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If I am gargantuan, does that make it more difficult? Also I eat anything in the room not nailed down.

Oh, and that better be a big frickin grue, with a serious god complex, to think he can take an apex predator like me :D

Dude, there are tons of peasants here in this hamlet. *Smashes house* See? They are running around like ants. Oops, that one looks like his legs aren't working any more. Waste not, want not. *munch, munch, munch* Oohhhhhh man, I forgot that peasants give me the munchies!

Munch, munch, munch, munch, munch

Grand Magus wrote:

While you were sleeping I took a phone message for you:

"You mom called. She spoke of Rebellion possibly caused by a rival Gaming group. You must go to the haunted ruins and solve a puzzle."

What the hell! I am too hungry to go an a quest, man. She can tell dad to have one ghis many cults to do that busy work. Man, that always pisses me off. I wake up after long nap and somebody wants me to do stuff, without even the chance to grab a cup of friction coffee!

slams fist

Oops, smashed a peasant. Hey, a peasant. munch, munch ....

what did I miss? Also, I am REAALLY hungry...