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"Waruko", did this get resolved?

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gamer-printer wrote:
I agree that a creative player can come up with reasons to be an exception, having Tianxia blood ties in the past. But it doesn't feel like an "exception" when everybody wants to play an Asian based character.

But in the end exception or not it simply does not matter. Tian Xia is a big place and there is no reason that a character from anywhere else in the Dragon Empires can't find Minkai "exotic." It's like saying I can't find Mexico exotic because I'm from Canada. "Wha?"

Now I get'cha and I follow the idea of it's "post to be about..." but in the end it's not our story. My point is, I rally against this idea of "it doesn't make sense if..." in regards to the fact it's their game. If they want to all play the ninja turtles to Ameiko's "O'neil" who knew she was the princess all along and came to bring her home, more power to them. It's their job alone to figure out what makes sense and what doesn't for them in the kitchen sink D&D setting that is Golarion.

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gamer-printer wrote:
Honestly I see this come up a lot, but the AP is supposed to be about a band of adventurers from Varisia (the West) traveling over the top of the world and visiting the exotic far east. How is it going to feel exotic, if PCs are samurai and other Asian based classes (ninja, kensai, etc.) already - it doesn't really fit to play PCs from Tianxia. They are NOT from Tianxia, they are going to Tianxia for the first time. It doesn't make sense to play Tianxia race/classes - its supposed to be someplace new for the party.

Not so, but to be fair as blackbloodtroll said, "Still, with the right flavoring, any class works." I'm playing a Kensai/Bladebound Magus. He is the orphaned son of an Ulfen Bloodrager and a Tian-Min Samurai who was a former retainer to the Kaijitsu's family. His skills were nurtured by a Tengu friend of the family who raised him as his own. He has never been to Tainxia, knows nothing, like Ameiko, about his heritage or ancestral culture from EITHER of his lineages. The journey for him is literally figuring out who he is from a genealogical standpoint.

So almost anything can make sense if the players are creative enough. Lastly, I want to point out one small thing. The four iconics for this AP are a monk, a witch, a druid, and a samurai.

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I sold my account to the guy above. Enough said right?

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I'm Hiding In Your Closet wrote:
Secondly, just because you're a hypocrite doesn't mean you're wrong.

"Who better to tell you not to drink alcohol than an alcoholic."

I hate gamers that are jerks. Sometimes, I hate myself. See above.

Pink Peckers

No problem.

Technology Guide pg. 17.

"It is also possible to enhance high-tech armor and hightech weaponry with armor special abilities or weapon special abilities, including magical enhancement bonuses. One could build a +2 laser rifle, a +4 dancing humanoid bane chainsaw, or a +1 ghost touch space suit. In theory, a magic item creator could even infuse a technological item with magical intelligence. To create a magical high-tech item like this, one must first secure the high-tech item itself, either via purchase, discovery, or crafting. All high-tech weapons and armor are considered masterwork for the purposes of adding magical enhancements to them (though they do not gain the other typical benefits for masterwork items). At the GM’s discretion, some magical special abilities might simply not be appropriate for application to certain technological items. When a character crafts an existing technological item into a magic item in this manner, he does not need to meet the base item’s crafting requirements—a wizard with Craft Magic Arms and Armor can create a +1 arc pistol from a normal arc pistol without having Craft Technological Arms and Armor and without having access to a military laboratory. In a situation where a character wishes to craft the entire item from scratch, the nonmagical technological item must be fully crafted and completed before work on magically enhancing it can begin."

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Thanks again Arumvorax!

Heightened Awareness: Level alchemist 1, bard 1, druid 1,inquisitor 1, ranger 1, shaman 1, sorcerer/wizard 1

Molten Orb:Level bloodrager 2, magus 2, sorcerer/wizard 2, witch 2

Wall of Blindness/Deafness: Level bard 4, cleric 5, sorcerer/wizard 4, witch 4

Contingent Action: Level bard 2, sorcerer/wizard 2

Contingent Scroll: Level bard 4, sorcerer/wizard 4

All my chrome will look retro like Glory from Shadowrun Dragonfall. Also this will be happening:

Sure, I'll have to craft a brand new weapon to make this work but I mean...look at it, it begs for creation. It wants to exist.

Thanks. Since this had so many requirements I put this on the same level as ranger favored enemy and such. "Sorry Joe you just won't get the chance to become a street doc since you won't have lab access." Waiting is good though and seems appropriate. I for one just want to make goo-tubes as soon as possible.

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Assuming they take all of the required skills & feats will PC's gain access to a permanent base or location with the needed labs and generators for crafting sometime in the AP? I can see a lot of PC's being disappointed in taking Craft Cybernetics or Pharmaceuticals but yet never get a chance to use them because they never have access to labs long enough to make it worth it.

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How about something a little more hard hitting hmm? Invite Andius on. He either comes off as more rational and cool headed than people think or you have effectively given him enough rope to hang himself. Pure win-win. ^_^

That aside I liked it.

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Being wrote:
@ Horo: I'm pretty easy. My vehemence is oratorical.

...and sometimes erroneous. That's why I'm always here to help.

@Bluddwolf Oh sorry! /bonk

I missed all the "seriousness" in the rest of the tomfoolery. Acts like static you see. But hey I knew you could be clear when you wanted. Cheers!

Edited my original post thanks to your correction. That hour edit window is murder!

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Chiassa wrote:
It's worth noting that the major dissenting voice - Bluddwolf - is the voice of The UnNamed Company, so this wasn't some random person raising objections, but instead one guild's representative taking part in a discussion for guild representatives.

Oh that's soooooooo cute. You think he was JUST "discussing"! Hahahahaha.

EDITED: For for Truth!

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Don't thank me. I plan on killing your members starting with Andius.

Course my hit list has expanded thanks to this thread so maybe I should thank you.

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Being wrote:
Andius wrote:

...I'll remember that when you ask us for our help in the future. As surely any group who fails to prepares for the harsh realities that come with an Open World PVP game will end up doing.


Fear-based decisions seldom have positive results, and intimidation is not negotiation.

Your organization is clearly less NG than it is LN.

Hey boys why don't you take it easy. Sure Andius could of used taking down a peg or two but let's not start calling alignment shifts and potential other blanket statements about his organization. Slippery slope. Stay on target.

I do love all the trolling in this thread masked as "discussion." Delicious.

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Nothing screams intimidation like net memes and Star Trek villains. I'm all for comedic evil, I like it.


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