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Sorry that this sounds pithy, but I'd rather give Piazo money to update this website instead of whatever Demiplane is trying to accomplish.

GGSigmar wrote:
I believe there is already a fan-made tool online for it. I think if you asked on reddit you will get the link.

I have found some fan-made stuff that is alright, but I may follow your advice on reddit and see what variations that the community uses. Thanks! :)

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In case it hasn't been asked (but likely too late because of print deadlines), please-please, please put in some random loot tables! This will save GM's a ton of time when making a treasure hoard for the players because it is currently so time consuming to pour through a half-dozen books to give out varied loot.

You could collate all prior published treasure along with the new treasure into d100 tables, broken up by type/rarity (ex. armor/uncommon), and adjust the percentages as evenly as possible (by default). This has already been done in the Gamemastery Guide (page, 114) for gems and art items, and by the gods it would be useful for all the other rewards under the sun. Heck I would pay top dollar for just a PDF of the tables that is form-fillable (for adjusting %'s and/or omitting items) that is updated with newly published items. A boy can dream, thanks.