain a +1 trait bonus on Perception checks, and Perception is

always a class skill for you.

Class Features
Weapon and Armor Proficiency:
A fighter is proficient with all simple and martial weapons and with all armor (heavy, light, and medium) and shields (including tower shields).

Bonus Feats:
At 1st level, and at every even level thereafter, a fighter gains a bonus feat in addition to those gained from normal advancement (meaning that the fighter gains a feat at every level). These bonus feats must be selected from those listed as combat feats, sometimes also called “fighter bonus feats.”

Upon reaching 4th level, and every four levels thereafter (8th, 12th, and so on), a fighter can choose to learn a new bonus feat in place of a bonus feat he has already learned. In effect, the fighter loses the bonus feat in exchange for the new one. The old feat cannot be one that was used as a prerequisite for another feat, prestige class, or other ability. A fighter can only change one feat at any given level and must choose whether or not to swap the feat at the time he gains a new bonus feat for the level.

Bravery (Ex):
Starting at 2nd level, a fighter gains a +1 bonus on Will saves against fear. This bonus increases by +1 for every four levels beyond 2nd.

Acrobatics -3 (+1 Rank, +0 trained, +3 Ability, +2 Trait, -9 Armor)
Appraise +3 (+0 Rank, +0 trained, +3 Ability)
Bluff +0 (+0 Rank, +0 trained, +0 Ability)
Climb -2 (+1 Rank, +3 trained, +3 Ability, -9 Armor)
Craft (Weapons) +8 (+2 Rank, +3 trained, +3 Ability) Background
Diplomacy +0 (+0 Rank, +0 trained, +0 Ability)
Disable Device -6 (+0 Rank, +0 trained, +2 Ability, -9 Armor)
Disguise +0 (+0 Rank, +0 trained, +0 Ability)
Escape Artist -6 (+0 Rank, +0 trained, +2 Ability, -9 Armor)
Fly -6 (+0 Rank, +0 trained, +2 Ability, -9 Armor)
Handle Animal +0 (+0 Rank, +0 trained, +0 Ability)
Heal +3 (+1 Rank, +0 trained, +2 Ability)
Intimidate +0 (+0 Rank, +0 trained, +0 Ability)
Knowledge (Enginneering) +8 (+2 Rank, +3 trained, +3 Ability)
Knowledge (Dungeonnering) +8 (+2 Rank, +3 trained, +3 Ability)
Linguistics +3 (+0 Rank, +0 trained, +3 Ability)
Perception +6 (+1 Rank, +3 trained, +2 Ability)
Perform +0 (+0 Rank, +0 trained, +0 Ability)
Profession (Soldier) +7 (+2 Rank, +3 trained, +2 Ability) Background
Ride -6 (+0 Rank, +0 trained, +2 Ability, -9 Armor)
Sense Motive +3 (+1 Rank, +0 trained, +2 Ability)
Sleight of Hand -6 (+0 Rank, +0 trained, +2 Ability, -9 Armor)
Spellcraft +3 (+0 Rank, +0 trained, +3 Ability)
Stealth -6 (+0 Rank, +0 trained, +2 Ability, -9 Armor)
Survival +6 (+1 Rank, +3 trained, +2 Ability)
Swim -2 (+1 Rank, +3 trained, +3 Ability, -9 Armor)
Use Magic Device +0 (+0 Rank, +0 trained, +0 Ability)


Special Abilities

Equipment list]
Melee Weapons Masterworked Sliver Warhammer, Dwarven Long hammer
Ranged Weapons Longbow, 40 Arrows
Armor Half Plate, Heavy Wooden Shield
Other Gear
Healer's Kit (10/10)
Healer's Kit (10/10)
Smelling Salts

Fighter's kit
This kit includes a backpack, a bedroll, a belt pouch, a flint and steel, an iron pot, a mess kit, rope, soap, torches (10), trail rations (5 days), and a waterskin.

Spelunking kit
This kit holds equipment for exploring underground, consisting of a lantern with 4 flasks of oil, a hammer and 8 pitons, 100 feet of silk rope, a grappling hook, and a climber’s kit.

Explorer's Clothes

Magic Item

Wealth 114gp

Racial Traits

Dwarf Racial Traits:

+2 Constitution, +2 Wisdom, –2 Charisma: Dwarves are both tough and wise, but also a bit gruff.
Medium: Dwarves are Medium creatures and receive no bonuses or penalties due to their size.
Slow and Steady: Dwarves have a base speed of 20 feet, but their speed is never modified by armor or encumbrance.
Darkvision: Dwarves can see in the dark up to 60 feet.
Defensive Training: Dwarves gain a +4 dodge bonus to AC against monsters of the giant subtype.
Greed: Dwarves gain a +2 racial bonus on Appraise checks made to determine the price of nonmagical goods that contain precious metals or gemstones.
Hardy: Dwarves gain a +2 racial bonus on saving throws against poison, spells, and spell-like abilities.
Stability: Dwarves gain a +4 racial bonus to their Combat Maneuver Defense when resisting a bull rush or trip attempt while standing on the ground.
Stonecunning: Dwarves gain a +2 bonus on Perception checks to notice unusual stonework, such as traps and hidden doors located in stone walls or floors. They receive a check to notice such features whenever they pass within 10 feet of them, whether or not they are actively looking.
Weapon Familiarity: Dwarves are proficient with battleaxes, heavy picks, and warhammers, and treat any weapon with the word "dwarven" in its name as a martial weapon.
Languages: Dwarves begin play speaking Common and Dwarven. Dwarves with high Intelligence scores can choose from the following: Giant, Gnome, Goblin, Orc, Terran, and Undercommon.

Background Story

Hotrek Shieldson:

He was getting on in years. He knew that but still he cherished a dream. A dream of an ancient city he heard tell about but never saw. A dream described by his elders with great awe and bitterness. Something that grew into a legend but in truth was something real and unattainable.

He never saw it as such as he waited for the day that his years of honing his craft would bring him near to that dream. A city crafted by ancient dwarvish craft. A series of tunneled paths once trod on by numerous of his people.

Years had passed as he practiced the tools and tactics of war passed down by those very same elders. He wasn't of any royal bloodline but he was Delzoun of blood and this wasn't something that could be easily forgotten over the ages. He still carried that pride. That same stubborn pride in the face of his race's ancient enemies. The same pride that would have brought down lesser beings but sustained him in the thickest of fighting with the worst of wounds.

No. He waited. For that call he knew would one day come.
He waited for the day when he would answer that call with everything and more.

He was Hotrek Shieldson.
A Dwarf.
And he had a proud dream waiting for him to fufil.