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After going back and forth over what type of character I wanted to play I decided on the the Spirit Guide double life oracle. I'm going to be buffing the party and taking on the main healing role. However, I'm stuck on what race to be. I can go human for the extra feat, elf for the Class bonus option, or kitsune for some extra SLA per day, or create my own race with about 11-12 points.

The feats I plan on taking would be fey foundling, selective channeling, quicken channeling. I'm unsure about reactive healing (for emergencies) and beacon of hope (to buff the party while I channel).

I want to be efficient and contribute as much as I can to the group. I figure getting quicken channel soon will allow me more extra action economy to buff the party and debuff enemies. I'm just not sure which race to take. The Human, kitsune, and custom race are the top choices. The only reason for the elf is because the DM masse some special plant version of them that can gain some abilities. I'm leaning towards human or the custom just so I can have an extra feat, but again, I'm unsure.

If anyone has any insight into a life oracle or tips please drop by and share it. The game is later tonight and I'm stuck on what to do. Thanks for your help.

I haven't played Pathfinder in about 2 years but every now and then I'll take a look at some of the new books that come out. What are some of the more powerful builds out there now?

I figure Zen Archer Monk and the pounce barbarian are still near the top. I'm looking for some more ideas for a few builds so I don't know what's the hype right now, especially with all the supplements and books that have been out.

Any help and assistance would be greatly appreciated.

First off, I haven't been on the boards or Pathfinder in over 2 years, so any new FAQ and newer tricks/ builds are beyond me right now. So if you recommend something please explain it if possible.

I always liked the Horizon Walker class, so I was honking of going Ranger 6/ HW 3/Rogue2/HW 7/ ? 2

There was a really nice build about using the favored terrain bumps from the rogue talent that increases favored terrain. If that is still viable I was going to go with that. If not, what do you suggest.

If not that idea, then anything really that lets me do archery. I had a crazy idea for a barbarian/ Horizon Walker that did archery and spell sundering while using the Terrain Dominance Astral to D. Door all around, and take those Dimensional feat line. Is this doable?

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

Does making a crafted item with the craft skill untrained allow you to use masterwork tools, or other items or bonuses?

Untrained states: 1d20 + ability modifier + racial modifier

So does the tools, or crafters fortune, or other such bonuses add to this? Or is it strictly the 1d20+ int mod + any racial class bonuses like gnomes?

Thanks in advance.

I'm in a campaign that is primarily in the Plains, with some mountain, urban cities,, and forests.

Based upon the wording of the horizon walkers terrain dominance ability, I would only get my bonus to creatures native to that terrain, but not for creatures in that terrain when I'm in it. Is this correct?

Ex. Be in the plains, fight a human. Get bonus.

Be in plains, fight a grippli (environment found in bestiary: Warm forests and Marshes). No bonus.

Is that right? It has to be the native terrain to the enemy, not just by being in the terrain, regardless of enemy?

Thank you.

So right now our party has been in town for a few days, and the big market season is coming up soon. The town has a few diamond in the rough type items and supplies, but since the port town has no new merchants yet, due to seasons, it's just money circling around. There will soon be a giant influx of money and product in town shortly though. As such, I want to have the party treasury, and the party as a whole get any and all items, equipment, whatnot they'll want or need for a while, because when we leave the town it'll be many a days travel to the next city and beyond. I figure we have at most 3-4 weeks before most merchants come into town and the town becomes a big hodge lodge of shopping and festivities.

We have many of the basic mundane items, but even then were still low on money. We're only level 4 yet we don't have more than 200gp, on hand, and maybe 200-300 gp worth of items and equipment. The party loot has only 10 gp in it currently.

I plan on giving about 1/4-1/3 of my own money to the party loot to help it out. The party loot needs loads more money/items, and as a whole so does the party. Magic is a taboo of many sorts in this world. So spells are pretty much out, unless very low level, and magic items are not ever seen except in more rarer circumstances.

Besides crafting items, which takes to long for the little profit,mans it still depends on demand for sales, and profession rolls, what other ways are there to get money without leaving town?

