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Krystiana Read This:
Tercio Andares is mayor of Sauerton, one of the consuls who administer Andoran’s military, and owner of the extremely successful Sauerton Red winery.

Andares has generally remained popular in Sauerton despite the town suffering from a rash of attacks by wild beasts from the Verduran Forest in recent years, as his winery employs much of the town directly or indirectly, and it is rare for any public figure to suggest Andares might be responsible for any problems.

Mallycorn Read This:
Tercio Andares is mayor of Sauerton, one of the consuls who administer Andoran’s military, and owner of the extremely successful Sauerton Red winery.

Andares has generally remained popular in Sauerton despite the town suffering from a rash of attacks by wild beasts from the Verduran Forest in recent years, as his winery employs much of the town directly or indirectly, and it is rare for any public figure to suggest Andares might be responsible for any problems.

A few unpopular individuals around Sauerton say that the Andares family is rotten, and that anyone who makes trouble for Tercio or his kin is quickly and quietly encouraged to leave town.

Venture Captain Brackett nods at Krystiana. "Unfortunately it's nothing so innocent. The kidnappers have already contacted Andares demanding he not aid any investigators in locating his daughter, but no demands have yet been given."

PCs can also make a Knowledge (Geography) or (Local) check to see what they know about Sauerton.

Discussion is here, please post in your character alias to avoid confusion.

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philipjcormier wrote:

Headbutt is a new player. Why don't you let him take my spot and I'll be alt. I have played once before.

You’re a gentleman. I’m preparing to GM a tier 1-2 run of The Stolen Heir currently. Since you’re swapping out for me, I’ll save you a spot if you’re interested. Fair warning, it is my first time GM’ing online.

That said, I’m opening recruitment for #5-04 The Stolen Heir! The remaining spots are first come first serve, recruitment can be found here.

Recruitment is open!

This is my first attempt at running a play-by-post game. While I have GM’d plenty of games face to face, I don’t expect an absolutely perfect first online game, and I ask that you don’t either. I’ve been following many of the online campaigns being run in the community and I’ve tried to glean as much knowledge as possible from them, but there’s no better way to learn than doing it yourself. Please feel free to call out any mistakes I may make along the way, I’ll sincerely appreciate it! Now, on to the game!

This will be a Standard Tier 1-2 game, recruitment is first come first serve. I’m expecting to start on Thursday the 14th. When you introduce yourself, please give the following information:

Player Name
Character Name
Downtime Roll, if any

If you like, you can give a brief introduction of your character as well. Happy gaming!

Would be interested in both, with a particular interest in The Confirmation.

GM Abraham wrote:
grimdog73 wrote:
Murder's Mark isn't evergreen is it?
I'd have to double-check the guide, but I believe that all tier 1-2 are evergreen, at least for level 1 PCs, but I think you can only play them at level 2 once.

If you’re still available, I have a Level 1 Battle Sorceress who’s itching for her first adventure. She’s a bit light on skills, only having Bluff as a social skill, but has great melee and magic capabilities.

Thanks everyone for the helpful responses!

zer0darkfire wrote:
Headbutt wrote:
Has the Starstone Trial ever been put to page?
Nope. Part of the problem is that the test of the Starstone is extremely customized depending on who is taking the test.

Do you know where that’s said? I’m looking for what little information is available on the trial itself.

Has the Starstone Trial ever been put to page?

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Well if there’s ever an AP opening, keep me in mind! I think I’d like playing with a single consistent group over a long period.

Ultimate Combat wrote:
As a swift action, you can enter the stance employed by the fighting style a style feat embodies. Although you cannot use a style feat before combat begins, the style you are in persists until you spend a swift action to switch to a different combat style.

Whoops. Consider him only mentally psyched up for now.

Mbende Elu-Igwe wrote:
robothedino here- apologies for the delay in getting this character going; the design part's been finished for days but I've had a dickens of a time getting a proper stat block formatted and entered on the profile. Right now it just includes a link to a Google Drive folder with a PDF character sheet. Hope it suffices for the time being, I'll get it entered properly ASAP!

I'm new too, once I got the formatting down for making sheets, I started loving the profiles here even more than standard sheets. It's so easy to customize and organize it how you like.

This is Agni by the way.

I see some players in multiple campaigns at once, what are the rules on that?

Shifty wrote:

I don’t mind people taking less optimal pathways, as long as they then don’t complain about not being able to do as much (or start bring a massive resource drain).

