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I am in for the steamwalker level. I have liked what I have seen so far and the rest of the titles look like they are full of options.

Where do the 8 Lattices terminate? Do they end at Gatetowns or Portals?

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I have to say every update has been great. This book really is dialed up to 11. This thing is almost funded. I look forward to some of the stretch goals getting hit as well.
Weird question in Sigil the city is kept safe due to nature of the city and the Lady of Pain, how is this city protected from Demonic/Angelic Armies and Gods etc?

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Those spiders are neat. I am stoked that on the kickstarter blog they mentioned a possibility of 7 planar races.
Any possibility of a top ten list of the coolest most different aspects of the book, that I could show my gaming buddies to hook them into this project?

The more I read about this project the more excited I get. I will admit I have not done much with the plane of shadow, but now that I have been reading your lost spheres page and thinking of what has been teased in the book I am wanting the book yesterday.
I was wondering are there going to be any materials that come exclusively from the shadow realm. A for instance would be the green steel of planescape.

I was wondering who are the primary denizens of this city. For example, with Dis you have Devils, with the city of Brass you have Efreets, and Sigil was a gentle blend of the planes.
Also I really hope some of the stretch goals open up. I look forward to some more spells from Wolfgang especially!

I have been reading the kickstarter page. The Planejamming write up looks interesting. Are the ships an item like a spelljamming helm or is there a different mechanic?

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Hoping it is similar to Dune Trader from the old Dark Sun Line.

Will this book play well with the Planar Adventures book that was just announced? Is it designed exclusively for high level play or can low to mid level adventures happen there as well?