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Full Name

Guldarin Bronzehammer




Invoker/Divine Philosopher 14















Strength 11
Dexterity 11
Constitution 15
Intelligence 20
Wisdom 23
Charisma 11

About Guldarin

Guldarin, level 14
Dwarf, Invoker/Divine Philosopher (Cleric M/C)
Build: Preserving Invoker
Divine Covenant: Covenant of Preservation
Background: Dwarf - Ancestral Home Lost (+2 to Perception)

Str 11, Con 15, Dex 11, Int 19, Wis 22, Cha 11.

Str 10, Con 12, Dex 10, Int 16, Wis 16, Cha 10.

AC: 28 Fort: 25 Reflex: 28 Will: 29
HP: 77 Surges: 8 Surge Value: 19

Religion +19, Endurance +17, Insight +18, Arcana +17, Heal +20, History +17

Acrobatics +6, Bluff +7, Diplomacy +7, Dungeoneering +15, Intimidate +7, Nature +13, Perception +15, Stealth +6, Streetwise +7, Thievery +6, Athletics +6

Invoker: Ritual Caster
Level 1: Implement Expertise (Rod); +1 to hit with Rods
Level 2: Superior Implement Training (Accurate rod); can use the Accurate Rod implement
Level 4: Divine Healer; training in Heal, Cleric m/c, Healers' Lore
Level 6: Coordinated Explosion; +1 to attack rolls with blast or burst if ally is within area
Level 8: Invoker Defense; +2 to AC when you hit an enemy within 3 squares
Level 10: Oncoming Storm (retrained to Preserver's Vengeance at Level 11); +2 to damage rolls when a bloody ally is within 5 squares
Level 11: Improved Defenses (retrained from PAragon Defences at level 12)
Level 12: Skill Training: History
Level 14: Acolyte Power: swap utility for cleric utility

Invoker at-will 1: Hand of Radiance; standard, range 10, one, two or three targets; +18 vs Ref, 1d4+9 damage; radiant, divine, implement
Invoker at-will 1: Grasping Shards; standard, burst 1 within 10; +18 vs Fort, 6 damage and target is slowed; radiant, DI
Student of the Gods encounter: Gaze of Defiance; standard, range 5, one creature; +12 vs Will, 1d8+7 psychic damage and allies gain a +1 power bonus to attack rolls against the target teomnt, or +3 if it attacks me beomnt
Invoker encounter 13: Brilliant Revelation; Standard, Close blast 5, each creature in blast; +18 vs Will, 1d10+9 and the target is dazed and slowed teomnt; DI, Psychic
Invoker daily 1: Storm Call; Standard, range 10, one creature; +18 vs Reflex, 1d8+5, target takes ongoing 5 lightining damage and is dazed (save ends both); lightning, DI
Cleric daily utility: Cure Light Wounds; standard, touch, 1 target; the target regains hit points as if it had spent a healing surge
Invoker encounter 3: Chains of Carceri; standard, area burst 1 within 10, each creature within burst; +18 vs Reflex, 2d8+8, target is slowed teomnt; DI
Invoker daily 5: Searing Orb; standard, area burst 1 within 10, each creature within burst; +18 vs Fort, 1d8+8, target is blinded (save ends) and dazed teomnt; radiant, DI
Invoker encounter utility 6: Insightful Warning; trigger, a creature you can see makes an attack roll for an area or close attack that includes you as a target; effcct, you and each ally included as a target gain a +2 power bonus to defences against it.
Invoker encounter 7: Tide of the First Storm; standard, area burst 2 within 10, targets each enemy in burst, +18 vs ref, 1d6+8 and target is slowed teomnt; DI
Invoker daily 9: Summon Blade Angel; Minor, Ranged 5; summon a medium blade angel (Speed 6, Fly 6 (hover), +4 bonus to AC); Commands: Minor, melee 1, target one creature, +15 vs Fort, 1d8+8; Opportunity, Melee 1, targets one creature, +15 vs Ref, 1d8+8 target is slowed until the end of its turn
Invoker daily utility 10: Angelic Messenger; Minor, Ranged 10; summon an angelic messenger (speed 6, fly 8 (hover)); Commands: Standard, melee 1, targets one ally, ally regains 1d6hp; Move, AM and one adjacent ally fly 8 squares - ally must land or fall.
Divine Philosopher encounter 11: Hit the Weak Spot; Standard, range 10; one creature, +18 vs Ref, 2d8+9 radiant damage; the targets resistances are reduced by 9 and it's vulnerabilities are increased by 4 teomnt
Divine Philosopher encounter utility 12; Uncanny Insight; Immediate Interrupt; Trigger, an enemy within line of sight takes an action, and you are trained in the skill related to that creatures origin; Effect, take a standard action

Ritual Book,
Adventurer's Kit,
Magic Accurate rod +3,
Phylactery of Divinity (heroic tier),
Bag of Holding (heroic tier),
Handy Haversack
Bracers of Defence, power(daily); Imm React, you are hit by a melee attack, reduce the damage done by 10
Shared Suffering Hide Armor +2, Power(Encounter); Imm REact, when an attack gives you ongoing damage, the attacker gains an equal amount of ongoing damage (save ends)
Dwarven Thrower Warhammer +1, this weapon can be used as a heavy thrown weapon with a range of 6/12; Power (daily), frea action, trigger: you hit a Large or larger creature with this weapon, Effect: the weapon deal 2 extra damage
Safewing Amulet +3, reduce damage when falling as if Guldarin had fallen 30feet less
Belt of Endurance, +2 to Endurance checks; Power (daily), you can take 20 on an Endurance check
Potion of Vitality, drink, spend HS, regain 25hp and make a saving throw against one condition a save can end

Passwall scroll

Hand of Fate, Comprehend Language, Ancestral Whispers, Endure Elements, Ghost Walk, Pyrotechnics, Raise Dead, Comrades' Succor, Make Whole, Purify Water, Delver's Fire, Knock, Transfer Enchantment. Disenchant Magic Item. Enchant Magic Item. Arcane Mark. Unseen Servant, Mordenkainen's Ascent, Easy Passage, Speak with Dead, Consult Mystic Sages, Sending, Far Sending, Shadow Walk, History Revealed


Accurate Rod +4, boring but nice
Darkleaf Armour
Timeless Locket
Handy Haversack
Ring of the Radiant Storm, level 17 mind you.