Everything is fun until someone is a liability to others.

It’s a team game and it’s expected you can contribute to the team, not hinder it.

I have a Level 1 Commoner hitting for 2d6+6, +6 to hit, 17 AC. Not quite up to snuff with a fully optimized Fighter, but he could pull his weight. He’ll have to wait for a non-PFS game to shine!

GM Hmm wrote:

Interestingly, Additional Resources does not clarify much about the CRB, because the CRB is not an 'additional' resource.


However, NPC classes are not available for Organized Play, as per this FAQ.. Fortunately, with so many classes available, you can still create just about any character concept. Can we help you flesh out your character idea?


Ah, that’s a shame. Unfortunately the character idea was “make an effective Commoner.” The class specifically.

Thank you for the help though!

I know this is an odd question, but all Pathfinder Core Rulebook material is legal unless stated otherwise right? Does that mean Commoner, Adept, Expert, Aristocrat, and Warrior are legal?

GM Hmm wrote:
Thank you, Ietsuna!


Welcome Lokhem! I’m new as well, perhaps we’ll get our sea legs together!

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Lawrence Smith 2 wrote:
Best chance to be in an AP? Offer to GM one. ;-)

I think I’ll get the hang of playing before GMing, but I’d be open to the idea.

Is the chance to play an AP rare?

GM Abraham wrote:
Headbutt, also note that with Pathfinder 2 having recently launched, there are games of both PF 1 and PF 2 (as well as Starfinder) to be found here. Could be a little confusing if you bring a PF1 character to a PF2 game, or vice versa. Games listed in this lodge (Flaxseed) are PF1.

I definitely didn’t accidentally try to join a PF2 game already. I’ve tried 2E but it wasn’t to my taste, I’ll be sticking with 1E for the time being.

Ietsuna wrote:
Umm, it really depends on the GM and the group. I think my games typically run 5-6 weeks at a guess. Are you starting with a level 1 character, or do you have one you have played previously?

I’ve played 3.5/Pathfinder for nearly a decade, but this is my first introduction into Pathfinder Society. I’ve made a fresh level 1 character using guides online (and snooping some of your characters) but I haven’t played yet.

Thank you all again for being so welcoming. About how long are online games typically? Is there any particular one I should start with?

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Lady Ladile wrote:
If I may make a recommendation, how about DM Euan's Curse of the Crimson Throne campaign? It wasn't played using PFS rules but the DM is a good one and they actually managed to finish the entire AP, which is rare in PbP!

That was a fantastic read! While I obviously haven't finished it, that's what I was looking for. Online play seems like it gives more RP opportunity, I can appreciate that.

The only published material I’ve already played through is Rise of the Runelords and Curse of the Crimson Throne, I’ll have to find a game of one of them.

As a side note, it’s awesome that there’s an online community like this.

Thanks both of you. I meant snooping into people’s games to get an idea of what text roleplay will be like. Will that spoil anything? My first Pathfinder Society character has been made, so I’m ready as soon as a game opens up.

Are other player’s campaigns typically considered private?

Whoops, thought this was 1e. Bowing out, my apologies.

Thanks for the support as well, Lady Ladile. I posted in that thread Ietsuna, is there anywhere else I sign up/apply at, or just wait and see if I’m selected?

Edit: whoops, didn’t realize that was 2e.

Does this group have room for one more, assuming it’s friendly for new players? I’m still figuring this Pathfinder Society thing out.

Name Pending
Investigator Level 1

Edit Edit:
Ignore, wrong edition

Ietsuna wrote:

There is a guide to Org Play that Paizo puts out. It can be found HERE for 1e. 2e's is a wiki style located HERE

They are more focused on how to play, how to GM, how to build characters etc. In terms of finding games here is a good place to look. There is also the 2e lodge Cottonseed HERE if you are looking for 2e games. As others have told you there is a Gameday on right now so there are not as many games starting up as normal. I will have a game wrapping up in the next week or so, so I will be looking to start up something in the near future. Is there anything in particular you are looking to play?

I appreciate the helpful response. If you do start a game I’d be interested, no particular preferences. I have yet to make my character so that gives me a bit of time, creating a PC under Pathfinder Society rules is new to me.

Thanks for the warm welcome. Is there a guide to Online Play someone can direct me towards? I don’t understand where to look for games to join.

Reads the room.

I hope I'm not interrupting something. Is this where fresh meat signs up for Pathfinder Society Online play?