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Full Name

Grimm Bookworm




Student of War 1, Bard 2(Archivist) , Monk 2(Master of Styles), Samurai 1, Gunslinger 2 (Pistoleer)




6 ft.




lawful good




Goka and Absalom (per Hao Jin Tapestry)


Gnome, Common, Sylvan, Elven, Dwarven, Drakonian, Tian, Goblin

Strength 7
Dexterity 14
Constitution 10
Intelligence 19
Wisdom 7
Charisma 16

About Grimm Bookworm

Born and raised in Varisia's Sanos Forest, Grimm never was like other Gnomes. He was rather bored by the games and jokes of his playmates. He felt he was born in the most boring place on the world and couldn't wait to grow up and travel some place more interesting. He befriended some merchants instead, to hear them telling stories about their travels and offered to help them in their daily work as an exchange. It turned out he was a natural on mathematics and could do the store's bookkeeping with ease. Aside from that, he had a passion for books, as they described things far away and different from Sanos Forest. He would read whatever book would find it's way to his home and encouraged traders to bring as many of them as they could. Most of his freetime, he sat at Ember Lake's shore and read a book. The other young Gnomes taunted him for sitting around so often instead of playing and joking with them, so they nicknamed him a "grim bookworm". Although more introverted than other Gnomes, Grimm thought humorous about this taunt and proved his humor by adopting it as his real new name: Grimmbookworm. When he eventually was mature enough to leave Sanos Forest and travel on his own, he would split the name's syllables up to imitate human names, as he found that was fitting as he travelled their world now.

By the time of his adulthood, Grimm would have learned multiple languages to make his life of translating jobs for merchant caravans. When he felt ready, he set over the Ember Lake with his merchant friend's boat and bid them farewell in Nybor on the other shore of Ember Lake. There he first made contact to the other civilized races. Here he financed his stay in a local taevern, where he entertained the guests by telling adventure stories he read about and made people laugh about his naive statements or bored them with some philosophical questions that arose from the stories and distraced him from completing the tale. When a Varisian caravan came along, he bought himself passage to Sandpoint by entertain the travellers with his stories every night. In Sandpoint, he would continue his storytelling in the Rusty Dragon, where he was enchanted by the beauty of the tavern's owner, Ameiko Kaijitsu. He stayed in Sandpoint for several weeks, talking to Ameiko ocassionally to hear about the traditions of distant Tian Xia. One night an adventurer atempted to romance her in Tien language but was friendly turned down by her in Grimm's presence. After she left the table, Grimm eagerly asked the man if he had ever been in Tian Xia himself. The man was actually a Pathfinder who had in fact been to Goka for some time, where all women would be as beautiful as Ameiko. When Grimm excitetly asked, if the man could show him the way to Tian Xia, the adventurer just answered: "Join the Pathfinder Society in Absalom. Tradeships from Goka head there constantly." To the Pathfinder's surprise, Grimm would do exactly that and join him on his way back to Absalom after selling all his books to pay the passage.

In the year 4711 he would arrive in Absalom and start his training at the Grand Lodge of the Pathfinders. Unfortunately, by the daily repeating routine of the training, he contracted the Bleaching and his hair lost all colour. To resist the dangerous Disease, he spend most of his free time in the Lodge's library, to excite himself with books about Tian Xia and Ancient civilizations throughout Golarion, or adventure stories like those in the Pathfinder Chronicles. When he was finally getting his first Mission as a Pathfinder in 4713, he would recover a heirloom for Amara Li and immediately join her Lantern Lodge as well as the community of Irori. After the Lantern Lodge stopped to be a Faction, he joined the Osirion Faction rather for their quest for recovering ancient knowledge than for any interest in the Ruby Prince's wellfare. Venture Captian Amenopheus welcomed Grimm in his Faction anyway, as he stated hiring Gnome scholars has been an old Osirian tradition. As an "anchor" to Golarion and to stop the Bleaching from consuming him, Grimm started to collect items from Tian Xia and travels the far eastern continent whenever possible. Since the Pathfinder Society gave him permission to use the Hao Jin Tapestry to travel between Absalom and Tian Xia as he sees fit, he spends more time discovering the far eastern continent than actually adventuring for the Society. He rather waits for the Society to offer him a mission in or related to Tian Xia. Until now he holds the Bleaching at bay by doing a lot of different Trainings in Tian Xia, such as martial arts, sword fight and riding axe beak fledglings. This seems to work just fine for him, as Grimm's eyes still haven't lost any of their emerald green colour.