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Full Name

Thermin Oswin Grundersnutt




Oracle 13







Special Abilities

Sidestep Secret, Lore Mystery, Gnome Magic, Brain Drain, Focused Trance, Mental Acuity






Common, Gnome, Sylvan, Dwarven, Draconic, Celestial, Thasalonian, Ancient Osiriani, Infernal, Hallit (from Headband)



Strength 8
Dexterity 14
Constitution 16
Intelligence 24
Wisdom 10
Charisma 22

About Grundersnutt

Thermin Oswin Grunderstnutt was born to a small Gnomish enclave in Isger. Always a recluse, Grundersnutt was fascinated by magic, both divine and arcane. However, as he grew up, he had trouble tapping into his natural arcane abilities. Though he could master the simple spells like prestidigitation that most members of his race had, he couldn't curry them into larger, more powerful spells. He had the intellect and force of personality for it, but for some reason it was not meant to be.

Frustrated at the ease of which his fellow gnomes could create magical abilities and pursue magic, either through study or their own blood, Grundersnutt delved into his studies, working through theory after theory, studying almost every form of magic possible. Finally, eventually, after years of fruitless searching, he prayed out to Nethys to grant him the power he wished.

The very next day after, Grundersnutt awoke with revelations aplenty. He suddenly knew how to cast divine magic, how to speak celestial, and even how to enter a mystic trance to recall all information. Realizing that Nethys had answered his prayers, Grundersnutt devoted his life to his new god. He thankfully vowed to be an academic, using the rest of his years to discover new and ever more brilliant arcane theories in honor of his god.

This went on for near on sixty years. However, when Grundersnutt hit the age of 92, he realized that he was growing white hairs. Realizing that his solitary lifestyle of reading books had caused him to go through the bleaching early, he realized he had no choice but to go down to the pathfinder society and sign up for these nonsense 'adventure' things or else he would be unable to continue his studies.

Thermin Oswin Grundersnutt
Male Gnome Oracle (Lore) 13
LN Small Humanoid (Gnome)
Init+8 Sense Low Light, Perception +20
AC 36, touch 22, flat-footed 30 (+9 Armor +6 Chr*, +1 Size, +5 Shield, +1 Insight, +3 deflection, +1 natural armor)
HP 133 (13d8+52)
Fort+12, Ref+15, Will+15
Speed 20
Melee+Small-sized shortspear +9/+4 (1d4-1)
Ranged Mwk Small-sized light underwater crossbow +13 (1d6 [19-20])
Space[b]5 ft.,[b]Reach5 ft.
Special Attacks: Brain Drain(SU) (3/day, Will save DC 22 or take 13d4 untyped mind-effecting damage. Also gain detect thoughts on victim)
Spell-Like Abilities:
Special AbilitiesSidestep Secret (Cha instead of Dex to AC, reflex saves), Tongues Curse (Celestial, Infernal), Mental Acuity, Focused Trance, Tongues curse (Understand all spoken languages, unless curse is triggered), think on it (1/day reroll failed knowledge check with +10 bonus)
6- (5/day) Mass cure moderate wounds, Heal, Mass owl's wisdom, Greater Dispel Magic
5-(6/day) Mass Cure Light wounds, Contact other plane, Breath of Life, Air Walk (Communal), Flame Strike
4 (6/day) Legend Lore, Cure critical wounds, blessing of fervor, freedom of movement, Protection from Energy (Communal), Death Ward
3 (7/day) Cure serious wounds, locate object, dispel magic, invisibility purge, searing light, Align Weapon (communal)
2 (7/day) Silence, cure moderate wounds, Tongues, Lesser restoration, suppress charms and compulsions, spear of purity
1 (8/day) Cure light wounds, bless, Comprehend languages, Identify, Liberating command, Protection from Evil, Sun Metal
0- Detect magic, read magic, light, mending, guidance, create water, stabilize, purify food and drink, virtue

Base Atk+9; CMB +7;CMD21
Feats Improve Initiative, Extra Revelation-Brain Drain, Skill Focus-Knowledge(Arcana), Eldrigch Heritage-Thrush, Iron Will, Toughness, Spell focus (abjuration)
Skills Appraise: +11, Craft(Alchemy)+17, Diplomacy +25, Knowledge(Arcana)+31, Knowledge (Religion)+23, Knowledge (All others but nature)+12, Knowledge (nature)+11, Linguistics+13, Profession(Sage)+16, Sense Motive+18, Spellcraft +23, Use Magic Device +23
TraitsExcitable, Dangerously Curious
LanguagesCommon, Gnome, Sylvan, Dwarven, Draconic, Celestial, Thasalonian, Infernal, Elven, Ancient Osiriani, Tien, Azlanti, Aklo, Abyssal, Hallit (from headband)

Gear of noteCelestial Armor, Belt of Constitution +4, +4 buckler, Wayfinder socketed with a Dusty Rose Ioun Stone, Mnumonic vestments, Handy haversack, Ring of protection +3, Cloak of resistance +5, Ring of minor inner fortitude, 1400 GP in diamand dust, Headband of mental prowess +4 (Charisma and Intelligence-Hallit and Abyssal; sense motive), Boots of the Cat

Scrolls of Breath of life, remove disease, remove curse, align weapon (communal), Resist Energy (Communal), remove blindness/deafness, Fly, Restoration, Water breathing, flame strike, daylight.