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CoC Character info:

Investigator Name
Colleges, Degrees
Mental Disorders
Age Minimum EDU+6; every 10 years older than EDU+6, add 1 point to EDU and 20 occupation points. Each 10 years above 40, subtract 1 from STR, CON, DEX or APP.

Characteristics and Rolls
STR 3d6 DEX 3d6 INT 2d6+6
CON 3d6 APP 3d6 POW 3d6
SIZ 2d6+6 SAN POWx5 EDU 3d6+3

Idea INTx5 Luck POWx5 KnowEDUx5
99-Cthulhu Mythos= 99 Damage Bonus STR+SIZ- compare to table CoC pg. 36

Hit Points STR+SIZ/2 Magic Points = POW
Sanity Points = SAN 1/5 Current Sanity Points Round fractions up

A player may choose to swap scores that have a similar die pool (STR for POW, for instance or SIZ for INT) to fit their investigators' occupation/background. EDU may be re-rolled with the Keeper's permission if it is grossly below what would be necessary for the investigator's chosen occupation.

Roll 1d10 for yearly income and savings, then choose an occupation that suits that income (or vice versa). Each occupation has eight or so skills allocated to them. Multiply EDUx20 and add those points to the occupation skills.

Then, allocate INTx10 and distribute those as personal interest points in anything but Cthulhu Mythos.
Skills with base chances:
[spoiler]Accounting (10%) ______ o Law (05%) ______
o Anthropology (01%) ______ o Library Use (25%) ______
o Archaeology (01%) ______ o Listen (25%) ______
Art (05%): o Locksmith (01%) ______
o ________________ ______ o Martial Arts (01%) ______
o ________________ ______ o Mech. Repair (20%) ______
o Astronomy (01%) ______ o Medicine (05%) ______
o Bargain (05%) ______ o Natural History (10%) ______
o Biology (01%) ______ o Navigate (10%) ______
o Chemistry (01%) ______ o Occult (05%) ______
o Climb (40%) ______ o Opr. Hvy. Mch. (01%) ______ o Sneak (10%) ______
o Conceal (15%) ______ Other Language (01%): o Spot Hidden (25%) ______
Craft (05%): o _______________ ______ o Swim (25%) ______
o ________________ ______ o _______________ ______ o Throw (25%) ______
o ________________ ______ o _______________ ______ o Track (10%) ______
o Credit Rating (15%) ______ Own Language (EDUx5%): o ________________ ______
Cthulhu Mythos (00) ______ o _______________ ______ o ________________ ______
o Disguise (01%) ______ o Persuade (15%) ______ o ________________ ______
o Dodge (DEX x2) ______ o Pharmacy (01%) ______ o ________________ ______
o Drive Auto (20%) ______ o Photography (10%) ______ o ________________ ______
o Electr. Repair (10%) ______ o Physics (01%) ______ o ________________ ______
o Fast Talk (05%) ______ Pilot (01%): Firearms
o First Aid (30%) ______ o _______________ ______ o Handgun (20%) ______
o Geology (01%) ______ o _______________ ______ o Machine Gun (15%) ______
o Hide (10%) ______ o Psychoanalysis (01%) ______ o Rifle (25%) ______
o History (20%) ______ o Psychology (05%) ______ o Shotgun (30%) ______
o Jump (25%) ______ o Ride (05%) ______ o SMG (15%) ______

A transcript of the interview with Alexander Roby:

Being locked in this room is inconvenient. It means I cannot finish my work and so I cannot go where I would like to go. You know, few writers have the ability to write honestly. Truths are used for entertainment only and this is a strange concept: it barely grazes what is of import. Such a writer is like a man whose only concern is to hide his ignorance. Willful misrepresentation, a shut mind, closed eyes, a tight mouth and balled fists. It's not enough to have the ability, bring your intellect to bear like a light in the darkness, like a sane man in a world of madmen.
Have you seen the pallid mask? Have you been down by the lake and seen the beauty and felt the rightness of it all? Edwards said to work only with him. Are you with Quarrie? Why are they not here? Is it this year, once in five thousand years? Has Quarrie brought the king in yellow? Is he already amongst us?

Have you seen the yellow sign?
What Edwards and I are doing now harms no one. But I have been worrying about Malcolm Quarrie and the conversations we had. I think that, despite what Edwards might think, Quarrie is right. The king in yellow has called himself the white acolyte. I don't think he will stay away. So here is a kindness I would like you to pass on to him for when he sees that the king does not offer him what he hopes. To divert the king's attentions away from our Earth and back upon the dream city he must think of Cassilda's song:

The stars that burn their charcoal death
Shrink back, they feel the hoary breath
Of he who ransoms great Carcosa.
He flees where queen and prophet met,
Where twin suns fall but never set,
Escapes the tomg of lost Carcosa.

Patient: A. Roby
Doctor: L. Trollope
Signed: C. Highsmith
Date: 30 October, 1928