We can take odd jobs and do little adventures to get money, but right now we just got by the skin of our teeth in the last big battle adventuring, and a party member just got killed. So I'm looking for low risk, high gain money ideas. I'm the party leader and the only person right now thinking LONG term, so the party doesn't know of this yet, or that I'm kicking money in.

So any ways to help is amazingly insightful.


TL;DR- need money making help for party loot and for party members in a low/ taboo magic world.

So as I was looking. Over the qingong monk archetype. Noticed the ki leech ability. It takes 0 ki points to use, and the archetype itself says that for abilities/spells with 0 ki points for usage, you don't need to have ki points to use it.

However, the actual ki leech spell requires you to have 1 ki point to even be able to absorb ki from another being and replenish ki.

So which is it? I can have 0 ki and use the ability to start gaining ki back? Or I must have 1 ki point left to use the SLA, otherwise I wait till I rest for 8 hours?

First time making a ranger and I just made an elf ranger, still not sure if I should just have him die or something and go human for the extra feat. Only thing elf gives me is a dex boost and int boost which isn't necessary.

Anyway, I have read a bit on the terrain mastery ability from Horizon Walker and how that works with instant enemy spell for some pretty high bonuses. I'm just not sure how it exactly works and what is the step by step process for it.

I picked FE humans. Should I pick that or something else?

Also, if I went with the companion bond instead of animal companion bond, would those bonuses stack or overlap when I give allies bonuses? Or somehow work together?

Level 1 right now.


So currently our party is 12th level, with one or two being 13th. We will soon, like next session, be facing a frost giant lord (jarl) and his army in his fortress. His fortress will be attacked by our party, while his putreaching lands and borer patrols will be attacked by a group monsters we have a contract with. Combat will take a few week sessions to do in real time. Exploration of fortress will take more time.

What sort of high level items, spells, prep gear would be needed not only for this major coming battle/adventure , but also in general?

We have potions of heal (GM allows any spell to be made into a potion essentially, even above 3rd level), potions of restoration, potion of stoneskin (for the tanks and damage dealers, like my character.

I'm not sure what else to purchase, or custom make, or have spells casted..

I already have tons of items, custom items (one item stacked with another), but I don't think I'll be doing a lot of damage, and survivability will be important.

For my barbarian I have the normal Big 6 items, as well as cloak of displacement lesser, ring of foe focus, jingasa ?..., cap of the freethinker, bracers of vengeance, juggernaut pauldrons and more.

For more damage I have rhinos hide armor for when i charge/pounce, and the bracers for when we face the lord. Money isn't an issue.

Tl;dr: party of 12th level, facing army of frost giants and their lord, most likely a level 18+ boss. Party is primarily optimized already, looking for new/more ideas, items, spells to use for ensuing combat, adventures from now on.

Thanks for the help.

I just wanted to know if there is somewhere printed for pathfinder, about fame/notoriety and the sort based on your level. Like what does each level mean in how well known you are, or at least your reputation precedes you, if trying to stay not well known.

In the NPC codex, around level 10 characters would get epithets, or nicknames, or some notoriety for their adventures deeds or misdeeds.

Is there somewhere where the information can be found out? Or is it just common knowledge?

I'm trying to use this to help create backstory for a few characters before they make an introduction into the group for when I replace my character, whenever that is.

Is it possible to have wyroot be made into a bow?

I know in the description that it says that wyroot CAN be made into melee weapons where the haft or all of it is made of wood. It doesn't specifically state the wood couldn't be made into a bow.

If it can't be used as a bow then I'm not sure which weapon is good to use it for melee.

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So first of all, here's the tools so we can see what were dealing with...

