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Freehold DM wrote:
Not all women use the same playbook.


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Hef just pawn in game of life.

Who Mr. GH?

Mikaze wrote:
Shadowborn wrote:
Please make the Off-Topic Forum more interesting
Off-Topic Discussion is pregnant with Word Games' baby, and it still hasn't told Gamer Talk about its affair. The baby may also be the Antichrist.

U ruin Merikan Horror Storee.

Mothman wrote:
Yeah, I like that the 'don't be a jerk' rule is front and centre there.

Yeah. What that about?

Manning not Safety. Manning Quarterback. DUH!

Me believe me is stupid one.

Me no understand.

Mairkurion {tm} wrote:
Way to make a welcome wagon.

::Pete the Puma laugh::

Treppa wrote:
Was AZ wandering the KY byways?

What Arizona want with sex jelly?

When is new season of American Eidolon?

The Jade wrote:
Studpuffin's naked comic strip link for TotP.

You said Choice Link. Hurr-hurr!

I don't believe in good and evil.

Solnes wrote:
Justin Franklin wrote:
Solidish (cuz baby food is not what I would call solid) food continues to be a hit and so is the bottle/sippy cup thing filled with water.
Solidish foods?! Wow he is growing so fast!

Huh. In spite of his first name, Jude didn't look Solidish.

Me like in Bali when she sing that song. She purty.


Wet Blanket wrote:

So, a thread about idiots is created, and look who shows up?

::Arrives by limo in his smoking jacket and slippers::

Duh HURR!!!

Hurr ha hurr hurr hurr!

Hurr hurr ha hurr hurr...

Also, HO-bbit is a sexist term! Not to mention, elves!

Me against the wedding!

Durr durr Burf Tay!

Hurr hurr. Yeah!

Jist becuz wAre NekromanserZ don't mEan werre EVul.

taig wrote:
Sharoth wrote:
taig wrote:
Monkey needs a time out. :)

Bad monkey. You need to be spanked.


Urizen volunteered for that...duty.

Hurr hurr...

you said dooty.

taig wrote:
Dr. Double Honors, Ph.D. wrote:
Urizen wrote:
Mairkurion {tm} wrote:
Urizen wrote:

Pshaw! Over half of you STILL misspell my RL name on a regular basis.

But I do make you pay. Dearly.

Not I, DoubleG.
Ironically, one of Mindy's friends has dubbed me with that moniker.
It's not ironic. It's like an IQ thang.
Oh sure. Brag about your IQ on the boards, why doncha?


Derpy Der, em gonna kick yur ass!

Me hang on you evry word.

alleynbard wrote:
I have been beating my brain...

You tenderizing for Aberzombie?

Me help!
Unslings spiked club.

Me want gish!


Hurr hurr hurr hurr!!!

taig wrote:
Twin Agate Dragons wrote:
taig wrote:

Will we get to page 500 before Gary shuts this thread down?

Will Grumpkurion make an appearance soon?

Tune in and find out!

I thought Teeter said the limit was 511 pages?

Gary hasn't ever really defined a limit, but he's shut down the previous threads at 423 and 411 pages, I think. Both times were shortly after the thread started behaving like, oh, it is right now.



Check FB.

I'm sooooo excited!!!

All these chicks showing up on Paizo on the same day!

They're into Pathfinder and their PORN STARS!!!!!!

Uh...yeah, baby. you're doin' it right. Hurr-hurr.