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HP 20/20 AC: 17/17/14 F: +5 R: +5 W: +7


Per: +9 Init:+2


Human Monk 2 Male





About Haterivet

Haterivet was born as eleventh baby to a dirt-poor family of some cruel nomadic tribe. Almost immediately after his birth, he was traded to a local church of Zon-Kuthon for some food and a jug of wine. The priests "foresaw" that Haterivet is in a way connected to their destruction, and that he could be the tool of their salvation. Was it a cruel trick of one if the gods, or just too much wine/drugs inside the priest, that made him to receive the prophecy but to interpret it in a completely opposite way, it will never be known.

One way or the other, baby Haterivet was spared, and instead of being sacrificed to the dark god, like the others at that time, he was taken under custody and mentor-ship of Odren. Odren was a wandering monk, who came from Tian Xia after loosing his family in a strange incident. What Haterivet was able to discern was that Odren's drinking had something to do with the death of his family. Odren almost never talked about it, and Haterivet learned the hard way not to question him on that (or almost any other) subject.

Being raised by a wandering monk, recently converted to Zon-Kuthon, and obviously on the edge of craziness (if not already there), was a very harsh and gruelling experience for Haterivet. He never knew love, affection or any of the similar emotions shared even by foster-parents. He had to train daily, and to pray to Zon-Kuthon regularly. Since Odren was recently converted, he knew little about the actual tenets and rituals of his newly discovered "saviour", and in his lunacy, he really did not care much. Therefore, Odren focused on physical training of young Haterivet, while religious aspect was mostly forgotten (aside from sporadic ritual lashings of young Haterivet, so he could better "understand the faith").

Yet Haterivet grew in size and strength, and upon turning 17, his training complete, he was released by Odren and returned to the church of Zon-Kuthon, as a bodyguard for priests. The ritual of his "introduction" to the church included of course severe torture, alongside with castration. Being priestly bodyguard, meant also practically being a slave for all their perverted desires, as well as assistant in their sadistic rituals.

Time passed and Haterivet settled in his new role. All was "well" until that faithful day. Big ceremony was scheduled in Empty Threshold, a temple of Zon-Kuthon in Graydirge, celebrating their wicked god. For seven days before the event, Haterivet almost could not sleep at all, being "chased and stabbed" by suns golden rays, and moonlight's silver beams. On the morning of the ceremony, he was exhausted by sleep deprivation, his mind almost blank, and being able to stand just by sheer force of will.

The ceremony started, and Haterivet saw "the prize" for their god that day. A completely untouched, beautiful golden-haired 7 year old girl. Realization that something that innocent, something so perfect, so different from the world he knew, is going to be tortured and sacrificed to his god in the most gruesome manner, hit him like a hammer. At that same moment, a surprise attack by a group of adventurers, sponsored by church of Desna started. Instead of rushing to the defence of his charges (priests) Haterivet just stood dazed. Even without his help, defenders were able to quickly rally, and using powers of their wicked god started to turn the battle in their favour. Haterivet stood watching attackers fall and die, one by one, until his eye caught a glimpse of one enemy warrior, a paladin obviously, in a golden plate armour, fighting like possessed, doing all in his power to protect a very old lady, a priest of a sorts, who stood next to him. Suddenly this old lady looked him straight in the eyes and even in the din of the battle - she smiled! Haterivet felt like something dark and warm had pierced his lungs from behind, and started to spread throughout him. With tears in his eyes, and steady movements, he approached one of his priests from behind, grabbed him by the neck, violently turned him around so he could look in his eyes and then squeezed. He kept squeezing his grip, all the while crying and laughing. It did did not take him much and he chocked the man the death. Then he approached next priest of Zon-Kuthon, again from behind...

Was it because of pure luck and confusion of the battle, or was it by some kind of influence from above, but Haterivet was able to approach and then kill (usually by straggling them to death) eleven of his people, four of them Zon-Kuthon priests. All the while he felt old lady's eyes upon him, and her blessings, and even healing spells kept him going. Finally, all that was left on the battlefield was him, the old lady priest, paladin in golden plate, and just some shadowy movement he caught in the corner of his eye. He saw the paladin approach and take the golden-haired girl, who was alive and untouched. He heard the old lady clearly, talking to him: "Welcome Haterivet, long have you threaded dark paths. My name is Tianes Kaneanthi of Starsong. Go free now of their influence, and try to live life worthy of a man!" And then his mind swam, and he fell unconscious, his head hitting the floor hard. While he slept, he dreamed of a travel, and a song...The Song of the Spheres.

Since then, he was on the move. Known as "Priest killer of Graydirge" he was hunted by his former associates, and all he knew was wilderness trails, dark, damp places deserted by man, bad food and his constant search. He learned, albeit slowly, of a different world, world not filled only with darkness, but with laughter, joy, sunlight and hope. In his dreams The Tender of Dreams is often there, talking to him. When he wakes up, Haterivet never remembers the conversation. But one thing he knows - last night he dreamed something else. Last night, the lady Tianes appeared in his dream. "Come to Andoran, Haterivet. Come to Andoran and fulfil your destiny. Find the source of this dread winter, and your debt will be paid in full." His path was clear...several months later, after a long and taxing trip, monk appeared in the capital city of Almas in Andoran, looking for Knight-Commander Calisiaria Reinn of the Eagle Knights...