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What the old man says is quite believable for everyone, even though Chell doesn't like him his concern is real, when he speaks of the servants. "Of course...I want my people back." He emphasizes. "I'll pay you 500 gold to do so. Several of my workers have disappeared over a couple week - many of them children. Tulita children. I thought it was that slaver that you caught but Commandant Boneduece assures me the is not the culprit." He shakes his head, "No tracks were left and I sent a few of my overseers out with our very best hounds, they found nothing....nothing." He stops to catch his breath. "Up until just a few days ago these disappearances were occurring nightly, I suspect it's local and coming form the Blacksink Marsh...I mean this is the closest plantation to the marsh."

He suddenly stops and straightens up, "Regardless of what you think of me, I know how jealously and rumors happen, I am a first and foremost a keen business man. I want to pull the source of the disappearances out by the roots before something big happens."

"I've questioned the other workers myself they know nothing but they are scared but you are welcome to question my overseers Mugg, Clayne, and Barran they were the ones I sent out with the hounds." He turns around and goes back behind his desk. "I was told by the Commandant that you are good...find the source and weed it out. Master Quynn will show you to the them." he looks back down at some papers on his desk clearly done with the conversation.

"Nasty nasty this business is having my faithful servants snatched form my land under the cover of darkness." He shakes his head. He does appear to be genuinely upset about this. "You know I teach them how to use the land, so when there indenture is up, they can be productive. I even offer these faithful workers plot so land once their time is finished. A real opportunity."

you can make sense motive.

After what seems like an eternity the door to the parlor opens and butler enters, "The Master will see you now. Follow me." with that he leads you down the main hall entry way hall and into a large library. There you will see an older man in his early sixties, he is dressed in light, practical clothing and talks in slow drawl. "Good day and welcome." He steps form behind his large desk. He looks at Torgue and Bri and bites his lower lip a bit before saying, "Thomas and Belinda right?" He looks every bit like a doddering grandfather.

Within the room you see two massive minotaurs standing of the side of the room.

"So why don't you come up to the plantation day after tomorrow and you can have a look around." He clearly is not use to individual's saying no to him.

You did get a few youths but none were from his plantation.

You both can make a sense motive check.

"Well the inquisitor has plucked the gnoll clean and to my surprise, none of the captives were form my plantation." he seems concerned. "These children and their parents are faithful servants...working and learning to farm. Once their time has been served I offer each a plot of their own to harvest."

He sips some of his cognac, the smooth velvety apricot taste clinging to his breath. "Frankly, I'm will to pay you 500 gold to investigate this matter." The shrewd penny-pinching attitude raises to the surface.

"I've had several of my workers disappeared over the past couple of weeks — many of them youngsters. I thought Bonegnaw was behind this but apparently not. No tracks have been left and although a few of my overseers went out with hounds, they found nothing." He pauses then continues, "However, up until two days ago attacks have been occurring nightly, he reasons therefore that the attacker must be local and the proximity of his lands to Blacksink Marsh spawns suspicions of gator-men behind the attacks."

"Don't get me wrong I'm happy that the attacks have suddenly stopped, but I can’t help wondering why, and if they might just as easily begin again. I don't like surprises. I want to find the source of these disappearances and pull it out by the roots. That is where you come in."

"If you are still interested let me know now, I'll be expecting you to come out to the plantation the day after tomorrow I'm sure you want to question the crew I sent out to track. That should give you time to clean up schedule. Do you agree."

Hargrove is a rail-thin man in his early sixties. "Sir and Madam" his slow measured drawl responds to the introduction. "I'm keeping you from your friends but..." he motions to a waiter to pour three glasses of cognac. "I've heard what you did with the gnoll a few days ago. Impressive." He waits till everyone is served the cognac.

"I thought with the gnoll's questioning there would be some answers about missing children from my plantation. Apparently he was not behind all the disappearances though. That distresses me, greatly."

"Sir, Madam do I have your attention?'