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29) Will my family properties be finally left at peace in this new edition? Will the bloody Pathfinder Society stop causing wanton destruction in my humble abode and museum?

Alright everyone, it is time to lock this thread up in my museum, it will remain on display to the public only on days during which nothing horrifying occurs that demands the attention of the Pathfinder Society on the premises.

Alex McGuire wrote:
What? This?

You are a cruel and merciless peasant.

Alex McGuire wrote:
Keoghtom's Ointment. Apply directly to the puncture wound.

Dear Mr. Keoghtom,

I loathe your advertisement for I find it to be overly pointed in its delivery.
Madame H. Blakros

"It is just sickening how none of you raise any concern whatsoever over the safety and welfare of my daughter. She was kidnapped by this mongrel you have all so gallantly offered to aid!"

I heard that there is a price on the head of a certain Pathfinder who failed to account for my employ of a praegustator.

There is also a sizable reward for the apprehension of the individual responsible for the recent wanton destruction of a portion of my estate.

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Your request for my daughter's hand in marriage has been received and, after much consideration, hereby rejected due to your failure to pay the dowry in full as well as for your reference to me as "old woman Blakros". As you were told thrice during our conference, the dowry must be paid in full prior to the announcement of your engagement. While this engagement has come to an end, please feel free to reapply next year when you are able to pay for the dowry. Your application fee will not be refunded. Thank you for understanding.

~Hamaria Blakros~