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Thanks Fuzzy-Wuzzy! That was exactly what I needed.

My local game shop was having a "Going out of business sale" so I gave them a visit. I saw the "Pathfinder Playtest Rulebook" and the module "Doomsday Dawn". The back of the book says, "This 432-page rulebook contains everything you need to create and advance your Pathfinder Playtest character from level 1 to 20,...". Sweet! I've always wanted to try Pathfinder! I realize it's a playtest, and so it may have some quirks. Still, it's an entire game, and it's on sale! I bought both the rulebook and the module!

I got home, and eagerly began perusing my purchase, I discovered on Page 6 that I needed to download a free PDF called the "Pathfinder Playtest Bestiary" in order to play the game. That's a kinda lame, but okay. Unfortunately, when I visited the website, all I found was a notice that the Playtest is over, and that I can pre-order the final rulebooks.


Does that mean I can't get the free bestiary? Is it available somewhere else? I cannot return the product to the game shop -- they went out of business. Did I waste my money?