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Like, I'm aaaaaaall about the positive energy and good vibes and junk.

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The trick is to toooootally load up your vocabulary with, like, things that might sound complimentary if you don't, like, already know what they mean and junk. It's, like, all in your tone, so if you just push your voice to, like, a higher pitch and start, like, sounding less certain?

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Like, smite inconvenience and junk.

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Hellooooooo! Like, what's going on in, like, this thread and junk?

Like, ohmigosh yes! I am totes up for some action!

I could, like, totally use this voice for like, alllll session tonight.

Like, what are we doing here and junk?

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Ugh, you have, like, noooooo idea. They get all miffed and junk if you, like, tell them to stand down in the name of justice, and they get all, like, "Go to the back of the line and, like, wait your turn," and I'm all "But I've been here, like, two hours, and that guy just jumped the line, and you guys are supposed to be lawful and..."

Like, come with me if you want to live.

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Evil? I, like, need to smite that and junk!

But, like, that's what I made this alias for.

Cheapy wrote:
Jesus, 37 posts in an hour. It's like someone dropped a monk / paladin thread in here.

We can do paladin stuff.

taig wrote:
Scintillae wrote:
Perhaps smiting is unnecessary today.
I was looking forward to a good smiting.

I know! I, like, love smiting!

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Aww... messages, like, can totally be full conversations! I mean, you should, like, have my number already, but I guess I can, like, leave it at the end and junk? I said it real fast; is that, like, okay?

Uh, extermination isn't, like, nice! You should, like, totally stop that!

Ugh! Like, Smite Loser!

Oh my gosh, you guys! Like, stop this wanton destruction and junk at once!

Orthos wrote:
lynora wrote:
Orthos wrote:
lynora wrote:
If it's too cold, well, an extra sweater/blanket/coat will fix it. But there's no fixing heat.

Yeah this is what a lot of people who like cold tell me, but I just don't get it. It doesn't matter how many layers I pile on, until the heat gets turned up I'm useless when it's cold.

Back when I had my own apartment I never let the thermostat below 85*. (30* C) Maybe 80* if money was tight.

My husband would do that if I let him, but I can't function well or really at all if the temperature is over 70-75 degrees F. I will basically just sit there glassy-eyed like an arctic animal at the zoo in the summer.
I could tolerate that but people who do tend to give me grief about wearing a jacket in the house =P

Well, duh! They wouldn't, like, do that if you, like, accessorized!

Emperor7 wrote:
Drejk wrote:
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Aberzombie wrote:
Mmmmm.... Fleshlight.
AZ goes for a brainless diet?

He's on the Airhead diet?

Great. That will mean Zombie Farts. There are few things worse.

That's, like, soooooooo gross! And mean! You should, like, feel bad and junk?