Amazing Tools of Manufacture:

Price 12,000 gp

Tools of this type always appear to be of the highest quality and wrought of the finest materials, most often mithral, darkwood, and adamantine. In the hands of a casual wielder, these items simply appear to be magically enhanced masterwork tools for a specific Craft skill (determined randomly), granting a +4 circumstance bonus on such skill checks. However, in the hands of a craftsman with 6 or more ranks in the selected Craft skill, the greater power of the amazing tools of manufacture becomes apparent. The wielder may use the tools to create items using the Craft skill much more surely and quickly. The wielder may take raw materials with a value equal to half the price of an object to be crafted, and produce a finished object in as little as 1 hour for an item with a final cost of 2,000 gp or less. For objects with a final cost of more than 2,000 gp, the wielder can perform 2,000 gp worth of work in a single hour, but only once each day. Only a single skill check is required to successfully complete the item, made on the last day of crafting and gaining the +4 circumstance bonus granted by the tools.

Bold and italic emphasis mine. The italic part is my main issue, but the entire bold part has me lead to believe that I can craft the other hours.

In the italics, it says I make one roll on the last day. How exactly am I to know what day that is. I would have to have a constant number, such as the 2,000 gp they mention, to use as a craft progress per day to figure out my time frame. Does that mean I can't craft the other 7 hours, out of 8 typically allocated for crafters for the day if they so choose? If you can craft during those other hours, what is the progress then, when do you roll for progress amount

Now some might say, why use the 2k gp for the one hour a day, if I can't craft more in the other 7 hours? Perhaps you could try faster, but for that to happen, your DC check, and min. succeed check both have to be over 118.3 ( lets say 119) to even pull off the same progress. That is impossible to reach, even at level 20. However I think you can do progress in the other 7 hours, but if so, do you roll for this? if not, do you roll at the end like you were supposed to (and if that occurs, you still don't the actual progress you did during the off hours.

So, if any of you are having issues with this like I am because of no define wording or ruling on this, please hit FAQ on this.

I also know that there is talks of restructuring the craft skill, and crafting in general altogether. If so, this will still be an important issue then.

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Ok, so like most of you who found their eyes glued to the pages or screen at Ultimate Equipment, this little gem, or nugget ( joke, read item description) of a special material came up to say hello. Here's the thing though, is it only for defensive purposes?
In better detail...

The living steels main ability besides auto repairing itself, which is soooo nice.. Which makes me want to have paizo allow more than 1 active special material, but that's for another day... The other main ability is to make the attackers who are hitting on your armor or shield rolls fort save 20 if they crit miss, or roll a nat 1. If they fail the fort save, their weapon now gains the broken condition. If it was broken before, it is now destroyed.

Now, this is mean for defensive purposes. But is their any point to have it as a weapon or ammunition? Especially as ammunition, considering 50% of those ammunition shots that miss are destroyed, as in cant be repaired or auto fix from the living steels effect.

Does the offensive opposite exist? As in, if I am using a living steel greatsword. I roll a nat 20 , I confirm the crit, does my enemy then make a fort save for their armor or shield or else it is broken, and if broken prior it is now destroyed?

If the offensive purposes for the living steel is to be a cheap adamantine, since it's hardness 15, and specifically states it doesn't affect adamantine, it is a cheaper version for some,purposes, but that shouldn't be th reason to purchase it.

In all I love the new materials, but this one especially for a material that lists every use for it, armor weapons, ammunition, doesn't have any use outside of being armor or a shield. Hence my question.


Before the even slightest notion of Ultimate Equipment some people wanted to be able to make their celestial armor made out of Mithral. The issue was due to the description of the armor in it stating it is made of fine links of gold or silver, which many ruled as it being made of those materials, and couldn't benefit from Mithral.

ENTER Ultimate Equipment. Checking celestial armor it makes no mention whatsoever of it being made of fine links of sliver or gold, or any relation to it. Does this mean that I can finally make my dream Mithral celestial armor?

+3 chain mail (+9 armor total-> becomes +11 when the enhancement bonus is +5)...0 Armor check penalty ...+10 max dex bonus...spell failure 5%

Total AC bonus from armor at +5 enh bonus=. +21... This is a huge improvement over the normal celestial armor which only gave a +19 with a -2 ACP.

So, can I do the Mithral version due to the ultimate equipment description?

Taking a look at flurry, I saw that it said that a monk may make a flurry of blows as full attack action. My question is if the flurry counts as full attack, or it just replaces it.

Certain feats can only work off of a full attack, like clustered shots, so I was just wondering what the rules state a flurry constitutes as.


As the title says, I noticed this little combo for my archer fighter, it never looked at it closely till just now. First off,

Pin down:

Whenever an opponent you threaten takes a 5-foot step or uses the withdraw action, that opponent provokes an attack of opportunity from you. If the attack hits, you deal no damage, but the targeted creature is prevented from making the move action that granted a 5-foot step or the withdraw action and does not move.

Snap shot:

Benefit: While wielding a ranged weapon with which you have Weapon Focus, you threaten squares within 5 feet of you. You can make attacks of opportunity with that ranged weapon. You do not provoke attacks of opportunity when making a ranged attack as an attack of opportunity.
Imp. Snap shot increases snap shot by 10 more feet, for a total of 15'.

The archer ability allows a Combat maneuver to be made within 30' at a - 4 penalty to your CMB to their CMD. You can do trip, disarm, sunder, feint, grapple, or bullrush, depending on level and what you choose.

Now, since disarm, trip, and sunder ( since an attack action is a melee attack, it counts) can be used in replace of an AoO attack, do I get to do multiple things here?

Pin down allows me to get an AoO when an opponent I threaten makes a 5'step or withdraws. Since I make an AoO, couldn't I replace that with one of the three options, trip, disarm, or sunder? Now, seeing as how I don't do damage regularly for trip and disarm that doesn't matter, but since sunder mass a damaging attack vs. the items I trying to sunder, it wouldn't do any damage. So then only trip and disarm are options for that?

Does it still work though? They make 5'step, I disarm and prevent their movement.

Edit: also, the volley ability for the archer allows separate attack rolls vs. all enemies within 15', I would think that could also be used with the trickshot ability. Causing tripped, disarmed, or sundered opponents.


I'm getting a bit confused on numbers for me to create the alchemical arrows from EoG. A lot of the arrows are Craft alchemy check DC 25, some are lower, but lets just say its dc 25 (that much harder)

I'm a fighter which allows me to get craft as a skill. So,
+1 rank
+3 trained skill
+1 int mod.
+2 masterwork alchemy lab set
+5 cauldron of brewing
= +12 skill

Find the item’s price in silver pieces (1 gp = 10 sp).
Find the DC on Table: Craft Skills.
Pay one-third of the item’s price for the cost of raw materials.
Make an appropriate Craft check representing one week’s worth of work.

1 durable arrow= 1gp = 10sp
DC = 25
4sp raw mats
Make check * dc = sp for a week if check succeeded

Lets say I roll 14, 14+12=26; now I made the check. Lets, say I want to make a pheromone arrow. It has the DC25, so I do make the check. It also costs 1gp for 1 arrow. That is 10sp


26 (check) * 25 (DC)= 650 sp week ; 65sp/day (gm uses 10 day week, 3 weeks to a month calendar style)

Now what do I do, I am completely lost. I've looked at other threads, but I can't seem to see where they get the number of sp turned into the arrow amount.

Also, I know you can add 10 to the DC to speed up the process, but how much faster are you making the arrows? Half the time?

BTW, before someone says on here the DC for arrows is first to use craft: bows, and secondly, that the arrow dc is 12... I know that. However, the DC for Alchemical Arrows found in EoG (Elves of Golarion), is an Alchemy check, with the highest being a DC25. Hence why I mention said example.

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So the splinter cloud arrows from the Elves of Golarion book says they do 1d3 dmg in a 5ft burst. Here's the question, do I do additional damage like I would with any other arrow? I mean, for instance silvered arrows tell you you do a -1 dmg penalty to your arrows. Others, tell you the dmg dice size is a step lower. Here they say the arrow does 1d3 in a burst. That's fine, but do I ONLY do 1d3. or do I do 1d3 + 10 lets say from weapon spec. and deadly aim? If so, here's another question, do I apply that damage to each enemy that takes 1d3 from the burst? I mean that makes some sense. But I'm not even remotely sure.

Any ideas?

So, for the EoG: Cluster Shot arrow, it says that it does its abiity of allowing SA and crits on other arrows, if the first arrow crits. Am I reading this right? It also makes mention of the manyshot feat. Which says in itself that it can't be used for crits (the other arrow), but I guess it can now when using these arrows.

1. Does the cluster shot arrows all get crit for half if the first (or any, then all subsequent) hits? Or is it just those first two, that is caused by manyshot?

2. If it does allow all others to get crit half, is that additional to what hey already do? or does that replace the new dmg?

Ok, so first off, this is my first post on here (correction, just noticed I posted way back in 2010, ehh w/e, this is my first REAL post). I have been lurking on here for a few years now, but I finally made the plunge and decided I was in need of some help.

Now down to the nitty gritty. I have to first point out that I relooked over my stats, I based off my numbers it looks like i had a 30 point buy, idk how. So I'm gonna post what I have, and then what it should be I suppose with a 25 point buy. For final numbers lets say I use the 25 point buy, just for now.

So, the Fighter Archer archetype gets very little love I think and my question to you all, is this, is there an effective way to get everything out of the class? What I mean is, can he become more flexible than lets say the Zen archer builds, or even Sohei builds out there?

So here's my take on the Fighter Archer

Azoth Smolursa:
Human Fighter: Archer archetype 9

82 HP
STR: 16 DEX: 24 CON: 12 INT: 10 WIS: 10 CHA: 7

Traits: reactionary-+2 init., ??? (advice?)
speed: 30

AC: 24 Touch: 16 Flat Footed: 19
Initiative: 9 Aoo'S: 8
1- Precise shot, (F) Rapid shot, (H) Point blank shot
2- Weapon Focus
3- Deadly Aim
4- Weapon Specialization
5- combat reflexes
6- many shot
7- clustered shots
8- greater weapon focus
9- snap shot
---------------- continuing build....
10- Improved snap shot
11- improved precise shot
12- greater weapon specialization
13- pin down
14- improved critical? ---> either Imp. crit or move the ricochet shot deed chain up a level
15- amatuer gunslinger
16- blind fight
17- ricochet shot deed
18- big game hunter
19- either dodge and false opening for 19-20, or pin point targeting?? + toughness?? or gr. snapshot)
20- false opening convince gm to allow, from archer class ability

After 13th level I'm sort of juggling things around seeing what woul dbe the best way to do it. Still need to figure that out.

Atk & Dmg (level 9)
+22*/22/+17 -RS, Manyshot------- +1d8+11 (1d10 with broad arrow) + 3 str +2 wpn. spec., 4 expert archer, +2 enh bow(DM allowed gloves of dueling to provide, since it's strictly for bow use.)
with Deadly Aim: +19*/+19/+14........... 1d8+ 17

CMB: 13 (24 w/bow; trickshot: 20) cmd: 30 (34 vs. disarm, sunder)

Saves: 7/10/3

bag of holding IV
2x efficient quiver
300x MW arrows
50x durable
50x cold iron
50x silver
100x blunt
150x broad
10x pheromone
20x dye
10x smoke
adamantine, blanch
ghost salt, blanch
--^^ All arrows/or for arrows
boots of speed + striding and springing
+2 enh. dex earing
cloak of dispalcement- 20% miss chance
gloves of dueling (archer's gloves)

The I'm somewhat lost on what to do for my last few level feat wise and what other gear to get. I know I must get certain ioun stones, and wayfinder, plus bracers of archery greater, but what else?

As for flexibility, Azoth can shoot around corners, mow down mook melee, and take out the bbeg all with ease. He will have a hard time playing around with Am Barbarian, but if he can go toe to toe with him, it would be a good fight. Any way to make him that good? Only issue is going to be getting his CMB higher. Also, I know he's a bit of a glass jaw, with no iron will, gr. iron will, or a bonus to will mod period. Again, that's why I'm here asking you guys for help.

Thanks in advance.